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  1. Is your crank pulley tight?
  2. Great read, ah bugger, shame it turned out with an acco, hope the neck isnt too sore.
  3. Not much to report. During the dyno session played with fuel pressure so just chasing economy again trimming up the map. We did some experiments with vvti, found some setting that hopefully is more optimal. Been restoring some old bmw BBS Mahle 14x7 +11 factory upgrade wheels. Got em looking quite good now. Might have to strip and resto my ssr fins soon. I think Ill leave the outersalone but I would like to paint the centres up in the silver. I used fergen silber 144 from glasurits bmw range. Apparently its what a lot of vintage bbs wheels were painted late 70s early 80s. Before Restore: After stripping and etch priming with ppg/protec etch primer. After surfacer and mettallic top coat. Tryna buy land and build a house: Weighing up the best high flowing toyota inlet manifold, looking at 2zzge or beams. Looking to adapt to 2azfe. This is beams intake flange pattern, its closer to the 2azfe than the 2zzge but I need a manifold to have a play with to see if its really worth adapting. I have always seen 2az as a poor mans beams conversion, however this power comparison might make it seem more exotic. Its a 184 hp beams dyno against my 180hp 2azfe dyno. The Beams only beats the 2azfe by 4hp right up top. Admittedly this is my hub dyno vs a wheels dyno, however my 180hp was with filters on! Thats gotta drain 5kw.
  4. I have heard that if you have the epc on disc, you can unpack the data and count the unique vin numbers in the files of any particular model.
  5. I dont even think Toyota Australia knows.
  6. Ok its been too long between updates. Had some lovely long drives in this car. It drives better in traffic than ever before with the heavier clutch and flywheel combo. Initial torque is so high its a pain to drive without the heavy weight flywheel to dampen the initial touch of the throttle and stop the diff from making thumping noises. Dragged off an fg xr6 yesterday easily enough to get a P plater fly by from an older guy. Hahaha. Beat him at a stoplight 2 into 1 merge that finishes at 100kph. He had to do the big overtake at the first opportunity. Lost sight of him going into second and he never entered my periphery again. Legend. Bugger all JDM car scene up here in Maryborough. There's one or two Silvias and Skylines, but nobody knows what a Sprinter is. This is where VT commodores with no fuel doors go to die. Going to put the car on a hub dyno tomorrow and see how its running. There's a place in Harvey bay with a really good google feedback rating, and they are Adaptronic dealers as well. Just going to do a power test and check afrs on the big wideband setup at this stage and see what's up with it. Did fresh plugs, and filters before the dyno. Experimenting with 1.2mm plug gaps up from 1.1mm. I'm thinking Id like to make a couple of different maps and run them all in sequence as an experiment. Visited the wreckers up here and ended up buying some old BMW BBS MAHLE factory option wheels to restore. From what I can tell they came out in 1975 and are the upgraded factory option wheel for 5,6,and 7 series cars. Basically look like SSR mesh except in a one piece forged type. I'm just gonna strip em back and paint them in a light grey or silver finish. They seem really true and have minimal rash or damage at all. The more I look into it, wheel companies just bit each other. Every car scene has its own names for different styles of wheels. In bmw terms, fins are called alpinas, meshies are called bbs, and it goes on and on. I guess there's only so many styles of wheel in the world. Anika is loving the place, she's having heaps of fun at Kindy and she's got amazing people skills for a child under 3. She fearlessly introduces herself to anyone anywhere any-time. Haven't found work up here yet. Did a couple of weeks contracting to a mate down in Brisbane, but the only really nice thing about being away is coming home and when your daughter is really excited to see you get home. My Gerni finally blew up. Had that thing for years, so I bought another one and its smaller and higher pressure rated. Been using my free time to clean shit up. Pressure washed and detailed the work ute. Took heaps of junk and old furniture and boxes to the dump. Took the ae86 to car lovers type car wash and gave it a good sudsing. Had so much rain here last few weeks I got the AE86 bogged in my lawn just trying to back out to the road from the back yard.
  7. Oh the newbs today. Thats GL front with the big corner light, and its different gaurds to how the quad light setup originally came. It was on the adm style flat front, not the pano style. Problem you all have is we modified these cars so much, you have to refer to brochures to find out the new spec of each model. Relying on pics of modified projects for reference is not accurate.
  8. My little laptop died so I bought a newish aspire 3 on gumtree. It logs in so much higher resolution, it never misses anything. Sometimes I would take a long drive in the car with the netbook logging, then pull up and review, and the data would be missing chunks, especially under hard acceleration where you want to log. This laptop doesnt miss anything. Due to this I was able to sharpen up the tune like never before, drop the resolution, and having stable fuel pressure Its solid day to day. Stoked. Made some adjustments to the vvti mapping, smoothed and reduced the vvti as it transitions to on. At this point Ive experimented with it starting up between 6 and 40 percent tps, and coming in hard, coming in steady. Ive tried it all. I had it really snappy off the bottom so the last round of adjustment was aimed at both making the transition of torque more steady on first touch, so its more pleasurable to drive in daily conditions, while also looking for better pickup if you jump on the throttle and get to high tps at a lower rpm. Its really grunty there, just getting it crisp and more linear with throttle top to bottom.
  9. Its all back together and running now. New clutch is great. A little heavier but still quite nice. New brake booster has fixed the wierd pedal feel. Just feels like a normal brake pedal now. New thinner wire throttle cable has the desired effect and returns to zero effortlessly. I have 5 oil pickups now and a Jig to make new ones from. Ive got 5 bellhousings, forks, slave cylinders and a lot of whats needed. Was working on a mounts program but that didnt pan out as intended so it was stopped. Next will need to be an inlet manifold program, so that will solve another of the hurdles. I have now got an orderable part number I can get to spec for the clutcdh and flywheel setup, and it corrects the need to space the starter, it just bolts right up to the bellhousing now. She goes like stink! I took a drive over the hill to Samford yesterday for a shake down. Went perfect. its great putting a car back together when its already tuned, as it just works! Managed to secure another MX13 Diff and tailshaft! Spares! Timely too as my back left drum has issues.
  10. Hey is it not funny that before we can all agree with the right pathway on policy to "control" the climate, they already know how much money its going to cost. Mark my words, this whole climate emrgency, and all the shady language around it is simply because some evil bastard said to some other evil bastards, hey guys, I bet with just the right marketing campaign we can make the sheep even pay us for the air they breath.
  11. Hey this isnt facebook, all the info is usually here but youneed to search for it.
  12. Does it still have the mechanical fuel pump, might be getting weak.
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