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  1. Mate, you are an absolute gem. I really appreciate the levels of information that you have given me! I now know the direction to take this project in. Instead of going EFI powered, I am looking at going to for ITBS, is there any other bits of knowledge that I should know going for that setup? Also, is your inbox open for more questions down the line? Cheers mate!
  2. Hey everyone! As the title suggests, I am looking to engine swap my current 4k K40 in my ke38 with a 4age T50. I have gone back and forth with myself if I should just build a hot 4k, or go 4age, but I have come to the conclusion that only a 4age is the only solution that will make me happy with the build. That being said, I am looking to find some either ke55/ke38 4a swap builds that give, in detail, the parts required to undertake this swap (could not find any on here). Or alternately, if anyone has a big list of the things needed and recommended. Money really isn't a problem here, as I want to do this right. Thank you legends! Luca P.S. Pic of corolla with some fresh paint for size.
  3. Hiya mate, That sounds perfect for my needs, I can't seem to find any build threads for ke30 k50 conversions. Do you have any links? Cheers!
  4. Hi there, New to messing around with corolla boxes. I own a 79 ke38 with a K40 and I am looking for a box with a 5th gear. I've heard T50 boxes are the way to go, but a hydro conversion is needed. I don't plan on putting in a 4AGE or SR or anything, but some simple K power mods in which I heard that the K50 box is better for. Which box is better for my needs and what is the process of installing it? Do i need any extras? Does anything need to be shortened etc etc. Cheers, Luca
  5. I would love to do a 4age conversion as its a fuckin great engine, but my main concern is the cost. I can weld pretty decently, but a big conversion like this will be a first. Also, 4age's are super expensive and I can't seem to find a RWD one around or in anything. I might just stick to the little stock 4k for now, until it dies, and then plan something bigger like the 4age conversion : ) Thanks for your help fellas!
  6. Hi mate, sorry, should have given a bit more information! I'm located in on the Sunny Coast (Noosa) in QLD, Australia and Ill have the ability to travel anywhere along the east coast to get the perfect engine! I don't want to make a stupid amount of power, maybe around 70-80kw, just enough to do some epic skids and a nice daily car. I don't have any pictures of the body in a small file size, but these, but overall the body is pretty clean, just finishing cleaning up the rust and getting everything ready for a roady. It currently has a k40 (man, 4spd), which ill probably throw in a k50 if I choose to do some upgrades or begin to travel further. Again, I'm kinda leaning to something carbed as its easier to register, but open to ideas! Also spot on, that looks exactly like mine! Except, looks wayyyyy better! Cheers, Luca
  7. Hey everyone, For the last half year, I've been fixing up my 1979 ke38 corolla with a 4k engine. I can't help but look into the future and think about potential engine swaps, or upgrades. I'm unsure about what direction to go, as I kinda want to starting planning a swap/upgrades now. I have wanted to throw in a 4age into it, but I've heard it's incredible costly with all the fab work, and if the 4age has any issues, it's expensive to fix. I was also thinking of putting in a 3rz, but I'm pretty sure that's illegal due to the 2.7lt capacity compared to the 4k's 1.3. I also, love the working and the sound of carburetors, and leaning towards keeping something carbed. I have also been thinking of upgrading the 4k, but not sure how expensive it will get for a little return in power. Advice, ideas or suggestions in relation to a engine swap or upgrades would be appreciated! Cheers, Luca
  8. Hey everyone, I'm chasing a mint ke38 fuel sender. Mine is long gone. I can't seem to find any place on the web that sells aftermarket ones. If you knew a place that would be awesome. Cheers, Luca
  9. Hey everyone! Been lurking this forum for a while and I've decided I want to purchase a old rolla! Looking primarily at the ke series as they look the best, but if a cheap levin comes around would defiantly take it in a heartbeat. I would be happy to purchase the vehicle if it has mechanical issues, not running (will need to be movable), body damage or a mistreated interior. However, I will not buy a car if it has deep rust, chassis damage or a write off as I intend to get it onto the road. Hoping for something manual, however automatics will be considered. Located in QLD, so would preferably like to get it up here however I am willing to travel down to Sydney and Melbourne. Send me a message on here or call me on 0411426761 Cheers, Luca
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