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  1. The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

  2. Hi, from Uruguay this is my TE27

    Wow best of luck mate!
  3. 2003 Camry wrecking Brisbane

    Hello, Im wrecking out my parts car Camry that I am taking my spare engine from. Everything is available except doors, front right hand gaurd and the engine. All lights good. Bonnet protector and headlight protectors. Still runs and drives and has cold ac. Cheap rates on parts. White colour. 2azfe 4 speed auto. Altise model. 78000klm only grey interior in good shape. Call 0416 193 936. Mitchelton, QLD.
  4. The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Started this this morning and it was slow to start and running on 3. The unplugging of coils and the lack of temp in exhaust pipe indicated cylinder 4. Pulled plug, it showed no signs of fouling, so no spark at all really! I swapped to OEM coil, fixed! It ran smoother than it has yet on the new throttles. I messed around and swapped to yellow jackets when diagnosing a miss while working out the itbs calibrations, it was just fouled plugs, not coils. There the yellows remained, but a few times lately I had not had the drive I expected under hard acceleration, knowing what I know now, I assume it had a miss under load, and eventually this degraded to a miss at idle, so I guess I can surmise that the yellow jacket product is rubbish, and put them all in the bin and save my money for oem coils if I ever need, I have a full spare set on my other motor anyhow that are perfect after 78000ks. The yellow jackets were good for 3 weeks, maybe 500ks. I already sent one set back that seemed to create a miss. Unacceptable. OEM is best for ignition parts. Car is going better than ever now at least. I did notice a substantial increase in fuel economy. From 8.9 to 9.9klm/litre around town. This I can attribute to extra efficiency getting air into the engine. This is all a little surprising considering I added fuel here and there to the map compared to before, and extra transient enrichment. I drove it rich for a bit, and have continued to trim the maps as required in the logs to optimise. Basically, that's amazing economy for the first tank running in some new itbs and tuning them. I think I need a highway economy test drive, somewhere about a 550klm round trip to see if I can get it on one tank.
  5. My KE70 Sprinter 7KE

    Hello. Very cool and in good shape too!
  6. The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Pics. No leaks! Test drove it and tested brake warning light and brake function. All good. Got it pretty well tuned fuel map wise. made some timing experiments and found it was better where i had it. Kinda stumbled into good settings from the outset.
  7. Davros' Ke10 4age Project

  8. 4AGTE 71 KE25 almost finished project

    Which adaptronic ecu has it got? C or D type? Also, this car is pretty awesome. Whats your location?
  9. The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Last night I remade the throttle rest and made it so it sits on top of the throttles and mounts on the throttle bodies themselves, so if I space them upstream i can still use the same throttle rest. I then removed the 80 plus 37mm trumpets and put on the ones I made above. I think it went better with the longer setup, so with that in mind, I will try the long trumpets on a spacer next and see how that goes. Should be an improvement hopefully.
  10. BLZBUB has another 4AGE.

    Fuel surge?
  11. Drop the 4ac for a Beams for 4agze (turbo)

    I think the soul of the ae86 is some kind of aspirated abused 4 cylinder so beams with itbs is the go for me from those choices. You can do pretty much any late model 4 cylinder with enough research. Im wondering when someone will cobble together a ford/mazda 2.5 litre duratec rolla.
  12. Ls1 into ke36 wagon diff ??

    I think you need to buy someones shortened 9 inch and put custom mounts on it.
  13. BLZBUB has another 4AGE.

    Welcome home
  14. Carb and Fuel line Question

    It may be lightly pressurised if someone has fitted an electric fuel pump, not uncommon, especially if the mech one has failed, but it would be about 5psi maximum, so its not going to be some big residual pressure, as it would be regulated to a low figure and just not retain pressure once the car is off and not pumping any more. Likely the fuel filter and rubber lines would be a great thing to replace for peace of mind. Id also suggest dropping the tank and redoing the supply, return and breather hoses, and even cleaning it out as well since it could have 41 years worth of corrosion, dirt or bad fuel inside that will be sub optimal to ingest in the carb. Maybe even give the carb a dose of carby cleaner and try to make it all as clean as possible, then make sure the idle mixture screw is in the right spot. Hopefully it runs sweet after this, or you might need to overhaul the carb. Generally when you buy an old carby vehicle, the carb has gotten choked up with deposits over the years, and it has slowly become more and more asthmatic, as the short term fix is often to just crank up idle air and keep it running at a healthy rpm where it wont stall, instead of addressing the symptoms of a dirty carb directly.
  15. Ra65 St Coupe

    Its been flawless with the new battery. I ended up putting the battery from the ae86 in while the sprinter was off the road, and then buying a new one for the ae86. Its been fine ever since. I took off the manual viscous fan as they just create so much drag on an engine, having seen the engine masters episode where they tested them back to back, and the thing has a lot more poke without it. I've been using the AC for the cooling fan when driving, which has been fine, however its cooling off and ac is a less ideal thing to run in winter so now that I have all the bits, Ill be putting its own thermofan on the car and using a Tridon thermoswitch to control it, on at 90 off at 85 C. Might even do it today.