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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, first post here. This has been a great resource for my build. Car is 1981 Ke70 2 door van, nz assembled with 2BX headlights from factory. So, I have looked at several wiring diagrams, including just about anything you can find ke related on the internet and I still cannot figure out what this wire is for. I have a corolla ke70 Haynes manual too and it has no mention of this wire loop. everything else is there but not this (unless I'm reading colours wrong, assuming 'R' is red). Before I unwrapped the factory wiring loom it was wrapped in with the main headlight wires. It runs with the headlamp loom to both lights then continues on with one side being doubled up to a single terminal. I have converted to quad head lamps and have them running using the method provided on this site, however was wondering if this wire is there from factory to run the extra lamps in a high beam loop. Does anyone have a factory quad light setup in original condition to compare with? or has anyone else's loom got this red wire? Just keen to know what it does...otherwise I'm going to hide it away when I re wrap the loom as everything runs without it. LH side connected to RH RH side
  2. Hey all! Having issues getting my smallport started in my AE82 after conversion. •Using AE92 Smallport ECU / Engine Loom •Ignition side/Body harness connector for ECU wired up by auto electrician I got it home from the auto leccy, my lights now worked and all the rest of the electrical that should be powered from the ignition- INCLUDING the car wanting to crank over now. Yay! They've plumbed the body harness' connector into the engine loom and wired up the starter relay etc different. I asked if what they've done is different to the factory set up and they said no. My close mate thinks they could have mucked up the starter relay?? Starter motor is smoking upon cranking. I took that one out and mounted the starter i know works 100% from my old AE82- SAME THING HAPPENED. Swapped the wiring from starter motor to battery with some healtier wiring from my spare loom, same thing occurred once again. ALL my fuses are fine, everything is all plugged in, earth's are fine. Has anyone else been faced with this issue? The car will be going back to the auto leccy, he think i might need some wiring updated/upgraded, the compression could be too much for the starter or I'm getting too much charge or something.. I'm not very switched on with any electrical that's more than a stereo lol. Any ideas?? Sorry if this is all over the place!
  3. do anyone have corolla KE72 1983 wiring diagram? Thanks
  4. Hi all, i am up to the point were i want to start wiring my Sr20 engine harness to my ke55 body loom, for those of you who have done it or know whats required able to fill me in with what wires i need to connect to get the motor running, also have an external fuel pump which needs to be connected too, thanks and hope to here from someone soon
  5. Hi All, So... about a year and a half ago I stripped my Ke20 back to the shell for a complete home-job restoration. At the time I took what I thought was plenty of pics of the engine bay prior to yanking everything out. Now I’m almost finished putting the car back together and have got to reinstalling the wiring loom to the engine bay. I’ve done what I can from the pics but it seems I’m short on detail to be 100% happy that I’m not creating a potential wiring meltdown. What I really need is an experienced eye cast over what I have done and some guidance on where the “spare” wires go.... I'm happy to pay someone skilled for their time. The car is located in Cranbourne North, Victoria. Thanks in advance and Merry Xmas! Stephen
  6. Ok so, A little while back i did an electronic dizzy conversion on my ke70, (which ill actually write up a guide for due to the internal ignitor) and ive made my tacho not work anymore. Everything else on the cluster works fine, lights gauges etc. I was wondering if in the engine bay however there is a tacho wire that runs to the coil thats ive cut through at 3am by accident weeks ago. If anyone could provide assistance through pictures, ill owe you a crisp high five Cheers ~Ethan
  7. Hey, I've got a AE71 wagon, the Park lights and indicators don't work currently. I checked all the fuses and none are blown. The hazard relay works (is the indicator relay separate or the same one?), so I was thinking the combo switch could of died. I wanted to test the indicators to make sure, anyone know the colours for the indicator wires coming out of the combo switch? Alternatively the wiring diagrams would be a big help(I'll grab a repair manual if that's what it takes.)
  8. Hi, I recently acquired a KE70 with a (I believe) 4AGE big port red and black top 16v (although not certain since rockers have been painted) with a t50 box. Problem is, reverse lights don't seem to come on, and upon inspection found nothing to be connected to the two-pronged plug thing on the gearbox. I have no idea where to get started on this problem, how to wire it up, where it should go into the loom, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!
  9. Hi guys I came a cross a old 1981 Toyota corolla 1.3GL 4K still in running condition. I bought it sorted out some engine problems it had now I am stuck with the Wiring I have downloaded all the wiring diagrams i could find on this forum and on the internet. I am not a mechanic or anything of the sort I don't know much about cars or it electrical and can't even make out the diagrams as my rolla is right hand drive and some of the wires on the diagrams does not match up to mine. I am having issues with all my lights, headlights, indicators, dash lights, stoplights, reverse light and even the number plate lights in not working. I replaced all the fuses(new) i could find on all the fuse boxes all three fuse boxes on in the engine bay one in the dashboard and the one the side wall panel next to my excel pedal.replaced all the bulbs, checked if they were all earth properly as i read in other posts, still no luck. however the dash lights came on green in color when i put the lights on side indicators started working but flashing rapidly, and it also shows the blue high beam light on the dash when i switch it to brights. but no lights are working. So now i am sitting with any front or rear light only a green lit dash cluster and side indicators. Please if anyone could explain to me what is wrong and how i can fix this I will be great full. I also tried taking it to a shop to repair but they want to charge me a arm and leg to fix this for that kinda money i could buy another one lol :elvis:
  10. ke70 toyota corolla 1987 I've seen alot of topics on this issue but my issue is about reading the diagrams and wiring too the earth points? I can't understand them at all and I'm pretty sure its the earthing or the switchs around the steering wheel. So first the headlights stop working and we tested the loom and the bulbs and nothing seemed out of the ordinary then we took the fuse box out from besides the peddle and noticed it had water residue and had rusted a bit inside so we took it apart and cleaned it up. We plugged the fuse box back in and this is when every thing went A-wall, I decided it may have been the fuse box so i bought a new one but it had exactly same problems. All the threads I've been reading is 9/10 pointing towards bad earthing, i.e not being connected or old earthing having corrosion and needing cleaning. Now I'm a complete novice so these diagrams every one links make no sense to me, is there a basic map of the earthing in the car some where that I'm missing ? I know of the 1 from the Battery to the chassis but thats as far as i can see. Thanks.
