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  1. the arm coming out of the gear box is move able without any tension on to pull the cable back so basiclly the arm has to pull the cable back when you release the clutch but it doesn't bought a new clutch will fit it and see what goes any tips and tricks on how to fit a clutch never done it before so newby to this part of my car. and where do i put the transmission oil in the gearbox and diff oil? while I'm down there would like to do that as-well
  2. yes i took it off and hooked the cable over the lever again and replaced everything but there is no tension on the levercoming out from the gear box.
  3. Hi Guys I just drove to work and 3 1/4 there I stepped on the clutch peddle as normal to change gear and snap the peddle stayed down drove to work in 3rd gear got to work and now opened up the bonnet to see that the cable came off the hook coming out of the gear box tried putting it back on but there is no tension on the lever sticking out for the cable to go over does this mean the clutch just died on me?
  4. so then why would i need to block it off when setting the timing on idle speed?
  5. dude you need to block off the advance when setting the timing Disconnect the hose and block it off the car should Idle as the vacuum advance only kicks in when you rev it. higher. thus I think your timing is out or your idle mixture is not right. Back to my prob i set timing gapped the points and all ok now.thx guys
  6. Ok just checked the timing with the timing light on idle when I drove it from work to home about +/- 15km drive opened up the bonnet and she was running hot checked heat gauge was sitting in the middle normaly it would be just below 1/4 so she was hot timing was at juin between the zero and firts line before rhe dot for the 8 mark so I would say about 2 or 3tried setting it with dizzy but it was already on its max if I turned it away foem the engine timing would go below 0 and make it die so I think when they install it the did it wrong the guy who helped me had one when he was way young that's why he still have all these tools as per him is should just move the dizzy a tooth or two so it can have more movement on that bracket which the bolt ties it down. Any steps for me to follow?
  7. will try this tonight when I get home please send me the points gap as i am going to buy me a feeler gauge and new points and condensor, for the ballast resistor that thing is wired up with a whole lot of wires running from it there;s even one wire from it to the black mechinisim on the carbby?
  8. Hi Guys so last month I had a recon starter; dizzy and carbby fitted to my 4k rolla. all good when i received it it started right up and drove like a fuel injected rolla :rocknroll: . i had a timing light of a friend and it was set to just under 20 ? so i did not pay any attention to it as the car was running fine and started with a touch of the key. now a month later that feeling of fuel injection is gone and its back to its old ways again. need a kick start in the morning and only turns over when the motor is fairly hot. On saturday past i added some valve ease to a half a tank of fuel so half a bottle af valve ease then this morning I kick started as normal when I noticed a miss on the engine when i rev it, on idle it all good but as soon as i pull away it shudders and gives of a miss and backfires though the exhaust then when the revs get a bit higher its ok again until i change gear the the same shudder and revs go higher ok again. :down: is this the timing, vacume advance, carbby or how do I go about fixing this as I just spent alot on these recon parts. I checked the plugs on idle for a bad one by pulling them one by one and each one I pull it idle's rough put back normal like it should be. point and condensor I am not keen on as I don't know much always let someone do it for me. :hammer: :bash: this car is starting to cost me more than what it is worth.
  9. brakes is fine now but still need to fix the front suspention it is giving me a ride like the car was dropped I know my shocks is done for and i am basiclly riding on the springs this i wanna fix the whole thing but getting the parts for these old rolla's this side is like looking for chicken teeth and when you find them the person who has them want to charge you a fram's price for it.
  10. this is the bubble corolla brake lines and all is fine the locking stopped after a few days best guess it needed some a skim on the brake rotor as it had a ridge of rust on it but now it is all straight.
  11. Hey guys My left front wheel has recently been just locking up for no reason so I asked around and two thing Stood out which was wheel bearings and brakes so the past weekend i basicly did both wheel bearings and brakes on both front wheel this morning the left wheel locked up again. now i was thinking replacing the front suspension a whole complete renew of it what i want to do is rip out the whole suspension in there now an put everything new in it. but just one problem I don't know what to buy does the bubble corolla's front suspension work on these KE70's as for me taking it apart and hunting for each part will be a headache on this side of the world. any help or diagram with names of the parts for the front suspension of a ke70 4k?
  12. thanks guys car has bee fully serviced in March but I will have to check out that advance bob weight pivots & springs i don't think I did that since I had the car. will run this tank empty and fill up on unleaded the end of the month and let you know what adjustments I will make to make her run smoothly. :rocknroll:
  13. Hey guys sitting with a problem my side of the world. currently My rolla 1300 4k with normal 2 barrel carby, is running on what we call 95 LRP (lead replacement petrol)(red in color), now they are slowly getting rid of this LRP fuel as the demand is not that big anymore. What do I need to do to change to the fuel that is now everywhere 97 unleaded(green in color). set the timing, change the valve seats...and the list goes on and on as I asked around and the were some of the responses I got. please help guys.
  14. Hi Banjo thanks for this bro will take the whole dash apart this weekend and start rewiring the the faulty wires hope I can do it over the weekend.
  15. Guys can anyone help me with the wiring under my steering i need a basic diagram for the wire color and what it is for please lights and indicators and instruments acting up. I want to rewire them before i go the way of putting relays on the lights.
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