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  1. part number didn't crossover when i checked toyodiy
  2. As per title, have a ae92 smallport that suffered a engine bay fire chasing a loom to replace this crispy one to get it mobile again
  3. On the look for a complete standard Blacktop package loom ecu manifolds/itbs should all be there cash waiting prefer local will pay shipping if it's the right price from interstate.
  4. tried that also, out of stock on amayama.
  5. yeah nah would not touch t3 with a 12 foot pole chasing legit toyota part
  6. Nah Adelaide boy I know ajps lads, no stock Toyota discontinued, they offered cut shut but I say hello no to that
  7. Right I've done my full suspension swap to AE86 in my ke70 but still have a Flo's quick rack with lock spacers sitting out of the car waiting for PS arms to finish my big lock front willing to pay postage to Adelaide, have cash waiting!!! forums don't fail me now please would happily pay 180-200 for a pair +post
  8. mate's ke70 panno has had its 4kc die, swapping a 4ac in while he builds his 4agze so half the works done when he goes to do that so looking for a adm 86 tailshaft cheers.
  9. Oh if y'all want a update its had a full suspension swap then got defected, so back to stock currently and have a full mrp built 4ag running the keihins fcr41's and msd 6AL2 programable and a such to support it, sitting on a engine stand at me pops but also bought a te74 hardtop coupe thats just been complied
  10. like he'll literally buy it tonight if he can get in contact lol
  11. @nedk got a number you can pm mates really keen on 7k
  12. chances of a 4agc for us few chosen ones that run the carb'd lyf yo?
  13. also in adelaide also keen on a grill with badge
  14. upload to imgur and hotlink image no re-sizing that way
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