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  1. For the right money you can buy the right corolla. Depends what you want to spend? Give me a round figure and ill see if its in the ball park for mine?
  2. Jeremy, Don't be flog. Reasons why you're being a flog: 1. Complaining about TAGS Explanation: If you put a plethora of tags it makes searches easier so the next person wont have to ask the same question because he couldn't find an untagged thread. The tags need to be general but still directed to something someone would search for. ie: "My KE10 has a hesitation,". 2. Complaining it's spam Explanation: I'm from Australia, the carby store is in America, I'm asking if anyone has used it and I'm asking for referrals to other carby places local. Does this mean people who offer advice and links are click baiting. Sometimes you can stumble across things that haven't been seen before because of poor website designs and lack of the above aforementioned TAGS. 3. It's a car enthusiast/hobbyist/DIY forum. Explanation: When you're on a site such as this you are generally going to ask questions and get helpful answers and better direction for your enthusiast/hobbyist/DIY project so asking if a product may be suitable for you and if there is a better one out there is completely justified. We are all in the same boat here and its flogs like you who ruin it with your salty/troll/passive aggressive/arrogant responses. Maybe someone might call you out for posting meaningless/unrelated garbage on peoples posts, just to drum up your own post count. At the end of the day Jeremy, you might be trying to rustle jimmies but the ADMIN or MODERATORS will see it and wisen up to it pretty quickly. Keep your mind on the tools and your head under the bonnet and only post if you have some valuable input into a conversation. Yours truly, Fallen1 - AKA - GeneratedClickBaitReplyMachine.exe
  3. if you can't find any more, it might be worth fiber glassing and making a mould.
  4. Hey everyone, Just a question has anyone got a go to place/site for their carby needs for their KE10? I'm looking at one on Mikes Carburetor parts and I'm seeing if anyone has used it before and if its any good. I have had some issues with my carby, I think the accelerator pump has one to heaven thus causing a flat spot/stumble/hesitation. If not does anyone has any good recommendations? I'm not sure if its allowed but ill post the link so you can see whats in the kit. http://www.carburetor-parts.com/Toyota-Carburetor-Kit_p_4426.html Once again, hopefully this can be answered which will give other members a great place to check and provide them with the information they are looking for. Regards Fallen1
  5. far out, do they not make anything for these car good anymore. All you read about is dead part numbers and shitty repro parts. so frustrating Thanks for the quick answers gentlemen, hopefully this will help someone as well when the run into the same issues and jump on this site searching for answers.
  6. Hey everyone, Just a question has anyone put a new clutch in their KE10? I'm looking at one on eBay and I'm seeing if anyone has used it before and if its any good. If not does anyone has any good recommendations?
  7. What sort of bolt in coil over kits are available but?
  8. Dam, i must have gotten a worker who didn't know his own job unfortunately. Yeah I don't plan on changing anything really the front leaf doesn't bother me. The car will be driven very cruisey and wont be put under stress at all so it shouldn't cause any problems really. You wouldn't happen to know what battery they take do you haha?
  9. Hey Everyone, I have been meandering through previous threads and come across a general opinion. A lot of advice on suspension setup for these KE1x is geared/directed towards "high performance". I'm wondering if there is straight swaps for the struts on the front and rear that wont lower, raise stiffen etc the ride but rather keep it as intended by Toyota. I'm in the process of lookin at struts and the only ones i seem to be able to find are Pedders. (listed below) Front Shocks 8778 Pedders Cartridge Rear Shock 8032 Pedders Shock Absorber Rear Shackle Bushes / Kits EP8118 KIT REAR SPRING REAR EYE & SHACKLE I was quoted 560 just in parts, which seems a bit excessive. does anyone know of a better alternative? Regards F1
  10. Out of curiosity... if you didn't want to lower it and just wanted to replace the originals with something that bolts straight in. And not having high performance in mind, just gentle cruising. What would you use?
  11. Hi Everyone, I own a KE10 and I'm at that point where I have decided to put a 4k engine into it. I'm treating this as my crash course in learning more about cars. As far as I have read through this wonderful site, it is supposed to be easy. Basically I would like to know everything I need to complete this conversion. I'm not interested in having a drift car or a super "fast" car. I just want something with the ability to make it up hills and be zippy while commuting between work and weekend events. As it stands, I have a 1967, KE10, 1.1L, 4 speed manual. I don't have much of an issue with the 4 speed. However if there is a better 5 speed option to go with it, I have no dramas sourcing one. I also know that 4k parts will be cheap; so if I break something its not a super big issue. Thank you in advance for any help given.
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