  11. Hi! Anybody out there know of a place that I can source a diagram to get my 5th gen BEAMS wired up? Standard ECU and everything. Thanks!
  12. I am currently undergoing a 4age conversion into a ke30. Today I picked up a T50 gearbox to go with a (I believe it’s a blue top) bigport RWD 4AGE. I need some advice on oil lines and vacuum lines, etc. The engine mounts arrived the other day but they are obstructed by the oil line in the picture. Has anyone else had this problem? The engine mounts were made for a 4age but I guess not all 4age engines have this setup. If I can’t find a better solution I will need to take the mounts to a fabricator and get them modified. http://postimg.org/image/sqnyvj55z/ http://postimg.org/image/e7rkzknrd/ Also I’m not sure where these vacuum lines coming off the front of the tvis intake should lead to. I have a feeling I have to buy a while heap or other bits and pieces to go with it. http://postimg.org/image/c42onr0gx/ A huge thankyou in advance
  13. Hey guys. Bought my first car the other day, its a 1984 Toyota Corolla Ae71. Checking over the car the wiring is a bit dodgy and in some places not even there so I was just wondering if anyone would be able to send me a wiring diagram for the car and possibly some pictures mainly of the loom near the starter motor, under the dash etc. Would be nice to get this thing wired up properly and back on the road as at the moment theres so many things not wired up on it it would get defected pretty quick. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi everyone, 1984 Corolla KE70, stock engine and everything, battery less than one year old. No issues but shortly after installing a remote central locking kit the battery kept dying. Cheap aftermarket kit mind you, and I wired the power directly to the battery in the engine bay. Is the likely cause of the drain the remote central locking? If so - Is it the continual drain caused by the remote aspect always sensing? - Could it be a problem with the unit itself? - Is it the poor wiring? Should it be connected to something else? - Would a larger battery compensate for the drain if it is caused by the remote sensing? If anyone can provide me with some advice it would be really appreciated. Setting up a new KE70 and transferring some parts over so I want to do a good job of it this time rather than rushing it. :D
  15. hey peeps, i have recently put a efi 4age bigport into my t18. i have driven it on the road and it seems to run smooth but..... i can't run with the TPS. if the TPS is plugged in it will only rev to about 3k and then it auto cuts the revs to just above idle then returns to around 3k and back again. you can hold your foot flat to the floor and it only revs so high then the revs drop right off. revs up for about a second and backs off for about a second. also i have not noticed any change with or without the exhuast sensor. the wiring harness and motor were out of a doner car and I'm not sure how it ran before i got it and put it in my t18. the wiring harness was been butcher before i got it to only run the minimum and is also running different injectors from factory. as i said above it runs smooth, but idles around 1700 and its gutless till about 6k then you feel it pic up. i don't know if thats how the 4age runs normally but my 3tc has more power(58hp) than my 4age till the 6k mark. any ideas?
  16. I'm new to this forum, well any forum, but I am in dire need of help! I have just converted my "84 KE70 too an AE82 Bluetop (Bigport) 4AGE engine, and I am having some problems. The car runs fine and is perfectly driveable up until about 6000RPM. It confuses me because it runs so well up until this point, but as soon as it hits between 5500 RPM - 6000 RPM, the engine, runs out of spark? I suppose, and spits and backfires and carries on and will not rev any higher. Also with a timing light, the timing is sitting at about 15 degrees advanced now (with the distributor retarded as much as I can) and does not retard anymore, only advances to about 45 degrees advanced) and the distributor is not out one tooth because if I move it back one tooth it wont start at all! Also the timing is retarding when revved, not advancing! So I can't figure out what is going on here! I have tried too put the ECU into diagnostic mode but nothing happens, and I checked 'T' I think it is, in the diagnostic plug, (which from a wiring diagram runs to pin B6 on the ECU) and it has permanent continuity to Earth, which I can't understand because to get the car into diagnostic mode you need to ground 'T'?!?! I know I have all the correct wiring as I bought the AE82 with the engine in it and removed it all myself, and I havent touched any of the two engine looms, the only wiring I messed with is the 'interior' loom because I wanted to get rid of all the shit on the inside of the car as I am using this for Autocross/Rally. And it ran fine in the old car but now its just... The engine is also running really rich and constantly spits and backfires at idle, I quickly wired up the check engine light to see if that was the cause of the 'T' terminals earthing but to no success, I need help!
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