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  3. I'm sad to say but she is gone i just lost my job and with rent and bills still coming in i had no choice to sell her :( on the bright side i didnt loose money but i did loose a bloody good car ;(
  4. 4agebj

    My Ke70

    hilux diff if you never want to have any problems. But alot of people put skyline diffs but in my own 5cents keep it toyota put a hilux diff it will never brake and you will love it do it right the first time!!
  5. Like i said before just ask question and make a offer
  6. Thanks widonski i just ordered my self a sheet that cost me a total of $2.50 and if it works ill do it to my spare tacho dash and sell it. people seem to get stupid money for these dashs
  7. yeah i was gonna try and look into both of them try find some one who can do that kind of stuff but i dono what type of busness would i look for like a perspecs place or? and yeah i was thinking that i may aswelll get them "engineered" since what people are asking for a secound hand seats its just crazy I'm currently looking at buying a donner car just for those bits and pieces but i dono if i will or not yet I'm gonna go check one out this weekend....
  8. heyy guys recently brought a ke70 so I'm getting rid of all my k series engine bits and body parts ive got kicking around. ill make a list now and update it with photos very soon. ke55 blue boot clear coming off could use a respray $20 ke30 mustard sunvisor in pretty good condition for its age $40 4k block crank cam sump in overrated condiot ready to go back toghter crank was ground not long ago $50 3k/4k over size pistons brand new in the box with pins $50 i have secound hand alternator and staters kicking around $15 bucks each all in perfect working order. secound hand rad out of a 55 $25 auto tronic monza spec tacho with shift light witch u can set to any rpm $50 i have two big port 3k heads both bare and cleaned atm very hard to find $100each 4 speed gear box unsure of ratio its out of my old 30 $50 any info pm me or txt 0415725624 will ship oz wide at ur cost...
  9. hey mate ive got a couple big ports heads kicking around at home i use to race speed way and collet quite a few.... they don't have the extra hole but i assure u ive never seen ports this big on a 3k head
  10. UPDATE TIME okayy so ive been busy doing alot of research and alot of time tracking down all the lil bits and pieces i need... the car is just about ready to go over the pits i just needs 3 more items and I'm confident ill have a good chance at it.. 1. front seats you will not bealive how hard it is for me to find some standard ke70 front seats in good condtion over here in w.a 2. i have a tacho dash in the car but the clear plastic cover is missing. when i brought the car it come with a secound tacho dash but previouse owner tried taking plastic off and crack it I'm not quite shore what I'm gonna do here yet. 3. last but not least i need to buy some new tires for the rear when i got the car it come with 4 brand new tires but of course there the wrong size i swear people think just coz there both 13 inch wheels they will fit.. ive fixed all the lil pieces inside the car and out replaced couple globes and also a few hose and clamps under the bonnet.... :) I'm so excited but can not find enuff time in my day or money to do what i want atm so slow and stedy
  11. awsome set up man i always wanted to turbo my old me30
  12. good work man ive seen photos of this thing its so nice can not wait to see it on of the shed and on the track!!!!!! but really good work man
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