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  1. Hows it steer under power? Vague? I've heard of drag racers setting their cars up for max acceleration handling with the back squatted down, IE, having way incorrect toe for normal cruising, but setting it so it hangs straight under full power with the front unloaded so feels better when you are on it 100 percent and has less drag from a better alignment. Have you considered anything like that?
  2. I thought the ae86 type had red writing not orange which means this came from ae82 and is not relevant to original ae86? I could be wrong but that's how I remember it. If my memory is correct these go for about $100 - $150AU here in Australia. 350 Euro is like 520AU, its probably out of our league at that price.
  3. I reckon if you paint the centres and barrels white to match the body you will have that 80s rally look that I love so much. So much progress since my last click on the thread, and so much progress in your life too with buying a house and baby on the way. I couldn't be happier for you. Have you considered fitting e30 m3 gaurds to fit the wheels? I assume thats a replicated thing in the aftermarket. Matt
  4. BC kind of annoying to talk to, non committal on answering even basic questions. Wanting to sell performance parts but give very minimal ideas about the performance seems disconnected to me. Claiming, we would put up the dyno charts but we had a hard drive die. Seems dubious to me and I lost a little confidence with them through the low quality of the interaction. Wouldn't answer a basic question like if set up ideally with ideal cr, how different would the 280/272 cams be to the 272/272 set. How much extra rpm to pull, etc. Trying to work out if I can run thew rpm required to make best use of them. Its like pulling teeth getting them to back their items with even any data. Only way I got a response to anything was actually to write him off and say, "You know what, you aren't interested in this at all, sorry for boring you, I wont darken your door again." Then i got a mildly decent answer top one question. I received the aluminium bend I wanted, its about right. I need to find someone with a 2 inch od tapered die and alloy welding facilities so I can make the trumpet slide into the tube and weld it on. Could do almost 300mm trumpets if required and have a 630mm inlet.
  5. Hey that's a great outcome. I think droop is one of the most under rated suspension concepts especially among the people in the jap scene. I love my coilovers with helper springs, quite a few situations where a wheel should have popped up I have avoided it and kept my traction, and my old short as possible coilovers would top out sometimes on a ramped up bump like a railway level crossing or a surface change, and that's never happened with this car. I saw a beautiful girl rolling in a super low ke70 at the fruit shop the other day. It was a ke70 on its nuts on ssr meshies, assumed boyfriends car. I happened to see the car later on as I was cruising home and it shook and pitched like a banshee just doing 50klms an hour on pretty decent streets for qld. Time for a parachute?
  6. Shed is way better!
  7. Thing is sick and that new rolla totally lost the duel.
  8. So moving on. My headlights now point in the appropriate direction. Thought all my adjusters were bung. Pulled em off, lubed em, and then noticed that someone had would them all the way off the adjusting threads. Once I wound 2 of them back on, and I replaced the one stripped adjuster, I was able to get things correct. Makes such a difference, they were kinda high and left before. Ill fit the headlight rewire kit I purchased a few weeks back soon, and then I might have decent headlights once and for all. I also have some hellas to go on if required, and I do like the look of the rally spots. Will be replacing front rotors, pads, and re greasing bearings soonish. Have had them sitting on the shelf for a while, the plan was always to see what a fresh set of Celica brakes was like before doing an upgrade. Been emailing BC about the possibility of some cams, springs and mild headwork while I'm installing the pistons to get the most out of it. You can retain vvti with even the stage 3 280/272 cams. Blew a shit tonne of dust out of the drums, they definitely do their job turning gasoline into heat and dust quite effectively. Must be some hella dusty shoes. Added another 8mm to the inlet length, and seems better again. Seems like longer is best with this motor. I've also ordered an aluminium bend so that I might be able to design some curved trumpets to fit inside my space for an airbox and give me an inlet length another 50mm longer again.
  9. Hey that's a nice car. Swaybars are the worst thing you can add to an E chassis rwd car, unless you want to understeer, then snap oversteer and crash. That wombat did you a big favour and even got involved tuning your car. Wombats rule.
  10. Will look amazing when its all one colour. We just dont have any mark 1 golfs around here in Australia. Probably under 100 of them still on the road and never to be found at junkyards.
  11. All I really mean is, a sale is a lot easier if the rego is easy to get. Theres a reason dealers dont put a car on the lot until they are properly detailed and roadworthied, it makes the sale a lot easier. Youre offering a fairly finished proposition and that is a lot of work, Id hate to see you do a great job painting it and then struggle to sell it without rwc. Again, all the best. Ill stay tuned for you other build.
  12. I get the same thing, except in kitchens. They say, I need a new rangehood, reading between the lines, you never cleaned it, it eventually died, now its been sitting there inactive for a decade accumulating grease and trapping vermin into an oily paste above your dinner, and now Im the guy who gets to clean it for you while installing a 150 dollar junk rangehood that its clear you will never clean.
  13. I really like it, but I think it might be a big ask without rwc for the asking price, but that's what negotiation is for. All the best with it. You will want to keep it once you paint it.
  14. Its this weekend. Whos in?
  15. There are a lot of news articles about the backlash.