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  1. peterd

    12V Dashboard Clock - Ke30

    Thanks. I'll have a play but I don't want to wreck it. Someone probably wants it as is anyway. Some parts for these cars are getting pretty hard to find. My ke35 is the late one where the clock is different from this. It works but keeps crap time. One day, I'll put 21st century workings behind the face.
  2. peterd

    12V Dashboard Clock - Ke30

    I have one of these which I don't need but I don't think it's working. When I put 12v to it, the light works but the clock doesn't move. Is there an easy fix for these clocks? (it's the same clock as in Banjo's pic, early ke30)
  3. peterd

    Vacuum advance

    I had a play and it's definatley not working so I swapped it with a ratty one from another distributor I have. Also doesn't work. I've been giving the engine a birthday to try and get rid of the vacuum leaks. It seems to be never ending. Redid the manifold gasket, big improvement. Replaced the vacuum hoses, huge improvement. Almost there but still not happy which is why I was looking at the vacuum advance. Is it possible to buy a new vacuum advance without buying a new distributor, or can they be repaired? Thanks
  4. peterd

    Vacuum advance

    Thanks. I'll have a play with it tonight.
  5. peterd

    Vacuum advance

    Just wondering if sucking on the vacuum advance hose would be enough to test the diaphragm or if I need a vacuum pump? (4k distributor) I'm not getting any movement. Thanks.
  6. peterd

    KE55 Dashmat

    The ke30 and ke35 has two different dashes. The late ones might have the ke55 dash. I received the wrong one originally which they were happy to swap. You can buy them direct from Protectomat in Perth too.
  7. peterd

    Heater hose

    I think Mackay Hoses makes the correct ones.
  8. I just saw an ad for the rare as hens teeth left side ke35 mirror, complete with the rubber gasket on gumtree. Maybe someone is interested. It took me a year to find one of these.
  9. Or Rakuten. Heaps of Japanese shops sell online here.
  10. peterd

    Carburetor jetting

    With regards to running lean, I think you can do that with any carby if it's not adjusted right. It sounds like you need to do the basic tuneup from the start, as per factory specs. I'm guessing that your timing is out. My jets are resized so I can give you a bit of advise on that one. I'm running a 4k block, 5k head with extractors. The compression is very high. It's a 3 speed trimatic auto box so not known for being too responsive with a 4k. I have a standard Aisan carby. With the standard jets, it's foot to the floor all the time, and a bit sluggish. With the jets resized (one size up from memory but maybe a bit more) my foot is hardly touching the accelerator, and the off the mark acceleration is excellent. Once I get to about 80kmh, it takes a while to get to 100kmh though. The fuel economy is crap. For the auto, I was advised against bike carbs/weber etc. If you've got a manual box, I'm not sure how rejetting would compare to swapping the carby for a weber or bike carbs though.
  11. peterd

    What Coolant

    My brother in law has worked for a radiator company for 20 years. His advice for coolant was don't use cheap stuff and never mix different ones, even within the same brand.
  12. peterd

    Nasty exhaust discharge

    Mine does the same. I Googled it last year and it seemed pretty common with old cars. The consensus seemed to be not to worry about. The large puddle of ATF that mine left on the garage floor when I got home the other day concerns me more.
  13. peterd


    I wondered that too. No log books. It's actually changed to 9000km max per year. The policy is SGIO classic car insurance. (WA company)
  14. peterd


    That sounds like a good outcome. Last year Shannons auctioned a ke35 for $6100. I told my insurance co about this and they were happy to raise my agreed value from $3500 to $6000 based on this, for an extra $25 per year. It seems that's auctions might be the basis for how they work out the value of old cars.