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  1. Hey guys bought this Corolla for cheap due to it having a blown head gasket so this is the journey so far, cleaning it up and replacing everything on the motor. When I first got it. As you can see she was pretty rough. The plan is to do a budget street cred build. But I want it to be mechanically A1 first. Painted it in primer for the time being. This model came stock with 2 small speakers under the dash and thats it. So I thought about it and decided to run all new wires to the doors so I could run 6.5s all round. Alot of work as you can see seeing as there were no holes in the doors or body so I had to do it all my self. Ran all the wiring the the guards to keep it clean. Ran all the speaker wiring properly in the door sills aswell. Cleaned up the interior. So much better. And then it was time to pull the motor. And the motor is ready to drop back in. Just waiting on new engine mounts as I received the wrong ones.
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