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  1. ke70dave

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Quality of AE86s at the show looks excellent. Nice pics. One day i will have me a levin notch back like that red one. Something cool about that shape.
  2. ke70dave

    Ke70Daves New Euro Toy

    Hah yep! I saw a few brackets like mine for sale for quits alot of cash. $15bucks at bunnings and an afternoon and i made that.
  3. ke70dave

    Replacement KE20 Steering Wheel

    Design is obviously personal preference, but for a sporty yet fairly period correct looking i think its hard to beat a Nardi Classic in old cars.
  4. ke70dave

    Ke70Daves New Euro Toy

    Right well another 4 months goes by. A big 4 months in bmw world. In about November i was given the approval from the minister of finance to purchase some new suspension. I had of course been researching suspension for years.... The design brief was quite simple for suspension. good enough to go well on the track, but soft enough to still drive nicely around the streets. A bit lower but height adjustment not necessary. It was always a question of Koni vs bilstein. Both being comparible in price (about ~$1k a set). but the koni were adjustable. Koni are also a twin tube design which are technically not as quick to react as the mono tube would be less harsh because of this. Littleredspirit on here has been advocating konis for years so i took the plunge. Ended up buying a set of koni adjustables from GSA suspension in Spingwood. they were comparable in price to anywhere i could find. I put the konis in with the oem springs at first, but immediately realised they were not suited. just not stiff enough. The suspension was very over damped and made for a horrible ride. For springs I didnt know what to get, but a set of king springs popeed up for very cheap. I rang king springs and the rates are about twice as much as standard. Which was about what i wanted. threw them in and it made a world of difference. Extremely fun to drive now. Just dives into corners and is not much less comfortable than standard. its sporty for sure, but it passes the "can i drove holding a coffee" test fine. then in the Christmas break i also purchased a set of wheels. I had been researching wheels for years as well. I was almost going to buy a set of wheels from USA, but then these really cool German wheels turned up. they are "EXIP" brand, which as far as i can tell is a German brand that was an aftermarket option for the bmw back in the day. these were made in 1987 so period correct. They have been refurbished very recently and are dead straight. They are 15x7 +25 so are basically the perfect size for the e30 (correct centre bore too, which is rare outside e30 specific wheels). So here is the car rocking its new suspension and wheels. the tyres on them are just normal tyres, but pretty good, next on the list is some semi slicks. So onto the next Christmas project. LS1 coils. I made this bracket to mount the LS1 coils. 6 of them, and they are running in wasted spark. Hooked them up to the mega squirt and it immediately started and idled. So i now have full control of ignition advance. and a shit load of spark power to make it happen. These coils and ignition control has again transformed the engine. it is incredibly smooth and i have been slowly teaching myself to tune the ignition. Ive done about 1000km. My WOT area is quite conservative. I will get it dyno tuned in the next few weeks hopefully. the actual installation is not the neatest as you can see. the coils are currently tucked in behind the headlight. I have a battery box that i intend on putting the battery into the boot with. then the coils will go where the battery is. I designed the wiring so that i can easily change it. you will also see the AU falcon idle air control valve installed on the rocker cover. This was a fun project. but the idle up is now working perfect. idles up to around 1200 when cold and drops down to 900 when hot. Was alot of trial and error to get the valve to "catch" the engine as the revs dropped without it feeling it was holding the revs up. Its proabbly needs more fidling but its alot better than what i was (no idle control valve.....) Anyway that is the end of the mods for the time being. Have to wait a few months before i will be granted any more money for sill cars!! (got to paint the house in the back ground....)
  5. ke70dave

    Gearbox modification

    Reality is I don't know, and i doubt anyone on here does know. you'll need to do your own investigation. The answer i suspect is "probably" followed by "we can do anything but you have to pay". Assuming you have the gears and they "bolt in" a gearbox is going to charge you qutie a few hrs to pull it appart and re-assemble (at ~$150/hr) and then the question is do you want to do synchros and bearings at the same time. a gearbox shop will be able to tell you if you can or not. here are my guesstimates - you supply the gears and they "fit" - gearbox is going to charge around $700 to pull appart and re-assemble -you supply of the gears and they need to be modified to fit - $1000 -custom made or new gears to fit - $1500-2000 including fitting -an additional $1k to replace the synchros and bearings at the same time. Playing with gearboxes is expensive. edit: First google search of your issue gave me this link: id be looking at the info in there.
  6. ke70dave

    What Makes You Happy Thread Damn i had forgotten about that one.
  7. ke70dave

    What Makes You Happy Thread

    You are only 6 months ahead of me hiro. And my starting point marks when i was sick of ae86dc....about a year after i bought the ke70 :|
  8. ke70dave

    What Makes You Happy Thread

    I clicked on page 1 of this thread. I wonder whatever happened to "t18drifts" (the original OP) He was certainly an interesting fellow on the forums. ah the hay day of forums were good.
  9. ke70dave

    What Makes You Happy Thread

    Excelling news mr Coln72. Thats a milestone!
  10. ke70dave

    Matts Ke30......sr20det

    The car yes, the garage....not so much. great work though:D
  11. ke70dave

    What Grinds My Gears.

    This is why in our house I have my PC and my laptop, and the wife has her laptop. My laptop is old, and "its too heavy to have on lap" - problem solved:)
  12. ke70dave

    Engine conversions. For a ignorant dude.

    Dont forget the dude is in Norway. Dunno what cars they even got there.
  13. ke70dave

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    That bonnet scoop turned out great. Looks awesome on that Instagram photo. Good luck with the rwc!
  14. ke70dave

    Hiro's Ae102

    oooooohh look at all this exciting progress. That engine is really going to wake up the mighty corolla. Wheels look great too.
  15. ke70dave

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    ohh its open at the back? i thought it was just a bump. yer best to minimise that length....