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  1. Erm its an r31 diff with a stock 3.8? I think but I have a 4.1 out of a pintara I would rather use
  2. Sorry I mean front vs and rear s15 will be fine?
  3. Okay so the vs on the rears will be fine?
  4. Ae86 or s13 I havent decided what I'm putting in and leaf down back
  5. I have a pair of rear vs commadore ccalpers and a pair of rear s15 calipers is there any reason I can't use the s15 set up with r31 rotors and the vs set up on the front with ae86 rotors? Also what is the smallest size wheels I can get over these?
  6. Cheers I'm going to bring it down to my factory tomorrow morning and check over it!
  7. So this wet weather and my ae71 wagon don't agree with each other and I ended up spinning out and landing my drivers side rear into a gutter the ma61 wheel was ripped in half and the rotor and that is only half connected to the axle, what upgrades are available, parts needed etc?
  8. Some one please sell me a ke70 flat front conversion I'm struggling haha!
  9. Is this all around? and would you post to sydney?
  10. hey I will take the 7afe off youre hands let me know if you still have it?
  11. Hey, I've been hunting down a flat front conversion for weeks now, and I'm getting desperate! I have seen rrr auto parts make reproduction ke70 panel van parts, but I have been told they don't fit. anyway I can mod them to fit?
  12. Need a flat front conversion for my ae71 wagon I'm located in Sutherland but will travel!
  13. Hey this is my ae71 wagon running a bluetop 4age out of a mr2 I bought it two weeks ago and have not done anything with it yet. I am going to take her off the road in about 2 or 3 months when I have the funds together to do a complete rebuild. Plan of attack - -Suspension and brakes -Pull out the engine fit 7ate block and ITB's (give me some feed back) -Flat front it -interior and exterior face lift
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