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  1. New rims riverside trispokes and painted bezels and put tints on bulbs putting front lip on tomorrow.
  2. quick snap. not alot has happened passed certification should get cert plate on monday i hope will keep you posted.
  3. My dads mate came around last night and got the horn working. steering coloum wasnt earthed. So ive put all the interior back together still waiting on some news about rev counter. I also have tidied up the wiring in the engine bay. Took it for a drive today too and she got pretty hot so i think ill put a thermo fan on. I don't have the ae86 radiator fan shroud so the standard ae86 fan is pretty much useless without a shroud.
  4. Thanks guys! Took some pictures (as always) while i was draining radiator fluid and putting anti freeze in. Lol skiddn it hard! haha
  5. Thanks man, wasn't to sure on them at first but there growing on me haha. Update: Put pinstripe on passenger side and gave her a clean. Also got the washer bottle to work, put weather shields on and put interior back together. Just need to get horn working, see whats wrong with my rev counter i got the other day and give the inside a clean then she'll be all ready for certification :D ill post some pictures tomorrow if i get time.
  6. Shes buffed! and put pinestrip on drivers side to see what it looks like and i think yes!
  7. Have checked every fuse i could find numerous times and i can't find any broken ones. I have checked the fuse for the ignition and it is fine. there is no fuse for the fuel pump i don't think. Would it be a poor conection to the ignition barrel not completing the circuit for the pump to work when key is "on"? i have checked the wire leading to the ignition from the relay for the pump and it seems fine.
  8. Hey Guys I'm a bit lost with the situation I'm in at the moment. My ke70 wagon 16v bluetop with a ae82 internal fuel pump stopped working when i was backing it out the other day and then a puff of smoke came from the battery area. I have repaired that part of the loom that got chomped by the wheel by soldering together and heat shrinking. (drivers side loom under guard was rubbing on wheel) I can't find any other melted wires/plugs or lose earths. Replaced the pump relay still didnt work. swapped ecu over still nothing. I did put power directly to the fuel pump and works then hooked up the power wire to the wire that leads to the pump and it worked. So i have hooked everything back up how it should be and pump still doesnt work when i turn key to "on". so i was wondering if theres anything else i could check or do????? thanks
  9. Filled her up the other day Still not buffed :down:
  10. Ill get a better picture of the interior soon.
  11. Heres a picture of the interior at the moment.
  12. Hi guys! Completely forgot about this build thread haha Just remembered about it when my mate came across it the other day. Thought id show ya guys what ive been doing/done to it and keep it alive. First off I got a pair of TE dunlop's imported from japan. 14x6.5 +4 offset so plenty dish for 6.5's. Took her for a drive around the block so i took a picture on its first proper outing haha Took a few pic's of the heart when i was bored one day Then came the time for exhaust system. 2 1/4" straight through with directional resonator to take baffel away on deceleration and high flow muffler. Few snaps for the fun of it Got some tires for dunlops Bit of shopping kyb rear shocks rubber for the wats and metal for the driveshaft loop Bit of a collection of manuals etc Cleaned the garage up after dad had finished making the rear shed so put the fx-gt in there and turned the cortina around. Much more room :D More snaps Second photo is the car being cut for buffing. And again also put mudflaps on front and a twin cam 16v badge and lower half of front lip. Came across this at local shopping centre. Dem wheels! Fx-gt in back shed Anyways thats all for now!
  13. very nice! good work Brett. keep it up looking forward to it being finished! :D
  14. Got few things done lately, painted hinges (forgot to paint them when the rest of the car got painted lol) put mud flaps on and painted spare wheel cradle. can't fit jack under diff now because its so low the spare wheel stops me from gettin it under the diff . Just means i have to put on blocks now. Also redrilled the mudflaps so they sit flush not pointing inwards
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