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  1. Sure is a good one,i often wonder how many are left out there in this sort of condition. nice find banjo,got 7k laying around ha ha
  2. Hi guys Just a follow up on this welder.so it turned out to be a small circuit board that controls the wire feed motor. The guy that repairs them use to send them away to have them repaired ,but that person has since retired. So i had to get a new one !!$270 later it works fine. Its a shame these people retire ,and seemingly don't pass there skills on to the younger ones,seems to happen in a lot of industries these days. Its turf it buy a new one. cheers rob
  3. Thanks Banjo and Kieth,I'm thinking i will take it to a shop ,before i get fried . its the circuit breaker ,fuse in the welder that trips ,not the meter box . Yes I'm thinking that same thing Keith ,as the hand piece checks out ok with ohm meter .and ive checked all the wiring conections. I'm thinking that the battery direct to motor is giving me false hope that its ok,but is drawing to much current .when hooked up maybe. i have found a guy local who will look at it ,but as we no with these guys could be a while ,as there busy as . i will follow up as soon as i no what it is,or if its worth repairing. thanks every one.
  4. Thanks Graeme How would i check earth leakage ??
  5. Thanks Dave,um i m Pauline on your question ? It trips the internal ciruit breaker as soon as you pull the trigger,not welding any think as wouldnt go that long,the fan runs fine . I suspected the wire drive motor or the hand piece ,but have run the wire feed motor on 12 volts from a seperate source and it runs fine. I also give it a go with the hand piece completely off the machine (jumped the terminals)and it still tripped the circuit breaker ,after it turns half a turn, I'm thinking its proberly beyond my knowledge and may take it to someone who no,s .just thought i would try eliminate what i could as it was working fine . I'm open for any think else i can check thanks rob
  6. Looking for some one to point me towards a good welding forum or a knowledgeable person that no ,s about mig welder problems. Problem is that i was given a old cig transmig 250 welder (which i have used in the past)it was a great welder!. i now having problem with it tripping the circuit breaker out when trigger is pulled. I have isolated the the trigger and lead out of the system ,jumped the wire to feed motor and it still trips the circuit breaker. Maybe a good shop to get some parts ,cig site is hopeless unless buying a new shiney one!!. It is a side project ,as i still have a small lincoln thats good ,so not depending on it. hope this is right section move if not . cheers rob
  7. i would have some old ones ,if thats of help rob
  8. Thats a shame i always enjoyed the woolshed rallying post!well more woolshed than rallying !!but it was great . maybe a come back soonish. look after your selfs both Steve and Keith cheers Rob
  9. https://technotoytuning.com/toyota/te37/weld-front-coilover-kit-te37-corolla these guys would have some thing to help ,nice car !!
  10. Yes every one in Amidale no,s these guys.especially the phase 4 falcon ,which i think is gone now.(yes phase 4) Good old school guys with a good reputation in town been here for years Rob
  11. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-COROLLA-KE30-KE35-KE36-KE55-Coupe-Hardtop-Door-Cards-Blank-Trim-Panels/253048135383?fits=Plat_Gen%3AKE35&hash=item3aead81ed7:g:0nwAAOSwxxdZay7E
  12. Hi Keith and Steve Looks like your making some progress on the car,which is good news ,this thread started near 6 years ago 😮. Distractions of farming!i guess 😊.I agree with you on the ohs over kill ,it takes a week to put there bloody sighs up!!geez keep up the good work rob
  13. Ha Ha Pete ,i no the feeling ,you wonder where all these parts fitted into the shed space!!! Oh side fence ,is no defence 😊 Hope you get it all sorted rob
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