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  1. irokin

    Worked 5K problems on 1st start

    That's pretty normal for a cam that big. If you degree'd the camshaft there's no way you're off by a tooth.
  2. Yes, stainless steel cable ties. About $5 for a pack of 10 at bunnings, maybe cheaper elsewhere.
  3. irokin

    Distributorless 5K Engine

    Its just a solenoid with a couple of valves.
  4. irokin

    Distributorless 5K Engine

    Noisy bastard things though if you're sitting in traffic not flowing any fuel.
  5. irokin

    Updated: Rollaclub Stickers 2.0

    Probably not, theres a guy on the facebook group selling them.
  6. irokin


    No worries. I intend to keep the lights on for as long as humanly possible. The fact that 80%+ of our traffic comes from google these days suggests people are finding something valuable here. Things are looking pretty stable now and I blacklisted the worst offending bots that were causing significant resource consumption.
  7. irokin


    Well this update is hot garbage, 9gig of cache files generated overnight.
  8. irokin


    Well the good news is I don't go on holidays often.
  9. irokin


    Ran out of disk space (not related to anything anyone has done) and I was on holiday and I don't check facebook pretty much ever. You can always email me, [email protected] which comes through to my main email account.
  10. irokin

    Bug Reports

    Just moved it out of there, its probably setup like that permissions wise.
  11. irokin

    Help please

    Looks like power steering (ATF) to me. Unless someones put the wrong fluid in your gearbox.
  12. irokin

    Takumi Tax Rates set to increase.

    Minor!? It needs fucken Project Binky level metal work.
  13. irokin

    4k guru's get at me!

    Oh la la Was super excited the first time I went to NZ and spotted a KP60. Very nice.