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  1. 215x24x21? over all clutch size 250?
  2. Hello, Trying to figure out what clutch i have without removing the clutch itself. So i can find a replacement for when the time comes to replace it. I know it has an xtreme clutch P.N CTY 22011 HD. This is handy if i wanted to replace it with a xtreme clutch, but i want an exedy heavy duty. I have rang and emailed xtreme to find out what clutch i have from what car but they don't want to give me the info they just want me to but another clutch. I have rang exedy and they don't seem to under stand i have a rwd 4agze and the conversation seems to go no where. So that is my problem This is all the info i have on the car ATM, its an ae71 with a 4agze from a ae92 with a t40 gearbox. Old clutch P.N CTY 22011 HD. And i know its different to my 4age with a t50. Does anyone have the answer for me please.
  3. yea for sure, I'm looking at a ke70 with a 4agze, so i wanted to know how much difference there is between the 4age and ze. the 7afe would be nice also coz i have considered a 7age conversion.
  4. Thats cool. Was more or less trying to see the difference is the power/torque curve over the rev range between a 4age and a 4agze. Know the ze has more power and torque but wasnt sure what the power curve was like. Cheers
  5. boo! anyone know who makes a front sway bar and adjustable panhard rod for a ke70/ae71? are ae86 the same?
  6. ah ok, only did a cold test with throttle closed.
  7. does anyone have a dyno sheet for a standard 4age bigport and a standard 4agze i can have a look at, or know where one is on the net?? thanks.
  8. Alright cool. Ill look into it. know if it will handle a turbo or charger mod later on?
  9. Mates bringing around another loom and we are gonna loom at mine. Also have a tvis on its way. Car isnt really a daily anymore. It was a yellow sticker job before i did the motor so lets scrap the street car bit. I plan on working it sometime in the future. Will the e-management be a good investment for basic upgrades like cams the throttle bodys, and could it handle a turbo or charger? thanks for the help also.
  10. point taken. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Greddy-emanage-ECU-Toyota-SW20-AW11-EP82-EP91-AE86-3SGTE-4AGE-4EFTE-MR-2-STARLET-/120943330204?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1c28c8c39c&vxp=mtr worth looking at? will it solve my problem of a butchered loom?
  11. just remembered, tvis isnt hooked up from previous own. how much does this effect my problem?
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