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  1. 7k Sprinter Build

    Been a bit busy lately but been slowly chipping away at things Entire body loom and dash loom had to be removed due to being messed with and missing plugs/ damage.. Rewired most of one from scratch to suit the tacho dash i'll be putting in it. And everything on the dash works. Have modified the standard 1k aircleaner to fit over the 4k carb and ordered a rebuild kit for it as the acc pump seal is knackered. Should have that done this weekend Started assembling the front end stuff now. The gf's dad is a panelbeater and welded up the rust in the front guards and front pockets so I can assemble the panels ready for rego. Just a bit of surface rust around one hinge to clean up before I hang the panels
  2. 7k Sprinter Build

    I'll be getting my cam reground through camtech cams. I'm not expecting anything amazing but i'd like to see what it's like and considering the motor was free don't mind trying I''ll be going with the 529-110a It's never going to be overly rev happy but it was super punchy in the van compared to a 4k that's for sure The wheels are actually in very good condition. It's like an oxide build up on the alloy which rubs straight off with steel wool! So i'll just be sanding through the grades to around 1800 and then polish them. If you're needing to sandblast anything Bunnings now sell an ozito at home sandblasting gun and media for around $35 that attatches to your existing air compressor and looks just like a paint gun basically.. Tried my old mans on a few small parts and worked pretty well so may be worth a try!
  3. 7k Sprinter Build

    The master is GD galant vacless Requires sides and bottom of flange to be shaved down to fit into that section of the firewall, holes slightly drilled out in master to line up with the firewall and the bore hole to be drilled to 36mm with a step drill. Super easy to do and easily revertable back to stock also
  4. 7k Sprinter Build

    Dual Circuit Master. Minimal mods required, still easily revertible to stock. Just need to make up hard lines
  5. K50 into 5k Ka67 Carina? Manual Swap.

    You’ll probably need to pull it out for comparison to know what you’re looking at Aren’t the carina based on a corona platform so an st141/ rt142 pedalbox May be the closest? Although they are hydraulic.
  6. 7k Sprinter Build

    And until next time my favorite photo of this car...
  7. 7k Sprinter Build

    I found a deal i couldn't pass up as well.. 1999 Townace that some tourists had put on its side in a ditch and just needed it gone. The car had 90000km on it, and had a reciepts for work done to the motor only 6000km ago at a shop here too! I test drove it and the 7k was superb! Super quiet and couldn't fault it. So for $400 i had a townace at my house! The best part of the deal was it had a good g52 box and 4 tyres with less than 1000km on it. So in the end i had a 7k and $200 extra in my pocket! Motor is about to be put on a stand and a few little things done. I need to rego the car with a 4k before i can put this in.. Sump will come off and be modified for ke1x, Cam and lifters removed and sent for a grind and head shaved as much as i can on pump 98. Will be getting all accessories off the 4k and probably end up with a 38/38 weber hidden underneath the factory 1k air cleaner just to look as stock as it can on the roadside Will be running Taz_rx's old K-T50 setup with cable bellhousing on this also as i don't want to be swapping out gearboxes everything i get a bit excited leaving work on a friday
  8. 7k Sprinter Build

    With that sorted i turned to the rear. The factory diff will be replaced with a shortened T series with LSD but for now i just want to get it driving.. So i've rebuilt it and machined the drums and axles to 4x114.3 Everythings new and hoping to swap it into the wagon once i've finished the T series rather than breaking it. An auto ke10 tailshaft is the correct length and yoke to suit a later ke70 5 speed box so i dug one out of the pile and cleaned up the yoke on a lathe and it's all together now. Car is drivable but needs hardlines and softlines made up to suit the dual circuit master before i can give it a drive. In addition to the diff all new bushes were done in the rear end. Will need to replace the shocks with shorter gas units when the leaves are reset
  9. 7k Sprinter Build

    I started stripping the car of anything i wasn't going to use, or anything that was in the way. A little rust repair has taken place and i've bedlined the front end, removed the transverse leaf and done ke70 front brake setup, dual circuit master cylinder and ke20 springs and top hats To pass rego i've fitted a 4k and k50. Had to source parts from all over the country as it did not come with the original engine.. Now has the early water pump, pulley and 2 blade steel fan. External reg alternator and original triangular oil cap. Has a fuel miser gt40r coil with resistor and a set of wildcat extractors. 2" aluminium 3 core radiator was actually cheaper than a recore too.. With the motor in i needed to mount the ke70 trans. Luckily pretty easily done with some 50x25 rhs. Have drilled the lower holes to 25mm too to allow a socket to be used and keep the bolt heads away from the road
  10. 7k Sprinter Build

    With the car in the shed, my other purchase for it arrived, a set of 13" Techno TRV's i imported from Japan. To me they'll suit it perfectly and i've done a 4x114.3 conversion on the car just to be able to fit them. They refurbishing and centre caps but i'll do this closer to the car being on the road Had to do a mock up of how i want it to sit also!
  11. 7k Sprinter Build

    Thought i'd come back for a visit. Been a busy 12 months! Ended up buying a house, and have a shed for the first time in my life. Which means i've actually been making pretty good progress on this between other projects.. I haven't been able to do any further work to my wagon as its waiting for the bodyworks so i've been hustling on this instead. There's a local hillclimb here in october, the goal is to have it done by then. My issue is though i need to build it twice.. Once to pass rego, and then the way i actually want it haha. There's been a fair bit of progression since these photos but it's an update none the less Car arrived here at the start of December, had to wash off 25 years of spiders and general shit to see what was underneath. Found lots of nos parts within the car, Including not one, but 2 tacho dashes!
  12. Tas members

    Toyotas is a good one for knowledge. The rollaclub Facebook page has a lot more members than here too. I think more people tend to just go on there than here now
  13. Tas members

    I come on from time to time. There’s a couple other members from Tas too There’s a bunch of us on toyotas on Facebook too, moreso than here
  14. Toyota throttle cable.

    Do you guys have a cable mate over there? You could easily get one made to any specs you like
  15. Brake swap KE16-KE38

    No it won’t, would need something else and everything would need shorting and modifications so not a cheap exercise