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  1. LittleRedSpirit

    Ra65 St Coupe

    Sadly, since I didn't want to molest the old girl, I have sold her. A good bud of mine has her now so I can still catch a ride in her sometimes.
  2. LittleRedSpirit

    SA63 wrecking - Brisbane

    Hello, Wrecking out a rusty sa63 Celica. Its got a 4sfe engine with really healthy compression. RA60 style front end. Interior Pretty mangled but some bits ok. Body good for cuts. Sold parts include: Gearbox, Taillights, indicators, rear bumper, armrests. Brisbane Northside. 0416 193 936
  3. LittleRedSpirit

    What to do?

    Hi Simon, For me the question will be resolved by assessing your skill, and deciding which is more suited. Remember just because you build the car with a 20v today from standard parts doesn't mean that you cant swap it out and fit a Beams later. Reading between the lines, and not being too comfortable yourself swinging spanners, Id say buy a ke70 that already has a 20v conversion installed. Then just fiddle with that while you build your comfort and experience with the older cars. Then when you want more ponies, you can drop out the 4a and fit the 3sge engine. There are mount kits available so If you can get a handle on wiring its not too hard to convert to a beams engine later on, especially if you already have a good efi fuel system installed. The cost to have a specialist complete the work would be extreme. Id say steer clear of paying anyone to do the conversion, just buy it done. Modified cars go for great prices. Then just get to tinkering and tidying that up.
  4. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Lets do it!
  5. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Been reading up on the brake pedal adjustment. I bought some genuine Toyota body and electrical manuals. So stoked, its got everything broken down. I felt that my brake pedal was inconsistent ever since I got the car going. 99 percent of the time it was great, but sometimes on a cold start it would seem icy and hard, like the boost hadn't helped the first touch. I always suspected that the booster might have been odd, or that raising the pedal to deal with excessive rotor run-out had yielded a poor base position adjustment. What was difficult to deal with was that once you put extra pressure into overcoming the hard start, the boost would kick in as it started to move and then there would a be a boosted pedal with enough force to overcome a non boosted pedal all of a sudden, so you had to kinda know what to do or it might mean you stop rather fast. After reading the manual it was very specific for pedal height, and yes, I was about 10mm too high with where I had it, with a bit much freeplay. I reduced travel and freeplay and it seems to be a lighter, smoother pedal that is boosted from the first touch of it. Stoked! Now I just need to get used to it as I got quite used to the poor pedal feel. The booster passed all the tests the manual described, so probably was just too high a setup. Road tuning continues, biggest difference of late was the car didn't want to idle along properly so I reset the 0 tps maps, now its got better afrs and drives properly in carparks on and off the throttle. Hatch rebuild continues, I have now stripped and painted the hinges, and wiper. I have detailed the window rubber, clasp and everything else that bolts to the hatch, including the rubber bits that were soiled with overspray. I checked the new rear window over, its worse shape that whats on the car, as its got a few of those glass corrosion areas busting out on the inside. Despite the cool jdm DOT sticker, I will have to bin it and use the scratched but not corroded glass I have.
  6. Brisbane, putting a metal hatch with wiper on the car soon, looking for a set of switches to control it all. Matt 0416 193 936
  7. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Sub woofer installed. I went past Bursons for some seam sealer I could use on the hatch. While there I took a peek in Autobarn and had a look over the sale table. I noticed they had a 10 inch kicker sub in a compact box, ex demo, just like the JVC Amplifier I bought. It was half price but after chatting a minute the guy said take it away today for a hundred bucks. How could I say no. I made some brackets to mount it in front of the battery box and now I have a well balanced audio system. Sounds great! I really must add a bit more dynamat and maximise how it sounds. Have now seam sealed the hatch, and I have also flatted it over three times and have also prepped the under side. Ill smash it over with primer filler one more time then Ill send it for paint. I have over a litre of nardo grey left, in good shape. Tempted to have my bumpers painted better, but I kinda like how I dont have to worry about them. I also needed to restore the rear wiper for the hatch, so I stripped, rust killed and refinished it, and for good measure I did a better job of the front wipers at the same time. Wipers look much neater, and my rally wiper system where the washer rides on the wiper arm is tuned and aimed better. I also bought and fitted a replacement wiper blade for the rear to match the fronts. Thinking about doing a wheel restoration on the car next, I could imagine these wheels with white or nardo grey centres. Who can lend me some temporary wheels?
  8. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Hatch coming along. Been using ppg 1k acrylic primer filler. Its a great product. Amp is great but I need a sub.
  9. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Finally put an amp in today. Its so much better.
  10. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

  11. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Went to first car show with Brendan. What a great way to spend the morning and see a lot of jap muscle.
  12. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Been welding up rust in the new hatch. Not too bad overall. Ive gotten better at panel gab and welding.
  13. LittleRedSpirit

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Detailed the engine bay yesterday. That magnesium alloy top cover is extremely hard to polish, OMG. It takes a lot of effort. Will do interior today. My hatch arrived, pretty rough old thing but only 2 spots of rust in easily workable places. Came with wiper, washer nozzle, hinges, clasp and glass. I will strip it and do the rust repairs and prep and then its off to my friend Callum to be sprayed.
  14. LittleRedSpirit

    Ke55-S Xx Coupe

    I'm not one for queuing so how about 0645 at the 7/11? Should be fun. Pretty keen to see some other corollas and celicas there too. I might have to put my polished top cover on. haha.
  15. LittleRedSpirit

    Ke55-S Xx Coupe

    OK fuck golf Im in! Leaving at 7am does that mean we are exhibiting? I've always kinda wanted to enter the ae86 and see the reactions.