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  1. Been a long time since i was on here. A lot has happened but still a lot to go! Car went off and had rust in engine bay repaired (was very little for it's age) and the engine bay has been resprayed factory colour. Pretty in love with the colour 7k and t50 are in and running and currently fitting all new balljoints, tie rods, control arms bushings and idler + pitman arms and having all the front end done in 2k black. Car will soon be heading back to have the rest of the bodywork done and painted.
  2. It did, I came across it on gumtree a couple months back looking exactly the same as i sold it. I ended up having both this, and my ke18 and about 5 other cars and some just had to go.. I removed most of the best bits and kept them for my ke18 and sold the sprinter to a guy down here just after my last update in this thread, then never saw it again until the Gumtree ad
  3. What are you thinking diff wise? Escort or something larger?
  4. I have one of those here off a 5k id sell
  5. I bought a distributor cap off a km36 liteace with a 5k engine. Distributor cap is same size but runs conventional 4k style plug leads etc
  6. Whats the reason for using the 4k distributor? The 7k one is electronic and a better unit
  7. I have one off a 5k if you can't find a 3k one
  8. I built coilovers for my ke10 using golf gti shocks. i removed about 90mm from the strut tube as i'm 4" lower than stock and didn't want to run any spacers under the shock etc. They will work fine but you'll need to get your springs etc first and lay it all out to figure out what size spacers you'll need under the shocks or how much to cut out the strut
  9. Where did you manage to find the lower arm bushes!?
  10. Pretty common to swap to a solid billet style one in silvias etc for more direct steering feel. Theyre available pretty cheap for those.. could be worth messaging a seller to get pcd and see if one would work
  11. I have one in the shed in Australia, 20 + post
  12. Both will fit. Keep tyre size to a 185 or 195 and shouldnt have an issue
  13. 3k clutch kits can be different. My 3k from ke11 has a smaller input shaft than the later ke55/ke70 etc What gearbox does it have?
  14. Not heaps to update! Engine bay has been fully stripped ready to be resprayed and the whole underside of car has been coated and resprayed black. Currently making a gearbox crossmember to suit my K-T50 setup At this stage still playing with ride height and wheel fitment before paint Pretty happy with how it sits
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