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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Rollaheads, I am looking to make reproductions of the TRD tosco seats. I am checking out a few guys who can make them and also want to make sure they are done with good finishing. I wonder if anyone is looking for them too? It will be cheaper to make them in bigger quantities, so we can cost down the product price. I'm targeting at the range of USD$220-270 for each (the cheaper the better), hopefully I can get a good deal negotiating with suppliers. Who ever is interested, can leave me a contact details so I can share more photos when I get the first samples ready.
  2. Been searching high and low and unable to find this headlight trim or the amber side light, any help would be appreciated.
  3. Buen día Tengo un TE72, tengo el interrogante de como se comporta la luz indicadora (cinturones de sujeción) según con el diseño original En mi auto pongo el motor en marcha, la luz se enciende pero pasado unos pocos segundos esta vez se apaga sin importar si los cinturones están o no abrochados Y no sé, si esta luz debería apagarse hasta que los cinturones se abrochen. ¿Podrían ayudarme a despejar la interrogante?
  4. Need help lowering a ae71/Te72/ke70 Wagon, can’t find anything for the rear leaf spring, been to 5 shops and not one had the right ubolts I needed, does anyone know of a kit so I can lower my wagon? She sits on enkei 92’s but I’d love to go lower and slam her on some 14’s
  5. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum but not to Corollas. I never thought a day would come that I would sell my baby, But my life is changing and I would like to find a good home for her. I will have more recent pics and video shortly. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/6185532370.html
  6. Hello everyone, new to this site, old to Corolla's Where should I begin....... I guess it all started about six years ago; I was thinking about which way I wanted to go with my TE72 project. I kept dreaming of a 4A-GE swap (just like everyone else). Suddenly, like lighting striking my brain, it came to me! I’ll swap in a 5M-GE from an early 80’s Supra. I started doing some research to make sure it was possible to stick the inline 6 under the hood. I managed to find two blurry photos of 7M-GTE’s in TE72’s. That was more than enough proof for me. First I needed to find a running supra to swap the parts from. I searched and searched, but was always disappointed, because each car would be missing a critical element to my swap. Once, I even got a flat bed trailer and drove 45 miles away to pick up a supra. Only to find out that it was an automatic. Thumbs down! But finally, after months of searching, a customer at my store offered to sell me his old wrecked supra. He had a 1985 P type, powered by a 5M-GE and delivered through a 5speed gear box. The next day, I drove out to inspect the car. He had told me that everything had just been replaced, fresh low miles motor from Japan, four brand new tires, and all new fluids and services. But only one week after everything was finished, it got T-boned by some blonde on the phone. He said it was totaled and could not be driven. I braced myself for the worst…. When I saw the car for the first time, I said to myself; the damage must be on the other side of the car, because this side looks great. But then after seeing the other side I said; maybe the damage was on the first side. The car looked way better than he described! I knew right then that this was the perfect car for my project. I’m going to take my time on this swap. There are lots of details to cover, and many steps that need to be remembered. I want this log to be a useful step by step tool for anyone else who is thinking about a swap similar to this. Please be patient with this work log, I have I feeling it will take me along time to finish this project. Here is my TE72: Here is the Supra parts car: ******* I started this project by removing the hood from my TE72. I figured it would be in the way, and this helps lots of light reach those hard to see areas. Next, I removed the battery, the washer bottle, and radiator overflow tank. coil and all the vacuum control stuff are the next to go. Then I drained the radiator. And removed the hoses: Then I removed the radiator attachment bolts. There is one bolt on either side of the radiator. After the bolts are out. The radiator pulls out with little/ no effort.
  7. Hi all, Time to turn on the lights in the shed and do strange things to my T18s. Big plans but little money and even less time. Want to end up with something fun for speeding through traffic cones in carparks. Here's some pics of the starting points... Cheers, Brett
  8. Hi folks, I'm welding in patch panels and doing some general rust repair on my 1980 Corolla Wagon (TE72). Questions: --- 1. Can anyone tell me how to safely R+R the chrome trim that runs along the top of the car? I'd like to remove it for painting but I'm not sure how to take it off without bending it. 2. Can anyone suggest a good vinyl paint match for a tan/brown interior? I'll need to paint both the trim and the dash, they are different colors...and probably every single 'x-mas tree' connector holding the interior together since they pretty much explode whenever I look at them funny (apparently 34 year old plastic is a little on the brittle side) My car's VIN is TE7225002386 The window areas were in definite need of replacement. I was able to save the inner sill panel on the drivers side. On the passenger side the rust-out was bad enough that I had to replace both panels, fortunately my donor panel was rust free. The drivers side donor...well there unfortunately my 'new' panel (the only one to be had within 150 miles) had some pretty bad rust out too...so off to the MIG I go. Fortunately I now had plenty of extra sheet metal to work with. After all of that work I followed up with fiberglass filler and epoxy primer/sealer. Unfortunately this window sill design tends to collect water so I need to make sure everything is fully waterproofed, or at least as waterproof as I can reasonably make it. Once I finish the passenger side (yes that is PVC) I'll be replacing the hatch and treating all of the rust I found under the seal area with naval jelly. There's quite a lot of it but nothing deep enough to require panel replacement, just more filler.
  9. okay so i have been looking into a lot of different options but now it come to buying and seeing if it will fit mx73 cross member in a TE72 Rolla hatch I will do a side by side when my mx73 member get to the house but even if need to fab anything I think the options will be better
  10. boo! anyone know who makes a front sway bar and adjustable panhard rod for a ke70/ae71? are ae86 the same?
  11. this is my corolla, not much of a looker now, but when i got it it was in such worse condition, i have spent about 300 so far on resto work, the car is all stock, cleaned up everything painted everything, going to paint it and everything.. I'm only 17 and this is my first car, gimme some input
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