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  1. Ke10 Strut Insert - URGENT

    I’ve seen that before and I looked into it, a lot of mk1 shocks don’t seem to fit as they’re wider in the body if they’re aftermarket for some reason? And the pulsar ones I looked at were no better than stock just shorter still very soft
  2. Ke70 Corolla with M20b25 Engine swap

    You’ll be probably 4x that high e30 price into the ke70 by the time it’s done honestly and as Dave said it won’t be as good as the e30 would have been originally. Even if you buy a 4 cylinder e30 and convert it to 6cyl it’ll work out cheaper and better than the ke70 idea (a friend has just done this)
  3. 4K Crankshaft pulley

    I have a 5k in bits torn down at the moment I’ll have a look for the balancer off it, as if it is a dual rib pulley I don’t need it anyway
  4. I’ve noticed it harder to find good running complete engines.. Most I see forsale lately are stuffed and basically buying it for accessories, running complete motors missing a heap of bits or just heads etc which are usually no good anyway. I got got a complete townace with less than 90000k and the motor has receipts for a ton of work for $400 which I was happy with. Apart from that my sprinter came with a 4k pulled from a ke70 in 1991 and had 51000km on it! But spent the last 3 months chasing all the missing bits to install it
  5. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Yeah those are also trv like I bought. But they’re 6” wife and terribly high offset also only a pair. And chances of finding a matching pair in that same stud pattern in that wheel are very slim
  6. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Yes and no on the wheel importing. I've found them cheaper in Aus than from Japan latelty.. I bought a set of 13x6.5 techno trv for my sprinter the other day, sale price was around $290aud, shipping within japan, brokerage fee and shipping to aus by *sea* was another $390
  7. Yes, Another ke10..

    So, I bought another ke10.. This now makes 4 ke1x chassis cars I own currently haha I'm not 100% sure of it's outcome currently but I bought it anyway.. the shell is quite rusty in the front and the rear end has had a lot of crash damage in the rear end and as a result has a lot of bog and misalignment.. I believe I'll use this a donor for my other green sedan.. see what happens!
  8. 1967 - Wagon Build

    Another few bits of the puzzle! Highly recommend Toyota Herritage for any bits! I chose the US spec tail lights as i though it'd suit the white best
  9. 4k change pistons to flat

    My ke11 had a 4ku in, was healthy and was absolutely zero difference from a standard 4k.. i had high hoped but nope
  10. 1967 - Wagon Build

    So i bought some wheels. I've had a love for these wheels for a long time, and it's strange because i hate tri spokes usually? But these are such a cool shape and seem to suit anything small and 60's/70's perfectly. Lips need some work and a polish, they're also 4x114.3 but the wagon is getting converted anyway
  11. Another Ke1x to the collection

    Well as i advised no progress has been made at all on this.. Wagon's getting closer to paint but lately i've been making a few trips to pick up the parts that came with the Sprinter. Made a couple loads so far probably one more to go before i have all the spares. Making a trip this weekend to raid a ke11 for parts also. Need to cut off the front clip for bits for the wagon
  12. Another Ke1x to the collection

    The car was considerably more expensive than that lol.. The Carton is 12 months storage at my mates place, which is where the photo's are taken
  13. So i may have bought yet another Corolla for the collection.. This makes 3 Ke1x chassis i own now, With a possible 4th and 5th in my sights also So basically, What we have here is a mostly original Ke17 Sprinter. Car hasn't been on the road since 1994 and it's sat outside ever since.. It's currently a rolling shell but it does come with the original matching 3k and an early k50 also Basic run down is it's quite straight, mostly rust free and very complete. Everything interior wise will need replacing besides the passengers door card and seat.. It's had a hit in the rear so the boot won't close, but certainly fixable! The main good bit of the deal is it came with 6x Ke1x chassis's spares.. So now i have about a dozen guards multiple bootlids bumpers etc all stashed away as a "just incase scenario" for any of my cars... This will not be getting worked on at all until the wagon is painted and on the road, It's in storage now at my friends house until such time
  14. Johnny Mac's Ke35 Coupe

    Hope you didn't pay what the guy was asking for it! Does look like a nice clean car though. The guy selling it got into an argument with me telling me it was a ke25.. Where abouts in Tas are you?
  15. 1967 - Wagon Build

    Looks exactly the same, not further updates as yet unfortunately! Weather and lack of shed plus work = not much done. Mostly waiting on panel beater to be finish up a couple jobs and then it'll be trailered around there for rust repair, sandblasting of front end and doors and painting!