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  1. Firing order

    I have another fun issue So after finally getting my corolla running, of course I was going to take it for a lap of the block, even if it isnt 100% legal however, after feeling it hesitate under throtlle I double checked and reset the timing to TDC at 8deg, realised my firing order was off as well. Thought no worries, switch it to 1342 which is standard firing order, this is where my problem starts. when set to 1342, it wont fire, it'll have a little pop like a weak backfire through the exhaust once every few seconds, but if the firing order is set to 1234 it'll run and idle, but rough as guts If i pull leads while its idling to see if it runs or dies, no matter which firing order its in, no matter which plug i pull it makes no difference, except for cyl 3 Cyl 3 will always kill the motor on any firing order no matter which lead from the dizzy is going to it Any help or ideas on whats going on?
  2. Weak to no spark KE70

    I probably should have replied to this, but she's all sorted as of a while ago, was the internal ignitor in the dizzy (which I didn't realize I had) that was causing havoc for the module, took the module out, set the timing and fired straight up!
  3. Tacho wiring

    Ok I probably explained things terribly, so I have the 12v stock loom going to coil positive, then the distributor +/- hooked up to the coil It does start up and run, though, just that I didnt have the tacho wire connected is why it didnt work! haha
  4. Tacho wiring

    OK hang on, you mean the black wire, that went to coil negative, that had a ring terminal on it, that totally should have dawned on me sooner because theres no 12v- wire going to the coil? Just had one of 'those' moments
  5. Tacho wiring

    Ok I haven't put them back together yet, but basically I sorted out the electronic dizzy issue from forever ago (you guys remember that conundrum?) Got trigger happy and cut back all the wires from the stock loom, so now all I have going to the coil is the 12v to the positive haha if I were a betting man, there was a white and black wire with a ring terminal on the end that I guess was it, but i'll have a look for the black wire today. I would upload some pictures, but I'll have to borrow a friends phone or something, my screen died yesterday :/ As for 3am, I work nightfill, so thats about mid afternoon for me! hahaha
  6. Tacho wiring

    Ok so, A little while back i did an electronic dizzy conversion on my ke70, (which ill actually write up a guide for due to the internal ignitor) and ive made my tacho not work anymore. Everything else on the cluster works fine, lights gauges etc. I was wondering if in the engine bay however there is a tacho wire that runs to the coil thats ive cut through at 3am by accident weeks ago. If anyone could provide assistance through pictures, ill owe you a crisp high five Cheers ~Ethan
  7. Weak to no spark KE70

    Ok so I did some research and some more testing and it seems that I'm not getting correct ohm resistance through the coil with everything unplugged, I have a new coil on order (Bosch HEC716 - the one used in the guide) so we will see how that goes when it gets here. The way its setup should be fine in regards to the guide I followed and the distributor works in regards to having nothing broken or sheared inside or around it. Have checked for spark at the plug and at the coil but nothing from either. According to research a gt40 coil is supposed to be for points dizzys not elec dizzys but not 100% how that would work, either way i'll keep on trucking through it
  8. Weak to no spark KE70

    Still do not have spark even with 12v coming from every channel of the module
  9. Weak to no spark KE70

    Ok, i'll explain this the best I can for anyone still reading. I have installed a new module, I'm getting 12V to the coil still, and 12V from every channel coming out of the ignition module now, 2 channels seem to be +ve current and 2 -ve current but all still 12V. however still not firing, so either timing it out or engine is flooded. Haven't checked for spark yet, but theoretically I should be getting spark if i'm getting 12V to the coil correct? This has really stumped me and isn't getting any easier haha, she'll fire one day soon though I have hope!
  10. Weak to no spark KE70

    Ok i have both positive and negative from the distributor going into the ignition module aha
  11. Weak to no spark KE70

    In case anyone is still following this thread, ive done some multimeter tests, from battery -ve to coil +ve, a squidge under 12v From battery -ve to ignition module +ve the same reading, squidge under 12v From battery -ve to dizzy +ve through the ignition module, a solid reading of 0v By process of elimination ive either done it wrong, ooooor the dizzy is whats causing me greif, which means thanks cheap ebay spec elec dizzy
  12. Mad quick measurement solid

    Cheers banjo, yeah thats exactly what i needed mate! Appreciate it :)
  13. Mad quick measurement solid

    Can someone do me a quick solid and measure the OD (outside diameter) of the shaft (ha) thats circled very poorly in the attached image? I may have forgotten to do so before I drove 6 hours away from my kesev. preferably from a k50 box, dunno if k40/50/t50 are all the same Thanks
  14. Weak to no spark KE70

    Easy as, cheers altezza! Ill run a couple of tests on my day off tomorrow and see how i end up with things, really appreciate all the comments guys, means a lot having a direction to go, hopefully have the kesev up and running again in no time!
  15. Weak to no spark KE70

    I'm north of adelaide, out Smithfield way 5114 if anyone knows anyone haha