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  1. Just had the repairs authorised. Total value is 4800. Ive just ordered parts from Flos in Ireland on behalf of the smash repairer, had to buy the kouki lights as thats all you can get. Car will have a different look in future I guess. Kit comes with kouki headlights, parkers, grill, decal, and bumper lights. They will repair the bar and its mount. Any remaining Zenki bits will go on the shelf for a rainy day.
  2. Crazy week in 2az86 land. Was working on the ra65 that I used to own, helping do the wheel bearings, and Wifey was shooting off to get a late lunch for us, but managed to back rather hard into the front of the AE86. I will forever have nightmares about that sound, but yeah, the end result is a smashed left headlight, parker, the freshly painted bonnet is dented and re kinked, and the left bumper mount and bumper is distorted, one smashed driving light, and the most annoying part, the rad support was pushed back a bit, and theres a little ripple and the right upper fender rail has moved over a bit as it was pulled. Long story short its gonna have to be realigned at the front, zenki parts are unavailable, so it will get a Kouki front and likely just repair the bar that's on it now cause you simply cannot buy a bar for these new any more. Cant get a left bumper mount so that's annoying too. No mechanical part was compromised, so it runs and drives. Wifey feels terrible, but luckily she's insured and so am I. Its going back to the same body shop that was just working on it, Northside Smash Repairs, and I've been named customer of the month, sarcastically. Not sure exactly how long its going to take to get it all sorted, the parts come from Ireland, and will take a few weeks, the car is at home waiting. Onwards and upwards. Oh forgot to say, the day before this madness I picked up a bride rail from a guy at Fernvale, and I ended up cutting it up and remaking it in a couple of hours to suit my sr recaro. Lowered the seat a lot, made more leg room, got more adjustment and kept in inboard a touch for safety. Barely drove it twice like that and wifey did her thing so I'm yet to fully test, but I think its a lot nicer, however you feel more through the floor of the car, as far as suspension goes.
  3. Drove the car up to Maryborough over the weekend. It went perfect. Did some longer range highway economy numbers. 14.33klm/litre over 471ks (6.97 litres per 100klm). Consumed 32 litres. Very happy and on par with some earlier tests. Gives me a range of 645klm between fills on highway driving. Around town I got 9.6klm/litre from the last tank. Had a party with some mates on the Saturday night, stayed in his apartment, which is an old shop front in the main street, converted into a loft type dwelling. Its awesome. Such a big open space, awesome old brick walls, and hardwood floors, the things decorated in the brutalism style, which is his old mans taste, but works really well there.
  4. He asked and apparently they ran ac on the track cause it was so hot drifting and racing in summer over there that they just gave up the 5 hp to have it.
  5. I believe Jamie is the second owner since tec arts sold it locally in Japan. The Japanese owner before him had held on to it, and maintained it pretty well, until ultimately auctioning it during a slow week at the Japan auctions. Jamie got a good deal on it, got it here, and noticed some things about the car, started researching and ended up finding out it was a parts research car for tec arts. Apparently used to test things that would ultimately be produced or go onto Tsuchiyas car, or the Purple tech arts car that everyone knows. Hes actually been able to find out a lot from tec arts, and corresponds with them about what is and isn't original to the car, and is kind of putting it back to original, restoring and cleaning and detailing and just making it what it is, a pretty cool and historic AE86 with a really well researched setup. Its got a straight cut T50, 4.6LSD, Takao Special 7ag, which is not the 7ag we know in Australia, but one of their 1.6 litre NA build recipes with 20v itbs, ae92 engine, and their own cam spec and headwork. Makes about 195 HP, revs to 11200 or something retarded like that. Jamie took me around in it after the show and warmed it up and just dumped it to kind of demo the response, and it just rocketed like no 4age I've ever experienced. Chatted for a while and we ended up taking each others car for a ride around the lot. So much unique stuff, like hand fabricated aluminium tig welded front bar mounts, carbon roof, concealed bracing inside the car. Its got electric mirrors, all the skirts and air conditioning, most of the interior, and weighs well under 900 kgs, so its almost 200 kgs under what a GT APEX edition should weigh. High rise exhaust manifold, lexan rear window, glass guards, bonnet and hatch. Has a really cool manually adjustable rev limit so you can decide not to pull 11200 if you get excited. Surprisingly it had a smooth cold idle, that became lumpier as it got warmer. Its tidy overall, and you cant really tell at first glance what the roof and guards are made of, it still looks like a pretty legit original Panda as much as it can.
  6. Went to the United Show at yatala drive in. Won a raffle with a ticket I found on the ground. Drove this former Tech arts AE86,just around the drive in, so my years made. Great car with a great owner and a great story about how he came to get it, and later discover the history of it.
  7. Its hard to say, unless your 17. Perhaps, as the times have changed, the car culture isn't what it once was, what with anti hoon laws and all that bullshit. One things for sure, the 17 year olds aren't buying 700 dollar regoed manual ae71s any more like we were 10 years ago. They are buying whatever is 700 dollars today, and has potential to be fast. Its likely not a corolla.
  8. Pretty happy with it, didn't try to make this bonnet perfect, its a bit rough and it has a hole in it, so just asked them to beat it as straight as possible and paint it all one colour. Door looks fine, and the window reg is like on a brand new car.
  9. Excited to pick the car up today. Cant wait to see the bonnet.
  10. The Facebook thing just proves how the money drives it all. I tried to visit club-K a while ago and my membership was terminated so I left it alone... must have been too long between visits.
  11. Dug through a lot of old parts. Found a lot of bits and pieces I'm missing that the car could use. Also finally found a passenger stress handle and bought it, so my friends wont feel like they are going to die as fast. Ordered a generic 6 relay and blade fuse box, that will be mounted up near the battery and provide a tidy up of all the power feeds currently screwed to the left rear side panel. This will tidy up the interior, and also allow me to remove the stereo really easy when i want to go racing. Planning on attending a test and tune in about 9 days time, to see how the thing is performing.
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