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  1. Anyone have a 22 spline slip yoke for a 83 corolla T50 transmission ? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. If they are i couldn't stand the noise they make. Don't think id want them .
  3. I'm looking for 22 spline yoke T50 manual 5 speed in my 1983 Toyota Corolla Wagon . Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hello . I'm in search of a 22 spline yoke for a T50 manual 1983 Corolla Wagon. Also looking for a complete rebuild kit for the T50 . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks .
  5. I've been told the SR5 pickup differentials are a direct bolt in, Other the the 5 lug bolt pattern . Hooe this helps .
  6. Hey guys I'm new here and can't wait to get in on all the info ! Thanks for excepting me ..
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