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  1. I have had the biggest steel mofo that repco has on the shelf, for the past few years, still working perfectly. You don't have to pull the handle out to release the valve, unlike the supercheap one. Not very low though.
  2. Goes well, haven't given it a thrashing since its still being run in, but it pulls hard from 3k-6k (all i've taken it to). Seems to have a lot of torque down low, more then i expected. When I eventually make it to the track I'll know more :P. Carby and cam upgrades are always possible and easy enough with off the shelf stuff. All stock smallport except a trd 0.8mm hg, plus ignition and fuel.
  3. Car made it out to AJD! Just got the new engine running too. Someone took this photo of it's new heart Still needs more running in, and i've got to fix some things like collapsing rad hose joins just before the water pump, etc. Going on a road trip in it next month then hopefully some track time will be had.
  4. Updates. Rebuilding the smallport.
  5. Yeah I'll ask the guy if he minds, when I get it done. Waiting on my head back atm.
  6. Cheers for a reply man, just found someone whom has done said work before though, thanks anyway :).
  7. Anyone have any recommendations for me? I need the shaft of my 4k dizzy lathed down to suit a 4age gear, the gear pressed on, and a adaptor plate or bush made up. Cheers. Edit: Probably should add id prefer somewhere in the north brisbane area.
  8. Love the paint. And dat language filter ^.
  9. Hey all, going 4kc dizzy on a 4age smallport, and I need to know the measurements from the base of the shaft (ha) (where it contacts the head) to the top of the dizzy gear. IIRC I read somewhere that the gears for old and new 4ages are slightly different, so don't know if that would effect the measurements, so please if you do measure the distance to the bottom of the gear as well as to the top of it ;). Going to try get a late model smallport gear from a toyota dealer or something. Shitty 4ac blew a headgasket, so it looks like it's 4age time lol. Also, swear I didnt type that thread title so retardedly. Hax.
  10. Running and driving! Mate got a new car, a turbo ford laser, so we took them for a bit of a roadtest xD.
  11. All sorted! Thanks for all your replys guys, managed to get it all working well :D. If I had to name the issue I would say it was probably vapor lock from the long path from the pickup and the pump mounted at the top of the firewall. Cheers.
  12. Looks much tidier, just above the tank near the rubber hoses between the tank and the hardlines.
  13. This has been my experience. The old one was hardmounted to the firewall, and unless you knew what you were listening for, you couldnt really hear it over the sound of the (loud) 4ac lol. Until it started to run dry that is, at which point you could probably hear it 10 metres away over the engine noise. Probably did have some vapor lock going now that I think about it, considering that it was fine some times and not others.
  14. Cheers for the replies guys, it is infact a Facet branded pump, shall get stuck into mounting it up underneath the boot tommorow. I swear I havent found a single thing done correctly on this godamn car since I started working on it.
  15. Been having fuel starvation issues with my ae71, which has a weber carb and aftermarket fuel pump. Would I be correct in assuming that it is better to have the fuel pump near the tank? Seems it doesnt suck very well as it is, damn dodgy job the previous owner did xD. It's a brand new pump, old one died due to running dry and rust particles, lol.
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