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  1. bump, still got it.
  2. I don't want to separate it. If I don't sell the whole lot Ill just put it in my other ke. think of it as a spare good condition motor.
  3. just an odd accusation by a Globe Moderator.
  4. you sir are not funny.
  5. 8.5 k views but no takers
  6. Hey guys, I'm selling my 4k carbie tubro setup as I have upgraded to a CA18DET. What is included: T2 tubo J-pipe Dump pipe Intercooler (FC rx7) + cooler piping Carby hat low pressure rising rate fuel regulator locked electronic distributor n12 ET Turbo coil Modified timing cover (oil return) oil feed line battery tray Redline Filters Thermo fan and control box Engine + 4speed This will come on the engine and wont be separated. The engine was in good working order when removed. A fair bit of time and money has gone into this but time for bigger better things. You will require a fuel pump and wiring. Any questions feel free to ask. $800 ono location: Adelaide either message me on here or 0433056684 Build thread http://www.rollaclub...c-carbie-turbo/
  7. I have decided to use a Weber 32/36. I just wanted to know what jet sizing would be best. If any one has done this before and could share there jetting that would be awesome
  8. I have replace point with electronic
  9. Yeah, cheers mate I have read that. I was reminded of timing so I checked that. It made power and boost all the way to valve bounce (oops!). The only problem I had then was the car would not idle below 2000rpm. I decided to take the secondary jet out of the primary port and replace it with the primary jet. Stuffed the gasket pulling the top off. Now to wait till tomorrow to get a carby kit.
  10. Been out playing with the car today. I have gotten it to a point where I can drive it. How ever it coughs and misses every with any thing more then light throttle. It also does not want to do more then 3000rpm. Any ideas on cause? Timing maybe? It is cooling down atm as I found the oil return on the turbo is leaking.
  11. thanks for the info on the fuel pump cut off. will have to do that. Bring on the new year and some spare time!
  12. thanks guys and all that helped me get this far. Yes it's little things kill the mood! Money puts a stop to it.
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