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  1. Crikey moses! So the dude hung around while you called cops? He didn't bail?
  2. check out the old rollaclub sticker!
  3. A lot of work has happened in the last few posts here! Great work as always. Whats the plan with the engine that was in it?
  4. "Enduro Grand 2000" sounds pretty 80s to me.
  5. Punched your name into facebook. I think they call it stalking.
  6. And just like that i put a face to a name:p What's the go with the boost drop off down to 6psi then back up again?
  7. check out this thing. Wait till the end...
  8. Its the norm now, but i hate the "ipad" style of stereo/entertainment systems. looks like such an after thought. "oh shit we forgot to install the stereo" "well just put it in a plastic case and slap it on, she'll be right"
  9. There $200 worth of taillight, and $650 worth of window shade still on that car.
  10. Shortly after i sold mine (the blue ke70) it was resprayed, had a 20V put in it and promptly put into a power pole.
  11. Can the oem stereo be located to the bin in favour of a regular stereo?
  12. why o why did it take me years to paint those front wheels black! haha. great photos. good day. do you know when that was? 2009?
  13. How fast do kids grow! For what it is worth my bmw tacho is miles out. at least 300rpm out by 4000rpm. Mine is a guide only..... (and it hasn't worked since i put the mega squirt on ignition....)
  14. This one always brings back the memories. Original little red spirit and all! I cant find a better resolution copy on the internet, its at home on a harddive somewhere.
  15. Wow you are youtube famous now! One of these years we should look at that carbon airbox again.
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