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  1. Also remember correctly adjusted points are supposed to last for ages, as long as spark plugs, if not longer. 20,000kms etc. They are not supposed to be temperamental or constantly need fiddling with. In the 4years i had my 4kc I think i replaced the points once, I checked the adjustment a few times but they were never very far out of spec. I was even too poor back then so I cleaned up the contacts on a set of points i had and put them back in.....
  2. I sense something fundamentally wrong with your arrangement, and i've no idea what else we can type to help you figure it out...
  3. Pretty much impossible on the standard differential without custom made things. Most people ugprade the differential with something that can take an LSD that also has disc brakes. T18 or ae86 diff is a very popular swap and is well documented. however i don't believe a tail shaft exists that will work with the 4k motor, assuming you still have a 4k motor.
  4. Or perhaps a "hybrid" system, where you use a hydraulic rack and an electric hydraulic power steering pump from say an MR2. i think those MR2 pumps need a speed sensor to make the speed sensitive control work.
  5. oh interesting. what ECU is it running?
  6. Points gap has a huge effect on ignitiin timing. If you ever touch the points the ignition timung should be checked. Big question is why did the points gap "shrink considerably"? Long term i think you should convert to electronic distributor. By long term i mean right now.
  7. Damn that was quick. Onwards and upwards!
  8. Congrats mate!
  9. That long sitting around i would think the bores would be rusty as, and then the rings in a similar state....
  10. Ok well third day of driving to work, done about 100km with that seat in. Amazing what a new seat does! car actually feels a bit slower than before cause i dont have to hold onto the hand brake or lean against the door when going around corners:P Back of the seat does need to come up a tad, ill modify on the weekend and hopefully get the other seat in too.
  11. Being in the northern hemisphere i thought you were going to say the Speedo and odometer was running backwards.
  12. Right more updates! FD3S drivers seat is in! Took me ages to work out the best way to do it, but in the end the easiest was to grind off the oem mounting tabs and basically fabricate a whole new mounting rail, and essentially designing on the fly..... Photos are fairly self explanatory. Ive no idea why some of the photos have alot of white dots...something up with camera phone i think. Drove it to work today, its rock solid that is for sure. Initial impressions are good, quite comfortably. My only complaint is that i feel like my legs are a bit high compared to butt. Unfortunately i cant really drop the front of the seat down that easily, i might see what happens if i put some spacers under the rear mounting backets. ill drive it this week and see how it goes. All going well though ill get the passenger seat done next weekend. should be a bit faster as i know what im doing now.... ei
  13. Woot! Almost there, 1 week! All the best.
  14. Sounds like some good projects in the works. Hows the wife? Must be close to giving birth?
  15. That torago wheel does look good, nice score. Does the indicator cancel work? I'm not sure how much blasting a 3k is gonna do, but will at least look shiny on your car:D