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  1. Ready for new water pump, thermostat inlet / outlet being blasted, New fan Ready
  2. Progressing Slowly, Ready to refit the intake manifold and header. Had some machining done to get the fitting better. New studs and bolts tommorow. Had the intake bead blasted as well as a few other bits and pieces inc bumper mounts, water inlet, fan pully, headlight surrounds, horns. New fan with 1 3/4 inch adapter ready. slow going but enjoying it. hope you like it so far, regards Guvna * testing manifolds before machining
  3. Jet advice for weber 32/36, anyone have one or know a bit about them? couple of pics of my new work equips regards guv
  4. I think the carby is a Weber 32/36. i have a video from the previous owner of the engine running and sounding sweet, idleing well etc. Definitely sounds like the cam is lumpier than stock. In this video the carb is placed on the opposite way with the accelerator linkage on the windscreen side, wheras when i got it it has been changed around which makes me wonder if it is the wrong way around. I suspect the previous owner had a fuel blockage develop at some point and didnt correct it, resulting in him killing the starter motor, messing with dizzy and carby and then giving up and selling it to me
  5. Thanks Banjo, great advice, really appreciate it. The engine has been running after the previous owner rebuilt / modified it etc (many unknowns) When i first got it the starter motor was cooked, so i have replaced that with new. Next i went through fuel lines and discovered the fuel pump was also shot. using advice on the rollaclub threads i also located a fuel blockage inside the tank oultet. Fuel pump replaced with new and lines now clear with good fuel pressure to the carby. even with the timing not right and carby not tuned, i can start it and keep it running ok but will not idle yet. So i feel i have spark/air and fuel, although not tuned or timed correctly it runs. Focusing on the manifolds to eliminate potential issues there and next will be to get an exhaust fitted. I think without an exhaust fitted, tuning and timing will not be 100% anyway. so its step by step at this stage thanks again, regards Gav
  6. Thanks for the welcome and advice Banjo and guvna/coln72 haha i think i have the old 2 piece manifold / gasket based on torch inspection, ordered a Permaseal EM30 one piece gasket to correct, gonna get new studs also. i think the aftermarket headers and original inlet manifold aren't friends and i will need to grind or drill the duel bolt meeting points even to accommodate the bolt to stud contact. also, is this carby on the wrong way? does it matter? ie turn 180 degree? soz for starter in pic regards Guvna
  7. need to get it to idle first, its got extractors and no exhaust atm. the inlet manifold bolts are not able to be fully tightened. the manifold and header will need to come off for realignment and or modification plus new gasket. i think the carby has been put on the wrong way around, unsure if that makes any difference? I need to work out how to get the timing right also as it has an upgraded cam as far as i know so the timing marks aren't helpful. so far ive ironed out many of the electrical connections to get all light, blinkers etc working. Also got a nice set of work equips 13 x7 and 13 x6 with good offsets which makes it look great allready, will get some pics up soon Guvna
  8. Hi, and thanks for the welcome Guv - or coln72? regards Gav
  9. Hi all, Recently bought a 1977 KE30 to play with. My first Corolla. Been reading many articles on this site and decided to join. I have many questions to ask, but will attempt to find answers in threads where possible. will post a few pics here and there, regards Guvna
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