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  1. The End of ICE Cars is Coming !

    All good points . It just amazes me here we are in a country with large reserves of natural gas, coal and god no what else is buried under us. Then we pay very expensive price for electricity . Talk of black outs over summer . Turnbull wanting to buy back liddell power station off AGL to keep power running. Yet come up the new england hwy any morning to pass another wide load of wind turbine going to Glenn Innes wind farm. It makes no sence to me but I'm a dumb truckie!! Stuffem I'm gunna run me 55 with webers as long as i can buy fuel !!!!
  2. my new car

    Very tidy coupe lucky buggar. I agree with Colin sigh places will do it with quality vinyl rob
  3. **18RG ENGINE**

    Talk to altezzaclub on here they have a few laying around.
  4. 3Tgte37

    Love this car Do a write up on rack converstion i would love to get rid of my steering box cheers rob
  5. At The Wreckers In Orange, April '13

    Hi Keith How much would the bonnets off the blue car or the yellow ke30 going for ?? rob
  6. Who has a spare cam? 3k-4k

    The only service that we could use is australia post . The post code is 2350 ,we have some large companys here but they don't want to no you unless you have a acccount with them. As well we are in the back (blocks ) here not being close to the major cities. If your keen to give it a go pm your full address and we will see if it gets there ha ha. rob
  7. Who has a spare cam? 3k-4k

    I would have one a 4k out of old engine under the bench. You can have it ,postage would be a killer !!! Let me no if your interested. rob
  8. 4 pin relays

    Thanks guys for all the input so far,things are going ok so far !! The next question is we are going to run 2 switches one for each set of lights (2spot 2 broad beam) We need to be able to turn off the spot beams if need be (fog etc) and from memory this a road worthy thing. The question being can i pick up the high beam power from inside the car ?and run to switch then back to relay? Or run it from the back of head light in thru the fire wall then back to relay? Or find high beam power in the factory fuse box then run it thru the switch? Remembering we will be doubling up on any choice.Not sure if this circuit will have a huge load on it ?? Meaning can i jam 2 wires on the back of the head light hi beam or where ever we get the high beam power from? HATE WIRING !!! going to drink beer now Rob
  9. 4 pin relays

    Hi Banjo The lights will be convention type not led or any thing to expensive ,because we no what could happen to them !! The battery is in the front of car still very close to lights . I was just bit stumped about the relays with 87a and 87 but Justin sorted me out on that . If you look on epay heaps of relays for cheap but they don't tell you that most are change over relays not normally open so you would buy 10 five pin relays that would be in reallity only be able to use as 4 87a would be useless.? (MY TAKE ON IT ?) This is not on the corolla but a mighty excel!!!! the corolla is put away for the winter. cheers any way banjo
  10. 4 pin relays

    Thanks Justin,so the best way would be to grab a couple of 5 pin relays with 2 x 87 only pins. No 87a .? I'm using heavy 7 core wire and plug to connect the pod to car ,your thoughts on this? Thanks again for help as always Rob
  11. 4 pin relays

    Question lads or Banjo. So I;m wiring up son inlaws rally car for driving lights x4 in a pod set up ,I;m going to use a trailer plug so that we can still open the bonnet (7 pin) I;m going to use two 4 pin relays and wire them as 2 seperate circuits. Can i use pin 87 to run two driving lights?or use a 5 pin and hook each light to 87 and 87a ? rob
  12. What's this part of the engine?

    Do all of the above ,then give it a compression test . This will tell you if your engine is needing rings ,thus causing all this blow by.
  13. 3Tgte37

    Brilliant job Ryan love it!!!! One question are these things common over there? Like are they at the wreakers or have they all been crushed,it seems that all the hot rod shows from the us you can find just about any model muscle car you that takes your fance. Here in au most have now been crushed ,well the wreakers here see no value in them. There still hiding in sheds and now and then a good one turns up usually way over priced and wanting a lot of work. Nice work rob
  14. Dave if you look at that pic quickly . It looks very much like them very popular datsuns (1600). Sort of cool but not. rob
  15. Phil's Ke25/te2X Conversion

    Great work Phil ,you have some nice parts there!!! Should turn out a great car. Rob