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  1. Epic work on your Wagon Ollie, has given me the inspiration I needed to get out there and work on mine after about a year of having no time/moaning about how I've pulled it to pieces and done nothing haha. Cheers and keen to see more of this!
  2. It can't be heard at idle, the bearings do rumble a little, but never rattle at idle. It's definitely not heat shield, because that also rattles and I haven't got round to fixing it. It's a distinctly different sound. Nor is it hammering like a tappet. It honestly sounds similar to pinging, high pitched and fast. Just pushing on the pressure plate, so yes, could be that. I may be swapping out for a 5speed soon, so I'll find out then Cheers for the input.
  3. Hi all, I have a strange rattle I cannot diagnose. I drive a Ke74 Corolla, 5kj engine and T40 box, there is a rattle when decelerating. I can't tell if it is coming from the drivetrain or the engine... it only seems to happen in 3rd or 4th gear, when decelerating and completely off throttle between 4000 - 3000rpm. Adding a little throttle or clutch in ever so slightly and the noise goes away. Could it be a lean condition when off throttle? A bearing in the gearbox? Cheers for any input, Ol.
  4. Tranny mounts are solid, haven't checked engine mounts but they should be fairly solid also, as I haven't had any symptoms that point to them. The driveshaft has about 1/8th turn of play in it but I am fairly certain that's normal? I'm pointing fingers at a bearing somewhere... could even be wear in the diff. It's hard to tell exactly where the sound is coming from when you're driving so who knows... it's not really causing me any issues other than shifting being a bit awkward going over bumps sometimes, but would like to find what it is before something fails completely. Cheers for the input.
  5. Hi all, I have two issues with my 87 Toyota Corolla "Ke74" that I am fairly certain are drivetrain related. This is a T40 gearbox. When I bought the car 6 months ago the seller told me the clutch had recently been replaced with a new heavy duty unit. Firstly: In 4th gear, there is a rattling sound under load, ie, accelerating up hills, or decelerating downhill (no accelerator). The sound stops when the clutch is depressed even slightly. Secondly: When shifting on a bumpy road, the bumps can be felt within the transmission. It is like the the internals of the transmission are moving, blocking me from shifting into gear. This one really has me scratching my head. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, I am after Ke74 "Van" (Wagon) headlight surrounds. Hard to find anywhere as they were only Jap made. Exactly like the ones in the picture. Cheers, Ol.
  7. After a few different parts... I have a Jap Import Ke74 Wagon "Van"... shes got a 5k-J mated to a T40 from the factory. the current gbox isn't too happy. First and foremost I'm after a T50 or T40 22 spline box, these were usually had out of a AE71/AE86... maybe some other cars also I'm not too sure. Currently proving super hard to find! I'm also after a Grey dash in good condition, no cracks to fit a ke70 wagon (unsure if it changes between models). Thirdly, I'm after a carb.. a suitable Webber (32/36) or alternatively a Nikki carb off a Holden (or Isuzu) Gemini... I'm in Auckland however shipping or a little road trip is an option. I've cross posted this across a few different forums... hope that's not frowned upon here. Please let me know if it is! Thanks in advance.
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