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Found 17 results

  1. Don't like my chances, but does anyone have a cable k-t bellhousing they would sell.. I have Hydraulic housing but would prefer not to modify for hydraulic..
  2. Hey guys just recently brought my 1987 Ka67 AUTOMATIC Toyota Carina for a steal. Its running a 5k 3 speed automatic box and was curious to see if a k50 manual would bolt up to it? If so, what pedal box can i use to operate the clutch which was never there? I know its not a corolla, but i thought I'd give it a shot, sick of the crummy auto box already! Cheers!
  3. Hey all, Have a JDM T50 up for grabs, has the clutch fork and slave mount on the drivers side away from the exhaust. Also includes the hard line from the clutch master so that the flex line is in the right position. Includes clutch fork, thrust bearing, new spigot bearing, new gearbox mount, ae86 mounting plate and gearbox seal plate/dust cover to suit starter. **does not include the slave cylinder. Bought from Craig at Just JDM a couple of years ago, done about 50km since. I put new oil in it not long after I got it. Shifted well, no crunching when last was driven. Selling due to deciding to go with a w55 and need tailshaft funds. $500 firm Pick Up from Caulfield, Vic 3162 Will post at buyers expense. Message me on here or TEXT only on ZeroFour32550664 Cheers, Tyrone
  4. Hello Some time in the future, I plan to get a Corolla Ke70 as a first car. After some searching, I luckily found one swapped with a 4AG-E Blacktop. Being someone's frankenstein, many parts will definitely be refurbished or replaced with a help of a friend. But one part that concerns me the most. The T50 gearbox, as everyone knows, is fragile and ages horribly. Due to this, I want to replace it with another trans as soon as I get it. But this time, not a T50 again. I found a transmission adapter that allowed me to connect the 4AG-E to a W58 transmission. This, along with a bunch of W58 transmissions being sold for ~$480 is quite a deal. Here's the link: http://www.sq-engineering.com/4age-to-w5x-gearbox-adapter-kit.html With the introduction done, here's the actual point of this post (Ke70 questions). On a small note, I have relatively low knowledge on cars. Due to this, some of my questions may sound quite general. 1. Will I have to make any clutch mods if I were to do this W58 transmission mod? 2. How will I manage a driveshaft for a Supra gearbox and Corolla differential? Will I have to cut and wield them together? 3. If I were to get aftermarket parts (e.g. LSD, half shafts, etc.), will AE86 parts do just fine? 4. I haven't researched much, but from what I can tell, in a 4AG-E conversion for a Ke70, only the engine and gearbox is changed. The driveshaft, differential and axles are unchanged, right? 5. If - by any chance - I will have to replace the rear axle to accomodate the gearbox and driveshaft, what car's driveshaft will be compatible with the Ke70? That's my main questions so far. I'll come add more I have more questions. Thanks
  5. Hi all, I have a strange rattle I cannot diagnose. I drive a Ke74 Corolla, 5kj engine and T40 box, there is a rattle when decelerating. I can't tell if it is coming from the drivetrain or the engine... it only seems to happen in 3rd or 4th gear, when decelerating and completely off throttle between 4000 - 3000rpm. Adding a little throttle or clutch in ever so slightly and the noise goes away. Could it be a lean condition when off throttle? A bearing in the gearbox? Cheers for any input, Ol.
