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  1. Hi all in the Rolla club I was wanting to no what size for a single 40dcoe on 4k engine with extractors in my 82ke70 the engine in from an 83modelke70 1=main jet 2=pump jet 3=idle jet 4=venturi size Thanks
  2. Hi Rolla club just want to no what size 1=main jet 2=idle jet 3=pump jet 4=venturi size On my webber 40dcoe side drift Stock motor with extractors thanks rolla club
  3. I had the same thing in my 82ke70 it's not the lights it the clicker behind the steering wheel need a good clean
  4. So i have not been able to find emission parts did find on google image of the emission lines i have ordered a size draft webber 40mm with manifold for $800 from procarb that will get the old girl moving again sweet
  5. hi everybody I have a 1982 ke70 with aisan carburetor I m having trouble with can't seem to get the lines wright for emission and vacuum hose can anybody tell me to where I can get emission parts from or can I just use lines on vacuum do I need all parts to make it work please help this have been a problem for a long time now pls help pic would be great thanks
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