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  1. ke70dave

    My 1976 Corolla CS and insurance woes

    Get friendly with the assessor and find the point for maximum pay out without writing off the car then get it fixed your self. This will depend on weather your car is insured for fixed amount or market value. Keep in mind they are in the business of writing off old cars cause it is way easier for them. If you dont have agreed value fully comp insurance, unfortunately it is unlikely you will come out ahead. The car is an old junker in the insurance eyes.
  2. ke70dave


    I put one a vdo one on a 4k. I don't recall having any issues. The threads are all standard sizes. Worst case you'll just have to get a threaded reducing bush. M12 to m10 or something. I only said vdo cause they are a known brand and are dirty cheap. And the gauges look fairly OEM. On my old ke70 I put the vdo temp gauge inside the cluster where the old temp gauge was. Just hacked it up and stuck it in. Looked factory. Any gauge with numbers is the go. Like banjo suggests even a $10 jobby will do! I'm a sucker for data so I always put a proper temp gauge in my old cars. Gives me something to stare at in stop start traffic.
  3. ke70dave

    Awesome Engine Upgrade

    Probably won't even need to touch the fire wall. I hear it even bolts in! I'm not really sure what the market is for a Merlin engine but 16k doesn't seem that outrageous? There can't be many around? If it was significantly less it would be tempting to clean it and put in the lounge room. Until the wife finds out.
  4. ke70dave


    A $50 vdo temp gauge is worth its weight in gold.
  5. ke70dave

    Distributorless 5K Engine

    Yah but you can use the 60-2 on the crank. Then just reduce the VR trigger in the electronic distributor to 1 pulse per 720deg. This does not need to be 100% accurate. So gear slop isnt that big of a concern. And use this as your reset. This will get you full sequential:) Or didnt taz on here adapt a Nissan cas to his 4k? That looked quite neat. Unsure on what trigger he got out of that.
  6. ke70dave

    Distributorless 5K Engine

    If I were you I'd make a toothed wheel, bolt it to the crank and then run wasted spark.
  7. ke70dave

    Distributorless 5K Engine

    I think you need to determine which signal your chosen "Ecu" accepts and work backwards. I've got a VR sensor on my megasquirt. is working flawlessly, but some people have trouble with them as they generate higher and higher voltage the faster the engine goes. Assuming your ecu will run a VR sensor you can get bosch sensors off the E30, or various other cars. If it were me i would get a 62 tooth wheel laser cut to the same tooth profile as e30 bosch and remove 2 teeth to mimic the 60-2 tooth wheel that is on many many european cars with bosch systems. then at least you have a known starting point. the above 60-2 tooth wheel will enable you to run wasted spark and (if you want) semi sequential fuel injection. this requires 2 spark outputs and 2 fuel injection outputs. If you want full sequential you will also need a sensor on your camshaft as a reset. so the engine knows which 360 degree cycle it is on out of the two in a total of 720. I think the e30 guys use VR sensors for this too. But you will need an an additional sensor input as well as the coding in your chosen ecu to make this work. Will also require 4 ignition outputs.
  8. ke70dave

    Distributorless 5K Engine

    Very cool project. I've just done full megasquirt install with custom triggering on my e30 so my knowledge may be of use. How do you intend on controlling all of this?
  9. ke70dave

    If I Only Knew Then...

    That thing is stuffed. And I'd bet will never see the road again.
  10. ke70dave

    If I Only Knew Then...

    I'm not convinced they sell either. We only ever see the advertised price, not the amount that was actually handed over. In saying that i think buyers these days have alot of access to easy credit, so they are more able to buy these things for high prices. When i finished uni i immediately got a 20k loan and bought the first S15 Silvia i found. I overpaid but i didn't lose any money cause 9 months later i sold it to a guy that over paid too:)
  11. ke70dave

    If I Only Knew Then...

    Ae86s were somewhat affordable only 8-10yrs ago. I went and checked out an import Trueno notchback with all the things in about 2012. Lsd, rear discs, suspension, AC, 4age. And he wanted 11k complied and regod. Dunno what someone would want for it now. Probably 25k
  12. ke70dave

    3k and 4k Vacuum Diagram

    Haha yep. That was back when wreckers were full of 3ks and 4ks. These days you'd be lucky to find any. Though i made the mistake of not putting the 4k jets in the 3k carby. It ran fine but i reckon it was a bit lean up top. 1.2L vs 1.3L not much difference but i think enough to require bigger jets in the 3k carby.
  13. ke70dave

    3k and 4k Vacuum Diagram

    You would have to get a very savy cop to even know what a vacuum line was! In my limited experience the 3k and 4k carbies are different. the 3k one has like 2 vaccum ports and the 4k has about eleventy billion. I put a 3k carby on my 4k years ago to remove all the vac lines, looked factory cause it was:)
  14. ke70dave

    Ae86 coilovers questions.

    Only way to learn is to pull them out and investigate. It's only a couple of bolts to remove them. take them out, throw up some photos and we can comment.
  15. ke70dave

    Ae86 coilovers questions.

    got any photos of them before you put them in? I reckon thy have adapted camber plates to shocks and they don't quite fit properly., explains the knocking and oddball fasteners used. I had to machine some spacers to make some camber tops fit some shocks i had in my DIY coilovers.