  6. Is there a way of identifying which model car a gearbox came from? Specifically for me a T50.
  7. hi before I make a bid on this, just want to ask if its correct to fit the T50 into a ke50 liftback http://www.ebay.com/itm/301468854705?item=301468854705&viewitem=&sspagename=ADME:B:WNA:GB:1653&vxp=mtr#shpCntId
  8. This past week I purchased a cheap daily driver that would cost as little as possible to put on the road. Little did I know that I would end up deciding to keep this car long term. In my search for information to fix a few issues with the car I found this forum and discovered what potential I had purchased. I have an 1982 AE70 Corolla with a 3TC motor and a T50 transmission. It is a 2 door sedan, I believe that is different from the coupe but am unsure, with a bit of superficial body damage to the right side and no rust to speak of. as far as I can tell all parts are stock. I purchased it with a little over 213,000 miles on the vehicle. As it sits currently the only swaps I made were for the ignition coil and the wire set. This was actually still running the original 1982 wires which is a pretty amazing testament to the quality of Toyota. The cap and rotor appears to have been replaced recently as well. other than that I have not done any fixes to the car. The power train as a whole runs without a problem. My goal for the next month or two is to replace all of the components required to make it both legal for the road and a decent daily driver. after that I intend to spend two to three grand over the following six months to let the world see how beautiful this car can be. I normally don't ask much of others but my reason for this thread is to ask that those who know this vehicle better than I do to help guide me in my decision making and through the more difficult fixes and modifications. I am mechanically competent to say the least, but also new to top to bottom rebuilds on older cars. Anyone knowledgeable about Corollas, particularly an AE70, who has the patience to help "the new guy" would be a great aid in my effort and I thank anyone in advance for their assistance. As she sits I need to replace the front struts and the brake calipers/pads for the front. I also need to add seat belts as both of the front ones are gone or cut. That is all that need to be done to have her legal and become registered. My short term ideas after that are, in order, a high flow muffler, external paint job, heal the dash pad that currently has an ugly cover over the top, and finally to remove and replace the old carpet which is generally destroyed. I have an unorthodox idea for that last bit but I will cross that bridge when I get there. I conclusion this thread will be a top to bottom remodel of my 82 AE70 with a few personal touches and I am asking for all the advice I can receive from the Corolla veterans. Thank you for reading my short essay and I look forward to hearing a community response to my remodel. Pictures will be posted soon so you all can see where I am starting from.
  9. Hey guys I'm calling on some help from some one cluey with eletrics i just purchased a ke70 with a 4ac and a t50 box in it but has no reverse lights i need to get them working to get it over the pits any help would be much appreicated thanks in advance. where do i start looking? do i just need to make a plug to go on the gear box?
  10. Hey everyone, I just tried to mount the 4AGE to a T50 box. Only the two top bolt holes line up with those on the engine. Also there is a pin that lines up the engine, but the hole for that pin on the gearbox is on the opposite side. Is this a JDM/ADM issue? I know they differ by having the clutch fork on the other side, but I was told that any T50 box will fit as long as the splines are the same. Will a different bell housing fix this problem? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Dear Rollaclub I've got a T50 box from an ae71 in my ke25 and the original speedometer cable is stuffed. The car came to me with a k50 box. Is it possible to use a speedo cable from, say, an ae86 or ae71 with my original dash speedo? Looking for a readily available solution as I'd rather not go for one of the Thai ebay jobbies Cheers
  12. Hi everyone! My name is Jose Garro, and I'm from Costa Rica, Central America. Last year, I bought a 1974 KE20 from a friend's uncle. In general, the car is in a very solid state, and because of previous modifications, has good potencial as a project. It has a 5k engine, a 5 speed T50 tranny, and a OEM brake booster (I believe from a newer Corolla or Starlet). The previous owner put in a set of wide 12" wheels, with low profile tires, and because the bad roads we have in Costa Rica, the suspension (bushings, dampers) and the underbody was in a very bad condition. Also, all the body rubber is, literally speaking, toasted, and the rust problems tipical of this Corollas are present and in very advance state: airbox, firewall, around the wheel openings, in the floor, in all the doors (in the lower parts), around the front and rear windshields, and in the trunk. The electrical was another nightmare, with bad wires, incorrect connections, and so on. My plan is, in a period of (hope for) 2 years, restore it using new or OEM parts, but with a few upgrades. To this date, this is a short list of the work I'm done: - Suspension: new KYB dampers, arms and tie rods, and new bushings all around, keep the stock front springs and rear leafs. I need to replace the pitman and idler arm, working on it. - Brakes: reconditioned drums and brake cylinders, new brake