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  1. irokin

    Help please

    Looks like power steering (ATF) to me. Unless someones put the wrong fluid in your gearbox.
  2. irokin

    Takumi Tax Rates set to increase.

    Minor!? It needs fucken Project Binky level metal work.
  3. irokin

    4k guru's get at me!

    Oh la la Was super excited the first time I went to NZ and spotted a KP60. Very nice.
  4. irokin

    Bug Reports

    Apologies for the downtime. An update went wrong yesterday and then suddenly decided to wig out again this morning. Had to manually unpick the update and re-update.
  5. irokin

    Bug Reports

    I'm aware of an issue where people are receiving an error when trying to post (EX1364). Currently working to resolve it. Edit: Tracked it down to posting a new topic only. Support ticket is open. Edit 2: Should be good to go now. Let me know if anyone is still having issues.
  6. irokin

    Bug Reports

    Unfortunately so does everybody else. Not sure if serious, but if you are that's a pretty good candidate for problems:,firefox+54&compare_cats=JS,JS API,Security
  7. irokin

    Bug Reports

    Honestly, I'm not super thrilled with the update either. It seems like a partially functional pile of shit. But I couldn't leave everything sitting on a 4 or 5 year out of date piece of software. I cant replicate it right now though. Does it really prevent you submitting the post? Its just an unfurl... what the hell IPS.
  8. irokin

    Trouble uploading images

    Should be fine now for larger images. Just needed a server config change.
  9. irokin

    Engine number 4A M/T

    This plate will tell you exactly what it is. The M/T probably just means manual transmission.
  10. irokin

    KE70 trolley jack points???

    Personally I just use the center of the front cross member or diff on most cars and lift an entire end, not individual corners. Make sure its chocked (especially if you're lifting the rear) and properly supported (jack stands) before you get under it. I love my trolley jack but I don't trust it with my life.
  11. irokin

    Not Receiving Notifications/emails For Stuff I'm Following

    We're using a 3rd party mail provider now who is MUCH better at sending mail than I ever was.
  12. irokin

    Not Receiving Notifications/emails For Stuff I'm Following

    Yea, this is my bad. I've known about it for a while (I dunno, like a year maybe?) and just haven't had the time and/or motivation to do anything about it. But it maybe, possibly, could be working again. Some hosts (gmail) are still having a teary about my IPv6 config, other hosts are just having a teary (hotmail), but something is getting through to some places. I might keep an eye on it, maybe, probably not. If its still broken start a mass mailing campaign to [email protected] and I'll probably get annoyed enough to do something about it, such as filtering all the messages to trash.
  13. irokin

    Name Change Requests

    destroyer -> Grand Master of Awesome :blinks:
  14. irokin

    Name Change Requests

    Not sure if serious...