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Found 25 results

  1. Here's a small introduction to what's resulted in countless hours, days, weeks, months, years of hard work, tears & dollars spent. The year is 2004, I acquired a Toyota Corolla from one of my friends, Nick. The vehicle had been stripped out with the engine bay painted, sitting beside a colossal pile of parts. Due to lack of time and a few others things, I acquired the old girl on her journey towards a better life. Its an Australian Delivered, 1982 KE70 Sedan owned previously by a Family from the south side of Brizzy. Maybe the 2nd owner? 3rd? who knows. The vehicle drove into the shed as presented below, eventually to end up getting a complete nut-and-bolt restoration. Well, we did use some of the old hardware.. but you get the point. More Pictures of Day 1 -> Click HERE <- 17th September 2005 was the official start date of ownership & spanner throwing on the old girl. It's become an unofficial 2nd birthday ! Looking back at the project now and the 50+ pages of updates over the next 13 + years, Its turned into a digital diary of the ups, the downs, the successes and the failures. To all of the people that have looked at this over the years, I thank you for your continued support and hopefully i'll try to update this on a semi regular basis. It still gets driven, every day, as a daily driver - as originally intended all those years ago : ) T
  2. My AE71/KE70 drift build. Follow along, help me out, learn things, drift things!
  3. Need help lowering a ae71/Te72/ke70 Wagon, can’t find anything for the rear leaf spring, been to 5 shops and not one had the right ubolts I needed, does anyone know of a kit so I can lower my wagon? She sits on enkei 92’s but I’d love to go lower and slam her on some 14’s
  4. Hey, looking at adding an EFI fuel pump into the existing tank on my AE71, just street use. Are there any Toyota pumps that are the right height to fit with little to no modification? I'm aware I'll need to cut a hole in the top to fit the pump, I'll also be installing baffles in the tank. Alternatively if anyone has a source on a EFI AE86 tank that make life easier.
  5. Hey, I've got a AE71 wagon, the Park lights and indicators don't work currently. I checked all the fuses and none are blown. The hazard relay works (is the indicator relay separate or the same one?), so I was thinking the combo switch could of died. I wanted to test the indicators to make sure, anyone know the colours for the indicator wires coming out of the combo switch? Alternatively the wiring diagrams would be a big help(I'll grab a repair manual if that's what it takes.)
  6. Hey everyone, i have just got myself a 1982 Ke70 toyota corolla CS it has a 4k, also has a ae86 front end and ae86 rear springs and diff has been welded, pretty sure everything else is stock was just looking for a few more power/jdm mods i could do if anyone knew of any from more power to style
  7. Howdy fellas have an ae71 with a 4age sitting in it basically everything's all good besides the face it getting a doughey clutch after about five or so minutes driving, heat wrapped the exhaust and it's not worked any miracles for me what else could you guys recommend
  8. Does anyone know what these struts are from? I tried fitting them into my AE71 a while ago and the top bolts had a larger pattern and stud to the AE71. The bottom fit to the steering knuckle however it has that little extra space underneath, i don't know whether that would be an issue? Anyway i believe these may have come from a RA60 celica or some model Corona. The Strut says: TOYOTA JAPAN, JY-30S The caliper says: B, 4XF, 2204 This is all from the R side strut
  9. Hey RollaCLUB Fans ^_^ This is my corolla, my daily. I love this car so much its a great daily/weekend cruiser. Its running a 5k apart from that its pretty stock. This wont be a crazy build thread, prob just randoms pics n lite mods. [Old rims,old pic] I got some new rims over the last few weeks. Has nice dish too ^_^ Front: SSR Star Sharks 14x7 -2. with 165/65 tyres Rear: Enkei AP Racing 13x7 -1. with 175/70 tyres