shoes, new hand brake cables, replaced brake fluid. - Engine: new water pump, belt, spark plugs, filters, oil, restored electronic distributor, new distributor cables, regulator and coil, new mounts, new OEM carburator. - Transmission: new OEM clutch kit, replaced oil, new mount. - Electrical: new engine bay's electrical installation, new connectors, proper wire to the alternator, starter and battery, reconditioned starter and alternator, new battery, cleaned and checked all the interior (under the dash) wires, connections and switches, new ground connections. - Lights: New H4 sealed beams, OEM front and fender turning lights, OEM rear lights and license lights. - Body exterior: painted all the exterior plastic parts, SR5 grille, Formula 13" wheels (I can't afford real Minilites) with new Firestone 205/60 tires, lowered suspension in the back using wood blocks, installed a used but like new Cusco strut tower bar, new mirrors. - Interior: new OEM dash pad from Japan, reconditioned dash plastic parts, Nardi 36cm leather steering wheel, OEM like new steering column plastic cover, made a new tray behind the rear seat, new seat belts, cleaned and reconditioned gauge cluster, new 5 speed engraved shift knob, new OEM interior light/mirror combo. - Other: cleaned and checked the fuel tank and lines, did a water pressure wash in the underbody and repaired (temporaly) with glass fibre all the rust holes in the floor and trunk. At this moment, the car is driveable again, and passed with flying colors the local inspection. The engine has lots of torque and is very economical, but because of the stock differential, the terminal speed is low, 120 kph tops, beyond that the aerodynamic instability and small carburator put a solid wall to the fun. With the new tires, the handling is good, but no brilliant. I'm working in a dash central piece, my idea is recreate the Levin/Trueno part, using VDO gauges (tach, ampmeter and oil pressure) in place of the stock radio, and instead of the heater controls, I plan to create a mini glove compartment for put in small items, like the cell phone or glasses. Also, I like to test front fender flares for cover properly the front wheels (with this wheel and 205/60 tire combo, the front wheels excel about 1 inch of the fenders). I'm looking for all the windshield (front, rear) rubber, also for the doors and the door's glass, a good condition rear bumper (the actual has damage from a old accident and is very rusted because of the tailpipe) and a proper accelerator pedal. In the near future, I plan to make all the electrical system new, my idea is update it to make more room for other items, like a modern radio and amplifier, an alarm, internal lights, etc., using relays, an updated alternator and actual technology. Also, the seats need to be upholstered, and I want to upgrade all the suspension bushings using urethane (of similar) parts. And then, I need to save big money for repair all the rust problems, and at the same time, add reinforcements using bars in strategic points, my idea is to gain structural stifness but without using a proper roll cage. And of course, paint it in a period correct color (the actual color is very, let me say, colorful, and not period correct). But I'm thinking in a 2 year period for do this. I like to thank all the people of this forum for their help, advice and of course, OEM parts (I can't remember all their names, so please forgive me). And of couse, some photos of my car...hope you like it!
  13. Can someone please confirm that KE70 MANUAL (K50) speedo cables fit T50 gearboxes? I've been told they do and also told they don't. Two things I know for sure are AE86 speedo cables DO NOT fit KE70 dash clusters and AUTO KE70 speedo cables DO NOT fit T50s. If anyone has first hand put a K50 (manual KE70 gearbox) speedo cable into a T50 (manual AE86/AE71gearbox) please comment. Thanks.
  14. hey guy's just wanted to clear something up i know that the gze clutch does not fit the t-50 bell house with out mods but after some scrambling this is the best i could come up with but still not really sure what iam looking for. so iam thinking i want a 22spline 200mm/212mm flywheel and clutch from an ae82/92 rwd ? is this all i need to know. there was also some thing about slipping issues and keeping enough pressure for the gze as it had a phat clutch in there to begin with. any help would be great cheers.
  15. Hey all!!! This is my first post on this forum as I am looking for some help! I have a 1982 ke70 sedan running a 4agze. I am wanting to upgrade my diff. A friend told me that an ae86 lsd diff head will swap straight into my existing ke70 housing? Is this true?? Seems far too silmple to be true! Any help will be apreciated!!!!
  16. As title says, can anyone help with these part numbers? I have the link for Hardy Spicer below. I need them for a 1 piece tail shaft and don't want to cut up my good ae71 t50 shaft. http://www.hardyspicer.com.au/PDF_Files/Driveline/B4_Mech_R_2009-6.pdf Any help is great!
  17. hey everyone, i am doing a 4age conversion and ive run into a problem, i went to bolt the gearbox up to the motor today, and half of the bolts don't seem to line up? its a adm t50 and a bigport 4age, with the dowels that are spose to go in the top of the bell housing, the dowel is on the passenger side top sticking out of the engine, whereas the whole for it in the bellhousing is in the drivers side top, and a couple of the bolts just don't seem to go anywhere? I'm confused, please help
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