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  1. hi Aaron, thanks for the reply, what parts did you use to fit the corona struts in? did you use standard brakes and rotors? Nathan.
  2. Hi all, I am still looking around to see if anyone had any upgraded brake/suspension they are wanting to part with to suit ke30/55, cheers
  3. thanks altezzaclub, will check over this tomorrow but looks about right
  4. mine is out of a spec r jdm model, fuel pump 106 is switched to 104 for my model, ecu came out of a manual car
  5. Quick update.. i have installed 36- red/black wire to ignition on 34- orange/blue to START ECU grounds to body of car car was missing the eccs relay/ecu relay which i recently picked up just bought a fuel pump relay and connected as instructed, i used the 106 pink/black wire looks like ecu is not coming on, can't find any spark aswell as fuel pump not turning on. car cranks over fine. what am i missing?
  6. Thanks guys for the replies, appreciate the tips and tricks, budget is the main issue at the moment so if i can properly wire the car up my self that would be a score, I've been downloading manuals and diagrams trying to find the best ones that i can understand, il take my time to do it right so no dramas a cure down the track, be patient is the key to this i guess haha. Again thanks for your replies
  7. yea mate motor came with engine harness, il check that vid out
  8. thanks for the info, would you suggest i use a fuse box out of which car the engine came out of and hook everything up onto that?
  9. Hi all, i am up to the point were i want to start wiring my Sr20 engine harness to my ke55 body loom, for those of you who have done it or know whats required able to fill me in with what wires i need to connect to get the motor running, also have an external fuel pump which needs to be connected too, thanks and hope to here from someone soon
  10. On the hunt for a ready set up upgraded diff to bolt into my 55 behind a 6 speed sr20det, cheers
  11. hey mate, long shot but do you still have these brakes? cheers
  12. Hey all, long shot, I'm looking to see if anyone had an engine conversion kit with everything i need to bolt it into my KE55 including gearbox, mounts, wiring ect,also if you had a tail shaft and diff too, i'm planning to go hoppers stoppers front brakes unless you have something in good condition preferably with 4x114.4 hubs, mainly looking for an sr20det ca18det or even a rotory, cheers all hope to here from soon, located Sydney
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