  10. Imgur album: Figure I'll put a thread up here since i've lurked here for so long xD. This is to be my daily driver and is scheduled to be back on the road this arvo (pumped). I purchased myself an ae71 off boostcruising (lol) about 6 months ago. Just got rego yesterday, but broke down with fuel issues on the way home (filled up the tank for the first time in who knows how many years, stirred up shit in the tank that shouldn't have been stirred up). Leaving that to the mechanic because I really can't be ʞ©$ɟed xD. Recent pics: Semi recent pics: With these: Came with: - 4ac 5spd with a weber downdraft, ʞ©$ɟed radiator - cut falcon springs all round - 3 shocks - 3 working brakes - 3 seatbelts, two of which worked - resprayed exterior 2pac white. ok I guess, rust repairs bad. - no bumpers - locked stock borgy* - cut rear arches - ʞ©$ɟed taillights - ʞ©$ɟed everything What I've done: - A shit ton of maintenance - New suspension. MA61 struts and brakes up front (coilover sleeved), falcon sway and cut king superlow springs on the rear (captive), commodore wagon rear shocks, open stock borgy* - Pajero mc, braided lines - Hotwires in 14x6 - New tailights, wired up a dodgy reverse light set up with a relay from supercheap - Re-sealed the boot, did some dodgy-er rust repairs - Lots and lots of little things like window washer and steering boss Been a big job so far, and I'm still not quite at the part where it all pays off. But still a whole lot of fun and learning. Immediate plans is to get the fueling sorted, drive it, seal the boot lip properly as it has some leaks, and finish some bogging in the wheel wells, then drive it more. Future plans are e30 boot lip, some variety of black plastic front lip (FOH? idk), and when I can afford it (might be next year I'm poor), finish rebuilding the 4age smallport I have, and chuck it in with the weber and a 4k dizzy machined to fit. Want to to keep nice street manners and handle well, so I am a bit reluctant to put the locker back in, but also want to take it to give drifting a go, tis a dilemma. A few pics of build so far: not so SOON.
  11. Hi all, Just wondering if the Ebay Alloy radiators are worth it as I'm going 4AG-TE in my AE71. I currently have the original 4ac and it was fitted with a thermo fan, http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FULL-aluminum-alloy-radiator-toyota-Corolla-AE71-AE72-/261213476702?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3cd189575e&_uhb=1 With the increase in power I am assuming I will need a better radiator. If there is anything good/bad to know about them it would be nice to know!
  12. Hi all, Wasn't sure if this was the place to post thi. But I want to know where this front spoiler is from, or if it was for another car and modified to suit? I really like it as it's slightly different to all the others out there.
  13. Hi all, recently purchased the above vehicle and gave it a full major service including rebuilding the carby, and it ran fine for a week, but recently have gotten some gremlins. Firstly before I took it in for a service it would stall under acceleration after lagging and spluttering, and when I got it back it ran fine for about a week and has since started up again. It had trouble starting yesterday so I left it, came back in the arvo started it and let it idle awhile and all seemed normal. Then this morning started it let it warm up and then took off for work - got about halfway there and again the spluttering then dying engine and battery light coming on. Started it a few times, occaisionally would crank and crank but no power, other times it would start but as soon as I put my foot down it would hesitate and splutter again then die. I'm at a loss as to what could be causing this, can anyone offer advice?? Cheers!
