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  1. corollaart


    TTT some one must want it ,need to clean out shed .
  2. corollaart

    Morris Minors

    The morris people are quite passionate about there cars ,much like us rolla guys i guess. How good is that tow truck ,it great !!!not sure what you would tow with it but great looking little banger. rob
  3. corollaart


    Thanks Ben I thought i would have to join that face tube garbage ffs!!
  4. corollaart

    Help! T50 gearbox issue

    Hi Evan Welcome to rolla club ,you will find that the t50 capacity is around 1.7 litres according to castrol and valvoline net lube. I can't remember putting much more than that, if that much. i guess its a rwd? cheers rob
  5. corollaart


    Welcome Smee I think you had a build tread on bridabella forum ,before it was fucked up by farce book. Great build great car ,keep us updated with your events and progress . Doing any events up northern nsw? cheers rob
  6. corollaart


    K-T Bellhousing and ta22 box with clutch plate to suit k-engine. Yes it will bolt in ke30-55 no cutting out shifter hole. You will have to convert to hydraulic clutch!!!(I think Jordan at ke conversions have these) Yes you can use your standard drive shaft (k40) Price 450 CASH location Armidale nsw shipping PICK UP ONLY GOT THAT don't ASK FOR SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't need to sell it as its quite happy sitting in the shed. contact PM here rob SOLD!!
  7. corollaart

    Ra40 And Ra60 Diffs

    Will it fit in a ae71 don't no. Which is better they are both the same except ra60 has sway bar mounts ra40 doesnt. Both 1410mm wide Both t series. Get both because they will be all gone soon to make fridges in china!!
  8. corollaart

    Rallying KE10

    Great story thanks Parrot,ED was a great steerer in his day . Like the no helmet days with there caps or the more up market terry toweling hats. Just ashame the likes Croker are wasting the tail end of there careers driving ride on lawn mowers. rob
  9. corollaart

    Vibration in reverse

    Engine or transmission mounts?
  10. corollaart

    RA 40 Brakes

    So the tube is press fit?or does it screw into the bottom ? How did you get it out! The bottom 80mm with paint still on it is stepped in so thats good just need a lathe with 50mm bore. Maybe some way to spin it evenly and emery cloth it . cheers rob
  11. corollaart

    Cranksft pulley bolt

    Ha ha nice build ,will we see them at auto stores soon!!! nice work rob
  12. corollaart

    RA 40 Brakes

    So the id of xt tubes is 45mm and the od of the bilsteins is 46mm The gland nut would be a one off ,but I'm not dealing with them f##ktards you no why. I will pull the ra40 one apart when they arrive see whats in there. rob
  13. corollaart

    RA 40 Brakes

    Tarmac that black sticky stuff ,no Keith . I was given some ra40 struts with commodore tubes and bilsteins gravel spec. Just after i bought some new bilsteins of course . So now i have 2 sets . I couldnt get the bilsteins in the xt tubes that meant i would have to retube them. Then these come up buggar!!I still can't figure out how you guys get them in ra40 tubes seeing the xt tubes are the same!! The gland nut is another problem different thread ,it was just easier to retube than to force them.So now i have to go with the ra40 legs or xt130 legs (my preference} As i have many xt130 legs 3or 4 pair. rob
  14. corollaart

    RA 40 Brakes

    Thanks Banjo I all ready have pajero m/c and rear discs ,running xt130 struts and twin spot sumitomo calipers.. The oem ra40 backing plates have a huge spaceing on caliper mounts. From reseach the ra40 and xt130 run same bearings ,need to find out about front hubs are the same off set. I remember reading that the hub s where different off sets not sure on this. If the hubs are the same i will look at ra65/60 disc and may be look at hilux calipers with custom mount not to sure. Unless some one has a better combo. Not interested in the mazda calipers to expensive and to old,looking for common and easy to find parts. Remembering it has to fit under 14in wheels. Not to much to ask haha!!! rob
  15. corollaart

    RA 40 Brakes

    Going to RA40 struts in the rally car bare struts no backing plates or calipers. Brake up grade options let me no what works . Does the pug converstion work?? rob