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  1. Jono.C

    Si's 5kte Ke55

    Keep us updated 💪
  2. Well, as some of you may know i have a bit of a ke1x addiction... I still currently have my ke17 sprinter and a ke16 wagon but i've chasing this car for 5+ years and finally managed to buy it. Ke1x wagon is pretty much my dream car, and was a bit saddened when my current one (build thread on here) is too rusty to do much with... Now this one is not perfect, But it's pretty bloody good. Rust is minimal to none just some damage and bad paint to deal with. Luckily i have a full donor front end as the one with it was junk.. The plans for short term are try to make it run and stop so i can move it around easier, and then go over the whole car and make a list of everything it needs to pass rego. Long term the ke17 will get reshelled into this and sold off as a rolling project and the ke16 will be stripped and kept for spares. And although that sucks as the ke17 is ready for the road pretty much my hearts not in it and i need all the new parts for this.
  3. Jono.C

    Si's 5kte Ke55

    Got a bit more shed space than before from the look of it?
  4. Jono.C

    Ke17 Sprinter

    Haven't done too much to this thing of late. Been a bit busy with other things.. Managed to get camber tops all sorted and machined the top hats to suit needle bearings for them also. Been spending time on my newest project i grabbed a while ago and finally got registered so now i should be able to get back into it. I'll upload a photo of the newest toy below
  5. Jono.C

    1986 Toyota Corona 2s-C into 1978 RT104

    Honestly they're one of the worst engines ever made. It wouldn't be the worth the time or money at all.. Even 22r would be considerably better over the 2sc
  6. Jono.C

    Ke2x Members Page

    Maaco is a franchise sort of autobody chain in the U.S. I believe they mostly do sort of budget cheaper resprays have seen some of their work before and it's been ridiculously cheap (1500usd to prep and paint a mx5) and actually was quite presentable but they'd done poor taping job on mirrors etc instead of just removing them. I'm sure it depends on the exact franchise location too
  7. Jono.C

    SR20DET ke70 question.

    Comes down to more factors than just tyre size as well though. Size of steering wheel is one ie will be easier to steer at low speed/ stopped with a 350mm wheel rather than 300 for example. Wheel alignment plays a big factor too. Castor camber and toe change on my Celica made it considerably heavier than car parks than before And running p/s knuckles on manual rack gives good lock but once again makes steering heavier. Weldy/ heavily shimmed diff makes it hard to steer in some parking/ low speed scenarios so avoid that too for street use. Basically keep it sensible and I don't think you'll have any need for power steering. Once you're at like 40kmh+ factory steering is light as hell anyway
  8. Jono.C

    Ke17 Sprinter

    Haven't been working on this much, been working on other cars or house stuff mostly. Going to re-do brakes to include a ke20 brake proportioning valve to see if it improves them. My coilovers are finished and just need to sort the camber tops now. They've had 4" cut out of the strut tubes to accept short stroke gas inserts which are 100mm shorter in total. Changed the top of the strut body to ke55 so they have external gland nuts making it easier to get the shocks out later on. Hsd weld on sleeve kit fitted also. Pretty happy with them size wise, at 4" lower than stock they're fully captive with the helper spring. Adjustable range is between 2-5" lower than factory so plenty of room to play with ride height.
  9. Jono.C

    WTB - Starter Motor to suit 3k

    Have a couple of K series starters in tas if you're keen to freight
  10. Jono.C

    Celica Gt4 Into Mini

    I thought same thing.. but may be temporary as whole car is yet to painted etc once fab works done?
  11. Jono.C

    KE10 with KE20 discs

    I wrote the wiki conversion years back, struggling to remember now. Far as I remember probably just what I had at the time but fairly sure the bearings are same between them. I just converted my ke17 to ke70 fronts and I used all of the ke70 bearings.
  12. Jono.C

    First start for a while

    At that stage yes. Now has a 10a laptop charger wired to it and hidden behind. Haven't got around to putting it on the well yet
  13. Jono.C

    First start for a while

    I've had similar in my shed for a while
  14. Worked on a 3L on the weekend. 4 piece exhaust gasket.. lol
  15. Jono.C

    KE10 Control arms

    Got one in Tas. Can post at your expense shoot me a pm with what you think it’s worth