  14. Just wandering what tyres people have been using for drift, how long did they last?, how much power were you running?, psi?, did they delam? and were they ran backwards? (directional tyres) and of course the cost per tyre and how they performed! slippery or grippy, predictable at speeds etc. and also what front tyres do you run for a bit of grip! cheers! :dancetall: :dancetall: :dancetall:
  15. HEY GUYS This is my first build. So please take it easy on me if i make or say somthing like a complete noob. I have been researching for a very long time nearly a year. i had a ke30 at the sart and was going do a conversion in it brought a blue 55 as a daily to drive around why i did it then for some reason i sold them both (don't ask me why :( ) after have no corolla for a few weeks i could not handle it went out and brought a white manuel ke70 with a 4k had that for a fair while got real seriouse about the conversion and decide to sell it off and try find a ae71 with a 4 ac and t50 in it so i was already half way there sold the 70 been looking for a fair while now finally found one probaly payed to much for it.. but this is the only one i found as a manual and ive been looking for a while now. only down side its un rego :( PLAN OF ATTACK pick the car up this weekend have a good look over it make a list of stuff i need to get it where i bealive it could get over the pits. take it over get that wonderful list they always give you fix those few things up and then go back. 4age time :) once i get the car rego I'm gonna get a front wheel drive toyota seca pull the 4age wiring and ecu out of that. and hopfully with out to much hasle get it runny once running I'm gonna go get it al linced then in the future when i get the dollars I'm loooking at coil over bigger brakes and turbo :) but ill need diff upgrades and all that first so I'm dreaming a lil there.. I have a fair bit of mechanil knowledge so I'm gonna go and try do it all myself whats the worst thats gonna happen?? tbh the installing the motor and all that doesnt bother me I'm just worried about the wirring to be honest read alot about it but tbh i think it sounds alot easeir then it is... ill try make weekly updates to let everyone see how my progess is going. I'm always open for info help advice or anything I'm only new to the game so any infomation is appreciated
  16. Hey, I've been hunting down a flat front conversion for weeks now, and I'm getting desperate! I have seen rrr auto parts make reproduction ke70 panel van parts, but I have been told they don't fit. anyway I can mod them to fit?
  17. hi all have a Question regarding the lower radiator support. mine is rusting out and I cannot find an ae71 specific one however I have found an ke70 one it looks like it will fit but still have some concerns it won't fit. just wondering if any body could let me know if it will work cheers Liam
  18. i finally picked my self up a decent ae71 to have a little fun with its a ae71 csx auto (gaaaaay) pretty much bought it as a little project to fill up my spare time and drain my account ;) this is how it looks at the moment. ill probably bee looking at a manual conversion in the near future and some wheels to set it off a liitle.
  19. Hey guys. Bought my first car the other day, its a 1984 Toyota Corolla Ae71. Checking over the car the wiring is a bit dodgy and in some places not even there so I was just wondering if anyone would be able to send me a wiring diagram for the car and possibly some pictures mainly of the loom near the starter motor, under the dash etc. Would be nice to get this thing wired up properly and back on the road as at the moment theres so many things not wired up on it it would get defected pretty quick. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hello, Trying to figure out what clutch i have without removing the clutch itself. So i can find a replacement for when the time comes to replace it. I know it has an xtreme clutch P.N CTY 22011 HD. This is handy if i wanted to replace it with a xtreme clutch, but i want an exedy heavy duty. I have rang and emailed xtreme to find out what clutch i have from what car but they don't want to give me the info they just want me to but another clutch. I have rang exedy and they don't seem to under stand i have a rwd 4agze and the conversation seems to go no where. So that is my problem This is all the info i have on the car ATM, its an ae71 with a 4agze from a ae92 with a t40 gearbox. Old clutch P.N CTY 22011 HD. And i know its different to my 4age with a t50. Does anyone have the answer for me please.
  21. boo! anyone know who makes a front sway bar and adjustable panhard rod for a ke70/ae71? are ae86 the same?
  22. Hi all, My indicators are flashing at irregular speeds intermittently mainly when signaling left. Occasionally it does it when turning right, it will be flashing at a normal speed then speed up, i have noticed it changes only some times when turning right and other times it changes speed without turning the wheel. Just wondering if its my flasher unit or wiring gremlins? :hmm: When the hazard lights are on they both flash at the correct speed and the globes are fine as far as I'm aware, as i have replaced one already! thanks for the help!
  23. Hey guys, just chasing a guide on installing an ae71 pedal box into a ke70, for my 4age conversion, ive had a look around the net and I struggled to find anything so if anyone has any links or anything please post below, thanks..
  24. As title says, can anyone help with these part numbers? I have the link for Hardy Spicer below. I need them for a 1 piece tail shaft and don't want to cut up my good ae71 t50 shaft. http://www.hardyspicer.com.au/PDF_Files/Driveline/B4_Mech_R_2009-6.pdf Any help is great!
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