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  1. Takumi Tax Rates set to increase.

    It might fetch a grand if someones desperate for a few bits. What a POS.
  2. 9k for this rusty adm shitter. "Minor rust" bahahahahahaha.
  3. All Asian Day at Lakeside.

    Thats impressive considering it was closed for some time.
  4. Event Details... Event : All Asian Day [QLD] Venue : All Asian Day [QLD] Lakeside Park, Lakeside Road, Kurwongbah Event Date : 26-11-2017 Time : 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM Type : Queensland Description : All Asian Day 2017 Lakeside Park, Lakeside Road, Kurwongbah 26 November, 2017 (9:30 AM - 4:00 PM) The All Asian Day at Lakeside Park is open to all Asian built vehicles. The day includes cruising throughout the day, Show n' Shine, track challenge and kids entertainment! If you have an Asian beauty bring it along for a great family day out at Lakeside Park! Its also our last cruising event for 2017, so don't miss the opportunity to hit the track. For more info visit
  5. Trds Rally Car

    Just out of curiosity, did the high rpm miss ever go away?
  6. If youre desperate and cant do the cooling flush maybe you can get the windscreen wiper nozzle from the passenger side and make it into a radiator water spray like intercoolers have.
  7. Firstly see if the thermostat is working, so take it to the local cafe and ask if you can put a pot on the stove to test if it opens. They should have a thermometer for you to use to see what temperature this happens at. What kind of cooling fan do you have? The old clutch fans are inefficient and they cost many HP, up to 1/5 of your power can be eroded. so a thermofan would definitely help if you dont have one. You can just wire it up to a switch, so that it is easy to use when it gets hot you can boost it up. If you're out on the road and need a quick fix overnight, Id look at adding some muckowt descaler for the next hundred ks of driving, that will descale the cooling system, and then dump the water from the block, do the mandatory unblocking of the block drain and let or pick all the crud out, same for the radiator, maybe even physically remove it and invert it with running water. Then just put it back together and run it with a garden hose in the top of the radiator and the hot hose disconnected for ages letting the aged coolant, muckowt and scale be flushed out. Then put it back together and bleed it up.
  8. The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Just installed a kouki cluster to this. Bit of a pain but I seem to have worked out a working combo of all the bits I had.

    Buy these then: 13x9 -24 4x114.3 pair bout 1500 plus freight
  10. Ke70 4age vs 3sge (Beams)

    If you had an ae71 manual car to take bits from and you use the electronics and vee belt system from the 4ac on the 4age you can do the conversion in a weekend, then you just have to jet and tune it, and have an exhaust fitted, which can be done if you have the patience to read a manual and ask the right questions, there's even a document called the 4age bible that gives a comprehensive guide to all things 4age performance.
  11. Corolla KE70 D-Spec Project

    hahah cool stunt.
  12. Ke70 4age vs 3sge (Beams)

    It can be done in a couple of days by a skilled operator.
  13. Ebgine run on caused by advanced timing?

    I actually typed decriminalised water vapour. lols.
  14. Ebgine run on caused by advanced timing?

    Its an old trick an experienced mechanic has taught me. He used to buy cars off off the old ladies n gents at the nursing home in his suburb and do this, service fix any issues and resell them running properly for a few extra quid when he was younger. Just read about any water injection system pro and cons and they will always talk about how it keeps the ports and chambers far cleaner, near perfect. I've heard of people doing it to an old motor pre pull down to make the cleanup and disassembly of gunky rings easier. It seems counter intuitive to say the problem of dieseling is caused by any ignition source if the key condition of dieseling on is an off ignition. Its also not sensibe to say its caused by lack of vac advance or too much vac advance, that will just run like shit. Pick a lane is it cause by more or less unicorn ignition events?
  15. Toyota Corolla AE92

    I suggest read the forums, a guy was frankensteining 4afe engines here a while back, use the search function.