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  1. KE55 Build Thread

    Planning some work on my KE55, time for a build thread. Here goes: I bought this stock as a rock KE55 a few months ago, and have been pouring time into learning how everything works and repairing whatever issues spring up. So far, I've changed the stock carby to a 32/32 weber off a fiat 500 (or similar), given it a thorough tuneup, done a couple of suspension bushings, etc. and changed the clutch after it exploded when I was interstate. It's developed a decent misfire, and I've diagnosed this as a piston ring issue. The motor also has just on 200k kms on it. I figure if I'm going to take the motor out to fix it, I may as well change it for a 5k! I picked up a 5k (not sure what vehicle it was from) that has had a full rebuild and never been run: cylinders have been honed, oversized pistons, all new bearings, head tested and cleaned up, new double row timing chain and a clive cams 265 duration cam grind. It didn't come with anything attached, so dizzy, manifolds, carby, alternator, fuel pump, flywheel clutch, oil filter, engine plate, etc. are all going to come off the old motor. It's also missing the pushrods, so I am planning on getting these this week and putting the motor back together with a new head gasket, doing the welch plugs, gaskets and seals, and generally getting it ready for the other motor to come out so the old parts can be transplanted. This is my first time doing anything this involved, so there has been a lot of reading the yellow book, gregory's manual and the how to build a tough 4k thread. All things going to plan I will find a hoist to borrow and try and drop the new motor in in the next fortnight. I think I'll need to take it to an exhaust shop and get a full exhaust (including extractors), before the swap, since the cammed 5k in unlikely to run too well on the stock exhaust. Here are some photos of the engine bay as is, and the 5k parts: I'll update as it comes along, and will probably need advice on this or that! Thanks for reading Jasper
  2. 5K Head Identification

    Interesting discussion Banjo... For what it's worth I am currently rebuilding a 5K of unknown origin with a head number 18... Nothing on the WIKI about this one either, but it has deep dished pistons (with the kidney shaped dishing). It has lugs under plugs 1 and 4, and is also missing the outlet from the rear block off plate.
  3. Ke55 clutch problem

    It was actually pretty easy with an assistant--once the clutch was aligned I put some molly grease on the gearbox spline and just lay under the gearbox, lifted it onto my stomach as Banjo suggested, and lined up the bellhousing with the motor. I had a friend lift the extension housing up and sort of steer the box into place while I lined it up. A bit of wiggling around and it went in pretty easy, then I just held it from underneath while he put the bolts in. Had to jack it up by the extension housing the get the crossmember back on, so the weight wasn't hanging off the motor too much. It'd be harder with another gearbox, but honestly you can lift this one above your head without too much strain! Jasper
  4. Ke55 clutch problem

    Thanks a lot Banjo, just got in late last night! Safe drive in the end, avoided too many gear changes. Now to procrastinate pulling it all apart again... Hope you had a nice Christmas Jasper
  5. Ke55 clutch problem

    Thanks Si, I ended up putting a couple of hose clamps between on the cable at the firewall, since it had stretched out so much. All sorted then! Thanks everyone
  6. Ke55 clutch problem

    Is there maybe another way to adjust the cable? It just feels like the pedal hits the floor before the clutch release arm moves far enough forward... It seems like cables should have an adjusting nut at the trans end,but mine doesn't!
  7. Ke55 clutch problem

    Got the gearbox on, everything else went back together no trouble! The issue now is that the clutch doesn't want to disengage... The pedal goes to the floor without any friction point, though looking into the gap in the dust boot, the release arm is pushing the pressure plate. I adjusted the pedal height and free play as the Gregorys suggests, but it made no difference. Is it likely the clutch is installed incorrectly? Or could this be a cable issue? Thanks!
  8. Ke55 clutch problem

    You are a lot more accurate than me! Unless I needed to wiggle the gearbox another way to get it in. I guess the morning will tell!
  9. Ke55 clutch problem

    Also I think the clutch had just exploded all at once--it was in about five parts, and there were bits of spring all through the bell housing
  10. Ke55 clutch problem

    Alright: I went and got a universal alignment tool from supercheap, but it was too big for the clutch. Tried to eyeball it but I couldn't get it quite right after a couple of goes, i.e. The gearbox shafts wouldn't go in. So I think I'll have to go get a new alignment tool in the morning and try to fit the clutch tomorrow. A little frustrating but we'll get there:) Thanks everyone for the advice
  11. Ke55 clutch problem

    Thanks for the fast response Banjo! Just quick update: transfer off, new clutch going. But I snapped one of the pressure plate to flywheel bolts... What do you guys think of driving home to melbw with the other five bolts holding the plate on, and then fixing it as soon as I'm there?
  12. Ke55 clutch problem

    Thanks a lot guys, about halfway through now and have found that the return spring from the clutch arm is missing: is it likely this is causing the clutch to not fully engage? Cheers
  13. Ke55 clutch problem

    Your confidence is contagious Graeme!
  14. Ke55 clutch problem

    Most people on the interweb at least talk about using a transmission jack, which looks a wider hydraulic jack with more supports for the box than my standard trolley has
  15. Ke55 clutch problem

    Thanks for you help guys--I don;t think there is any chance of me borrowing a trans jack before tomorrow, but Jeremy's comments have me a bit worried... Have others had experience changing a clutch on ramps with a couple of guys and/or a trolley jack to support the gearbox? Thinking of a flat piece of plywood or similar on top of the jack? Thanks for putting up with me, total newbie!