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  1. A good base but for serious work duties you may end up selling the styleside and going trayback. What sortof handyman stuff are you looking at? A franchise like Hire a Hubby or starting something yourself?
  2. Is it fixed yet?
  3. Youll be back driving before you know it mate.
  4. Not to be outdone by Justins eager bub, mine arrived tonight, 8 days early and healthy as can be at 8LB 1 OZ. Its a girl!
  5. I had a fun drive Sunday arvo for a little while. I've been feeling off colour for about 3 weeks, only just starting to feel better today, so I didn't go too far from home, just up to Mt Glorious the steep way then a quick U turn and right back down. Cars handling very well, especially since the wheel alignment a few weeks back. I took the air-filters off as a test and it makes so much more power and response is improved dramatically, I guess the air can just speed up really fast. Id love to see the effect on a dyno if Novak ever books me in. I did pop off the front top windscreen trim, and sure enough, there was a little place where the two outer layers overlapped and there was a little slot that was visible, right where the water was dripping in. I had let it dry under the carport for half the week so I sealed it up with the non skinning windscreen sealer I had lying around, and smeared it in nice and deep. I had clipped the top trim in and got it all back together well, or so I thought. I guess the car did go better without filters because I gave it a squirt over the hill between Ferny Grove and Samford and the trim just flew away. Cue the earliest possible U turn, and despite the trim laying sideways across the white line I was able to get it back undamaged, and all the clips were still tucked in place, I may just need a little sealant to hold this in nicely in future. I also put the mrp bases on the trumpets. The only negative thing is the tiny probably m3 screw that hold the trumpets into the clamps is a bit short as one of them popped its thread, seeing as how once trumpets are inserted, they are not near the end of the thread and would work better if the screw was 5mm longer. Still works fine though. I got a small metric tap set over the weekend to play with fixing it in future. I have also stopped at IFS and picked up some 5/16 flare nuts, some straight and 90 degree adapters and some proper fluid nipples to attach to them. Simply to give a fluid nipple end and not just to push efi hose onto bundy pipe and clamp down. I've wanted to do it for a long time but have only just gotten around to getting the parts. I can now do the ends with either 90 degree adapters or straight on adapters depending on what will clear my eventual airbox the best. Still playing with idle control, its fine 99 percent of the time, but I had an issue where it would over correct and over shoot so settings have been adjusted. It just seems to want to be a prick on lower air pressure days compared to higher air pressure days. In the rain it was a bit of a prick last week.
  6. Booked in for the 23rd.
  7. Have a few more mods accumulating now to be completed. I have a headlight rewire harness to connect. Sick of dull headlights. At the same time I will fix the broken adjusters and get them pointed a bit lower. I have some hella 140 spotties to fit. Might make a small bar to mount them on, rally style. Also have some clamp style base-plates to fit, the throttles either need to be spot welded into the interference bases or they need to be clamped so Ill use the clamp ones from MRP. I got some tygon 10mm tubing so I can redo the brake remote reservoir system. The hydraulic hose that feeds the fluid now is sweating the most minute amount of fluid through it, and its attacking the paint on the booster, so I will pull it apart, touch it up and redo the remote reservoir with both the brake and clutch fluid connections utilised. Then I will have more air box headroom and more room for longer trumpets when I do make a box. Must have had a pinhole somewhere shrink and open up at the top of the windscreen, car had to sit out in some of this rain, and there were a few drops of water inside the top of the screen that I think were coming from the left upper side. Will have the trim off this weekend to investigate. I did a pretty good diagnosis of where it was coming from with all the wet weather we had. Fucking cars.
  8. Sick find. I love Australia. Shirtless guys in the dark with a torch working on one of a kind engineering projects in the backyard. I feel pride.
  9. Took an excellent cruise to towards Cunninghams gap, and turned off and visited the governors chair lookout. Didn't expect a 15klm mountain pass on rocky dirt 4wd tracks but it was nothing the 2az ae86 couldn't handle. Met some cool people up there, chatted to a guy called Kyle for over an hour about cars. Right as I rocked up I was making this video to send to a mate and some guys were pretty shocked to see the little sprinter crest the mountain.
  10. Sleepers are the only way to go for a long term on the road project. SR20, 4G63, 3SGTE, F20C. I did a 2AZFE but nobody has been silly enough to copy me. Plenty of options, some easier than others, and all a lot of fun when finished. Lets face it, the K motor is 60 year old tech or more. We still love it, but there are so many options now. I personally like NA motors to drive, but they arent as sleepy when your actuallly driving it unless you go for maximium cubic ccs. Start with a rwd motor like sr20 or 3sge Beams and you have a pretty good shot at doing a quick conversion. Start with a fwd 3sgte, 2az, 4g63, etc and it gets harder, you end up making not just mounts but manifolds, and maybe finding a rwd tranny to fit is harder. I wanted to design my own inlet manifold and exhaust so I was happy enough to use a fwd motor, but mating it was an issue till I worked out the details.
  11. Yes I do and Ill get you a price soon. Matt
  12. Thanks! Im super happy for you guys. Wife is good and ready, she came 19 days early but I had to be induced so I dont know how it will go. Congratulations! If you need anything!
  13. Who ever thought that would happen? haha. I swear I blinked and 10 years had gone by.
  14. I fucking love this. Ill happily take your $5 knowing that you are the real winner though. So there was the matter of a cruise?