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  1. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Had a great Sunday morning at the 7 of Clubs all Japanese Classic show and Shine event. Unlike last year the AE86 was well represented, with stock ADM, Stock JDM, ADM to JDM, UK Spec and modified versions, mine with the 2az and another with a rotary. Notches and hatches, Levins and Truenos. The black ae86 called Loco86, owned by a bloke called Mitch, won the peoples choice (I voted for him too). Great dude with an immaculate adm to jdm conversion. Built by him and his dad.
  2. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    I dont see where right now, its about where I expected it. I can still tidy up the tune and then go to closed loop fuel control, that will trim it as lean as possible. Off to All Japanese Classic Show and Shine at Earnshaw Road, Banyo today. Swamp garage Steven is on the way to convoy over.
  3. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    I just conducted some real world economy tests. Around town, driving like on a dyno to get logs, I achieved 10.25km per litre (9.75 litres per 100 km). The previous average was 9.25 km/litre (10.8 l per 100km). Highway. Previous best was 12.25 klm/litre (8.16 litres per 100klm). I just tested it and got 14.1 km per litre (7 litres per 100klm). 10.8 percent better around town. 15.1 percent better on highway. Finally getting the economy I expected to from this car. Its comparing favourably with the Camry the engine comes from, it gets about 14l per 100 in town, and about 7.5 litres per 100 highway.
  4. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Had another thought, I know I set the fuel pressure high enough when I got the car running, I wonder if the retarded cunt that dynoed the car and didnt even change any timing, Gary Coombes, who left it really over advanced, might have knocked back the fuel pressure when the car was in his hands? I cant imagine a reg adjusting itself down.
  5. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Thanks Graeme, Im pretty excited to hit the highway and see what it will do.
  6. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    I do once ive found a happy place with the tune, I switch it over to closed loop, and it goes fine, but I hadnt really tested the difference in economy if any.
  7. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    No I meant KPA. I need minimum 50 psi at idle. I had 43. I'm running about 55 now constant with no vac reference except the atmosphere. Manual says 50 -57psi from memory. I thought I had it right. I just hadn't checked it since I set it up originally. Don't know if I had a poor setting from the outset, if I just set it low and got my kpa conversion wrong the first time around. Or possibly the reg doesn't work that well its just the usual cheap Tomei one that cost about 70 bucks. Nothing special. Ill have to keep an eye on it. If I do decide to use the vac reference, its no big deal to setup, tuning that out is just gonna be the first couple of rows in the map. Probably fluffing up the fuel a bit considering it will effectively drop the fuel pressure a bit at light load. Economy seems to be good too, maybe best ever. Half tank 230ks, thrashing it around the place trying to get logs to tune from. Used to get about 180 from half a tank in the city and that worked out to 9.25klm per litre. I could do 12 klm/litre on the highway. If I make the most basic of calculations and scale up the economy in tune with the 230 ks half tank, its a factor of 1.27, so is it possible its doing 11.75ks/litre around town now just on this change?
  8. LittleRedSpirit

    Engine and electric issues.

    What usually happens after an aggro dose of carby cleaner is the engine runs faster, and then you realise it needed a clean many times over the years and people just kept opening up the idle screw to keep it alive. Especially with autos, where a stall is particularly annoying. Just reset it all to factory specs once done. Check base ignition timing, the motor might be out, and you might have a weak idle as a result also.
  9. LittleRedSpirit

    What Makes You Happy Thread

    At a certain point, you realise you have an aftermarket ecu, so why not tune like a madman and make sure you are fully utilising everything properly before worrying about spending all kinds of money on things like cams or turbos.
  10. LittleRedSpirit

    What Makes You Happy Thread

    Breakthroughs that yield to more power! I noticed the fuel pressure on 2az86 was low. Adjusted it up 20 percent, atomises way better, car sounds and drives totally differently. Had to adjust the fuel down only 9 percent at top end not 20 percent like the pressure variation should dictate. Its swallowing more of it! It used to go spastic at the top end, but now it goes spastic everywhere. Such a simple thing... Taller gears feel amazing, its like the motor got bigger the way the car feels.
  11. LittleRedSpirit

    Engine and electric issues.

    I had a KE with such a worn ignition once that I never did find the way to turn the key all the way off. I could turn it to accessory and didn't need to do the push and turn to switch back to off position to remove the key, so I just thought that's how it worked. lol. I did at one point work it out and then my battery stopped flattening itself. Give us more info. Which chassis and engine for a start, and were these problems present on the old engine and carb, did you rebuild the carb? Is it a known working unit? I always use lots of carby cleaner just to blast the crap out, and rev it up with the carb inlet half obscured to create a strong venturi effect and suck the shit out of the jets. Try the fuel filter, they are cheap to swap out, and go from there. You will need to make sure the fuel pump can move the fuel, that the filter lets it flow, and that the car didn't sit for long enough for the fuel to become stale. A car will idle poorly on old fuel, if at all.
  12. LittleRedSpirit

    Gearbox modification

    I had a look at the 5th ratios. I have the w57 .861, you have w56 .85, so slightly taller than mine already, the w58 is of course tallest at .783. In my drive-line with 3.58:1 final drive and 6700rpm available, I was only able to calculate a 70 rpm drop at 100klm/hr. While this would be good, 70 rpm isn't a whole lot of difference for the money spent on this exercise, which is why I asked about the engine, as there might be a more suitable box available.
  13. LittleRedSpirit

    Mystery squeak

    Throwout bearing.
  14. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Been chasing more consistency from one day to the next. I realised my fuel pressure reg was capped so it didnt even have an atmo reference, so I would have had slight variances in fuel pressure day to day. I also rechecked the setting, I noticed while running it was only 25kpa. I reset to the minimum 31kpa, and oh my gosh what a difference it makes. Its like a new engine. I think I was getting poor atomisation from the 12 hole injector nozzle. So much more torque now, and rather than just pull really hard for the top 1500 rpm, it seems to have filled in whatever was missing below that in the midrange. Its so much better I'm tempted to throw it on the dyno and see, or go to the drags and check the time it will do. Took a lot of retuning, and the fuel map looks a bit different in overall shape. Took out between 8 and 18 percent, and I've been adding some here and there as well. I also took the time to sync the inlet and adjust idle as best as possible. Ive got a new cable routing that makes the throttle cable return a bit better. I also worked over the timing map and smoothed it right out, just trying to get the smoothest feeling as the tune moves around the table.
  15. LittleRedSpirit

    What Makes You Happy Thread