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  1. still no good with them mounts even if someone has the dimensions would be greatly appreciated or modifyed crossmember thanks
  2. still no good with them mounts even if someone has the dimensions would be greatly appreciated or modifyed crossmember thanks
  3. hi everyone as the title says I'm chasing a set of engine mounts too suit a 4age into ke20 type conversion I'm in tassie but happy too pay any postage too get them here cheers marcus
  4. Hi got a bit of a problem with my 4age conversion and need some help i have got a blue top 4age with a map sensor & tvis and am unsure which ecu i need the engine is origanaly a rwd so does that make it jdm??? anyway the ecu plugs are yellow any help gratefully appreciated Marcus
  5. as the title says I'm after a ecu to suit a blue top big port 4age with a map sensor I'm not entirely sure which one i need so any help would be appreciated I'm in tasmania and will be happy to pay postage please contact me here if you can help cheers
  6. yeah i know i have a couple of "holden heros" who just think its "nans" new corolla engine put in "nans" old corolla but they just don't get that these little engines really get up and go :dance: i will try to get some more pics of it tommorow if i get a chance and just pray its somthing simple..... :bash: :bash: :bash:
  7. heres a picture of it and its part number is 89620-20221 ecu number is 175731-0460 thanks again
  8. sorry mate well really the problem is no spark i have checked that the coil has 12v supply,done a pin to pin check of the whole loom what I'm tipping is that the igniter or distributor wiring is wrong for the loom so i need a rwd bluetop map wiring diagram with igniter wire colors cheers
  9. Hi guys yeah having a bit of trouble wiring up my blue top big port engine iv got it described at the link below thanks for any help :wink: :wink: click click
  10. Update!!!!! managed to get myself a good 4age package happening a few weeks back and have been flat out installing mr 4age into the old girl but like anything enountered a few little problems wiring is a issue as it appears that the looms had a few mods and is in a bad way managed to get all the ignition and starter and all that business sorted but no matter how hard i try just cannot get it too spark i have litteraly tried everything i can find on the internet but i think the loom is different for the engine its a blue top rwd bigport with tvis iv got loom diagrames and stuff off the internet but nothing really matches up posible problems: distributor plug to loom plug dizzy has red blue and white wires and loom is red black and white when the plug in the red goes to white black to blue any ideas?? also has anyone got a pin out for the igniter which is part 89620-20221 nd 131100-4762 any help appreciated oh and i will grab some more pictures of the wiring and plugs and igniter cheers Marcus
  11. Hi everyone I'm wanting to buy a 4age or sr20 with box and loom for a conversion in my ke55 I'm not too concerned with the condition of the engine as long as its not blown up as i wanted too give it a freshen up before i put it in just for piece of mind anyway I'm in northern tasmania and am more than happy to pay postage or whatever but really want it all as 1 not buying bits and pieces from everywhere please contact me here via pm if you can help cheers marcus
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