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  1. I have a 83 Corolla Wagon and was wondering if the lower control arms from a AE86 the same as the AE71 ?
  2. Okay your next step is to Heat the area around the plug area with a tourch , then strick the plug to shock it , then use a chisel and hammer striking on the plug to jar it loose . Remember the plug unscrews counterclockwise ! If you get that plug out discard it and replace with new one . Hope this helps
  3. If it were me I'd drain all the fluid by removing the lower drain plug , i think it takes a 17mm wrench to fit the drain plug . Remove the shifter from the tranny and the side filler plug whitch takes a 15/16 " or maybe a 22mm socket or wrench. After all the fluid has drained be sure to install the drain plug ! Fill through the shifter hole slowly until you see fluid coming out of the check/ filler plug .
  4. Hey guys I'm in the process of doing the same swap. Ive got everything for the swap except the clutch pedal and gearbox cross member. Where can i get these two items. Fozz , mentioned a T18 pedal box , who's got one for sell ? HELP !
  5. Hey guys on the subject of X members i had thought about making my own. Thing is i have no clue what the dimension are , also the height it has to be to keep the tranny and drive shaft in alignment ? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hey guys the very bottom X member in the photos above looks like what i need ! Is the one i mentioned for sale ? Let me know please ! Thanks [email protected]
  7. I'm looking for a X member for my 83 corolla wagon that i recently swaped out the automatic for the T50 manual. I don't think the original automatic X member will work with the manual T50 . Any clues to where i can get one ? Any help would be appreciated .
  8. Anyone have a 22 spline slip yoke for a 83 corolla T50 transmission ? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. If they are i couldn't stand the noise they make. Don't think id want them .
  10. I'm looking for 22 spline yoke T50 manual 5 speed in my 1983 Toyota Corolla Wagon . Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Hello . I'm in search of a 22 spline yoke for a T50 manual 1983 Corolla Wagon. Also looking for a complete rebuild kit for the T50 . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks .
  12. I've been told the SR5 pickup differentials are a direct bolt in, Other the the 5 lug bolt pattern . Hooe this helps .
  13. Hey guys I'm new here and can't wait to get in on all the info ! Thanks for excepting me ..
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