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  1. Hi, looking for a KE10 or KE11 Corolla. Let me know what you have and we can go from there.
  2. Hi, I'm after ke10/ke11 front seats and rails (if possible). Located in SA Cheers
  3. I just put my new rims on today and the car is definitely in need of lowering. If I went with the ke20 Monroe shock would it work with ke20 top hats and ke20 superlow springs? Now you've got me worried kickn5k after saying yours aren't captive
  4. Can't wait to hear the verdict. I hope they're not coming from California and we're here waiting 3 months lol. Like you said, they're just a ke20 listed part. Can't believe it's not all over the forum already
  5. So Tommy ran that Monroe shock in his ke10? It's got 413mm compressed length and 606mm extend length. Worth a shot you think?
  6. Kickn5k I just realised that it was your post I read lol. Can you tell me why you ditched this set up? And must you run 20 ball joints when you swap the strut...
  7. I've been sitting on this for a while still. I spoke to a mate who's been playing around with corollas for years and he said why don't I just put complete ke20/25 struts in...do you guys know much about this? Pretty sure I read somewhere that its because of more positive camber...
  8. You boys are absolute legends. I've got the ke20 top hats and ke20 lovell springs already sitting there so it's a matter of fitting it up and seeing what to do with that shock. I'm not very familiar with suspension territory but Parrot are you saying that the stock/RX7/KP61/TRD shock is shorter than the ke10? Thanks kikn5k - it seems like you're all a lot more cluey than I am here. I've heard that in theory ke20 inserts work and are shorter but it doesn't sit in right
  9. Parrot, measurements would be amazing!! Kickn5k - same deal, photos would be super helpful or any other info you can provide. I want to run a sway bar but have been a tad put off after hearing about rubbing on brake pads, particularly ke20 ones. With this said, what is the part number of the one ke10s need? I wouldn't mind looking at the length etc. Thanks again for your input guys! Ps. so just to confirm, ke20 inserts have proven to be a hit and a miss on this forum?
  10. Hi, Before I begin and people say to look at the ke10 suspension thread I want to say that I already have. I am in the process of lowering my ke10. I will be removing the transverse leaf. I am removing the ke10 top hats and swapping them with ke20 ones. I will also be putting in ke20 Lovell super-low springs. My question is...has anybody done this? I would also like to know if anybody has successfully changed ke10 strut inserts? Aw11 seem to be the go....
  11. I'm running the same size rims on my ke10 with 175 50 13 Yokohama tyres. Only difference is my front rim width and offset.
  12. Hey mate, I know it has been a while but would you still have the ke10 strut inserts?
  13. Thanks for the feedback mate. I'm getting it all measured up for offset next week. I don't mind if it sticks out a bit as long as its no more than a couple centimetres. Your ride is overrated by the way! What specs are the black rims you're running? And do you have any pics to guide me with your previous/current fitment?
  14. Thanks for the reply. I'll be getting the guards rolled that's not an issue, I'm more concerned with how it will sit and how far out. I have seen ke10's running 13x7 -7 offset but I'm not sure if they had a standard diff or shortened one. Unfortunately for me it's not a vehicle that people modify often.
  15. Hi guys, I'm continuing to further modify my ke10 and have reached the stage of rim fitment. I'm after an aggressive stance and refuse to believe that 14x6 is the biggest I can go. I'm currently looking at a few options...a 15x8 +0 rear and a 15x7 +10 front. Or 14x7.5 -7 Is there anybody out there who's seen or done something similar.... Any help is appreciatedâ˜ș
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