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  1. Thanks Jono, will look into that ASAP.
  2. Banjo, I found the distributor in the bag of bits the mechanic stripped off the engine for the rebuild. It’s a denso one, but has these weird connectors on dissy cap and high tension lead to the coil. So guessing I will have to find a coil from a townace I order to get it working.
  3. Thanks Banjo, you have been very helpful with all this. I have searched through all the bits that came with the engine but couldn’t find the coil, can get one from the wreckers but probably just use a Bosch coil as long as it is around 1.9 ohms as you suggested. Cheers and thanks for your very helpful advice. Dave. body back to bare metal rust repaired, panels all smoothed and ready for 2 pack.
  4. Thanks Banjo, just what I needed, guessing the 7K distributor is the same as the 5k. This is all new to me, old school points dissy is where I am atm. Old holdens and now my dads ke30 to bring into the world again. Cheers Dave.
  5. Just wanted to get it going. Haven’t checked the 7K dissy, assume its an internal igniter one and only needs a suitable coil to run, anyone got an answer for me on that.
  6. Hi all, I am currently installing a 7K carby engine in the ke30. Just wanted to share my thoughts on the progress so far as it might help others. Got a 7K engine from melbourne and we have rebuilt it completely including a new flywheel and HD clutch kit ( 4K flywheel and clutch and a spigot bearing rsb 508) Used the 4K sump to get the measurements to cut the 7K sump. Cut the sump completely just below where it mates to the block and then cut 20 mm off the sump all the way round. Rewelded sump. Used the 4K oil pump as 7K one is too long in the modified sump. Did a trial install in the engine bay and it fits perfectly using the original engine mounts from the 7K engine. The left hand lower mount for the gearbox from the 4K needs to be massaged a bit to fit the 7K block but the drivers side fits perfectly. Using the 7K starter motor and the 4K alternator, also the 4K fuel pump and distributor. Using the 7K inlet manifold as it is a better design than the 4K one and a set of headers.Also a 32/36 Weber rejetted for the 7K engine. That’s about it for the moment, currently stripping the body paint and getting the car ready for a full 2pack repaint. Will update with photos as we proceed.
  7. Thanks for all your help- will give him a bell. Cheers
  8. thanks for the replies everyone. Rolla Boy, where is a good place to get a custom cross member made up in Canberra??? cheers Dave.
  9. That sounds like what I have, is there any way around it, or am I stuffed??? cheers dave
  10. Thanks for the reply, it is the 3 speed (trimatic) gearbox.
  11. Hello to all, I have not been very active for a while, working in another state cramps the style a bit!! I have just spent the weekend swapping over a 4K engine and 4 speed manual from a Ke55 into a Ke30 auto. I have everything in, except the gearbox bracket from the Ke55 does not line up at all with the old automatic bracket position in the Ke30. Has anyone done this conversion, I assume it is common?? Do I need a manual gearbox bracket from a Ke30 or is it something that has to be made up?? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers David
  12. Hi all. I am based in Canberra, doing a full rebuild and paint job on a Ke30, and I need the chrome bonnet strip that finishes off the front of the bonnet. Need one in overrated condition as the one I have has many dints. Can anyone help, the cost is not an option and of course will also pay to get it here. cheers David.
  13. Whiteline Suspension in Sydney sell the best ones I have seen- can order over the net, delivered to your door for around $90.
  14. Thanks guys for the welcome, thanks to you Rolla Boy for the offers of help- the idea of a supercharged Rolla has got me thinking bad thoughts of keeping the car for myself once its finished- I was going to work the 4K- but after reading all your posts on supercharging- I have gotta get me one of those!!!!!! Seems it would be cheaper and more efficient to go that way. Will have to catch up with you for a long chat on superchargers. Cheers for now- will try to get to next meeting- would that be the 6th March or 13th- as feb was a short month.
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