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  1. ke70dave


    They've done quite well those mighty car blokes. Good on them.
  2. ke70dave

    Need upgraded diff

    Unless someone has modified one already, a bolt in option doesn't exist.
  3. ke70dave

    Need help wiring sr20det Into ke55 corolla

    Lets not get a head of ourselves here. what is all this diahatsu fuse box business. don't need to be that complicated. SR20 looms are very easy to wire in, they wire them into anything and everything. I cannot recall the specifics, you are going to need to do your own research and study wiring diagrams. but there will be a few grounds to connect to to the engine/body, a constant power and switched ignition wire to the ECU. Do this using the OEM corolla wiring as much as you can. afterall there was already an ignition relay and fuse box in the corolla, just use this one. You are going to need to install a new relay for the fuel pump, and there is an output on the ECU for the fuel pump. You need to research how to wire up a relay and find the output to the ecu to switch it on. Make sure you istall a fuse. Realistically that should get the engine started.
  4. ke70dave

    Ke70Daves New Euro Toy

    Well its amazing how time flies. Not going to lie, done nothing to this car apart from driven it 300km/week without an issue... I've done some refining of the tune but to be honest i think ive gotten it pretty damn good (fuel only at this stage). My record fuel economy is 8.7L/100km now which is slightly better than i had gotten wtih OEM. I reckon i can afford to remove some more fuel on cruise but for now its fine. My brother drive the car the other day and he coudlnt find any hickups in the tune, so ill call it good for the time being. Littleredspirit was kind enough to post me an AU falcon idle air control valve, same as he used on his 2azfe. Ive got the fittings for that but i still havent had a change to install it yet. I also bought a set of LS1 coils to wire in. 8 coils for $60. bargain. Ive just bought myself a 2003 impreza as a daily drive, so once i pick that up i will have the ability to do some significant work on the ol' bmw. My wiring install needs some tidying up and the coils and idle control valve installed. Hoping to sort out an LSD and suspension in the near future. Though painting the car is likely to be up there too (mainly cause its quite cheap compared to buying parts...) And i'm having thoughts of adding a turbo....but thats a while off id say. As suspected life is getting in the way of playing with cars....
  5. ke70dave

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Well all things considered you couldn't really have asked for a better police experience. Same old story, if you try your best to keep things legal and you arent a fool when questioned the police will generally be very good.
  6. ke70dave

    How To Build A Rally Car

    Which one of these flannelette clad petrol heads is you Altezza?
  7. My bmw 6clr engine has a 2 piece exhaust gasket and a 3 (!!) Piece inlet gasket. But cross flow engine so somewhat acceptable. I spent a good few hrs cursing at the 2 piece setup on the 4k back in the day. I never did change to 1 piece but that looks like a superiour setup that is for sure.
  8. ke70dave

    5K Crankshaft Front Pulley Seal

    I would bypass bursons and go to a proper bearing and seals shop....who bursons are probably ringing....BSC or one of those guys. I got all my bmw seals this way, so cheap too.
  9. ke70dave

    MZEA12 Corolla hatch

    I had a drive of a new ford mondeo something (work car) and it had the radar based cruise control. Absolutely bloody brilliant! Probably the best new car feature i have experienced. hows the interior on these things? is it an improvement over the last few corollas? where it feels like the inside of a plastic milk bottle? 18" wheels on a corolla, who would have thought:)
  10. ke70dave


    We're back!
  11. ke70dave

    1980 ke55 i6 swap

    Been watching mighty car mods have we? Ke55 is a tiny car. I'd stick with a 4clr. People have trouble fitting the height of a bara into much bigger cars.i dont have any experience but it would not surprise me If you need to fabricated a new transmission tunnel and use a huge bonnet scoop just to physically fit it in.
  12. ke70dave

    My 1976 Corolla CS and insurance woes

    Get friendly with the assessor and find the point for maximum pay out without writing off the car then get it fixed your self. This will depend on weather your car is insured for fixed amount or market value. Keep in mind they are in the business of writing off old cars cause it is way easier for them. If you dont have agreed value fully comp insurance, unfortunately it is unlikely you will come out ahead. The car is an old junker in the insurance eyes.
  13. ke70dave


    I put one a vdo one on a 4k. I don't recall having any issues. The threads are all standard sizes. Worst case you'll just have to get a threaded reducing bush. M12 to m10 or something. I only said vdo cause they are a known brand and are dirty cheap. And the gauges look fairly OEM. On my old ke70 I put the vdo temp gauge inside the cluster where the old temp gauge was. Just hacked it up and stuck it in. Looked factory. Any gauge with numbers is the go. Like banjo suggests even a $10 jobby will do! I'm a sucker for data so I always put a proper temp gauge in my old cars. Gives me something to stare at in stop start traffic.
  14. ke70dave

    Awesome Engine Upgrade

    Probably won't even need to touch the fire wall. I hear it even bolts in! I'm not really sure what the market is for a Merlin engine but 16k doesn't seem that outrageous? There can't be many around? If it was significantly less it would be tempting to clean it and put in the lounge room. Until the wife finds out.
  15. ke70dave


    A $50 vdo temp gauge is worth its weight in gold.