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  1. Ke70Daves New Euro Toy

    Well more progress was made today. I decided to join a wire to every pin including all spares to make it easier to add stuff in the future. Tested the fuel pump output and it seems to work. All that is left is to add in the CAS wiring. I think ill go to jaycar and buy some microphone cable for the cas. Seems to be the go. The grey casing of the db37 is a reaaaally tight squeeze. Im away for work this week so i might use my down time to design somethhng better and then 3d print it next weekend. Then its just a matter of putting my wideband back in and wiring in the power and ground on the loom. And adding a bit morw loom tube where required. But that might have to wait till next weekend.
  2. Oil pump failure

    I would look at any fwd car at tge wreckers and just see what fits. I would ve trying to get one that is as low profile as possible. The 80s fwd fans were all huge! The other thung to consider is i would get the biggest single fan that fits. Mainly cause the smaller the fan the noisier it will be....
  3. Ke70Daves New Euro Toy

    Right well today was a fun day. Made me this! Megasquirt 2 on a diydave custom loom. For those of you following along this time last year i tried and failed with the haltech e8. Turned out the haltech was faulty and i gave up. Picked up this MS from my mate who ive known for yrs. This exact MS is the one i heloed tune prolly 10yrs ago now. It was sitting around amd i decided it needed a new home. I originally anticipted making an adaptor loom fpr the stock loom but it turns out this engine actually runs batch fire injection! Batch! So rather than try and and mod it i made my own loom with a semisequential setup. As of this arvo the tps , coolant temp, intake temp and all the injectors are done and have been bench tested using the inbuilt testing in the MS. Im going to make a second loom that will include the ignition wires, CAS and wide band. I dunno when ill get actually get it installed but there is some progress happening:D
  4. Oil pump failure

    Yah my VDO temp gauge is stuck right next to the thermostat, When i turn off the engine for 5-10mins and come back the VDO gauge is often near 100degC, then you start the engine and it immediately falls down to its running temp of 82deg, which as mentioned is right on the temperature of the thermostat:)
  5. Oil pump failure

    look at all this science! how exciting. Love the pre-post temperatures above. I always wanted to do a pre-post temperature across an intercooler. Be very nerdy and interesting to watch the delta T change in different conditions.
  6. New member from SE Florida

    Starion! That is a name i havnet heard in a long time. Almost as long ago as Cordia.... Super cool and looks quite well done. RWD 4age in a car that small must be a hoot to drive.
  7. New member from SE Florida

    Damn that looks awesome. Did you make the wide body? I want a kp61:( But my kp61 wont have those horendous bumpers:p
  8. Heater hose

    Supercheap seems to have its own branded hoses on the shelf now as well as gates. Im very wary when companies come out with their own brand of stuff. Like repco branded bearings....
  9. Hard starting and pinging

    The k motor dizzy gear has 12 teeth i think. So its possible for it to run but be a tooth out and be miles too advanced.
  10. Hard starting and pinging

    Sounds like your timing is just miles out. Back it off by ear until it idles nice and try again. Backing off the ign will probably drop the idle so you will need to adjust that at the carby.
  11. Hard starting and pinging

    Have you been using a timing light?
  12. Trds Rally Car

    Whats the next trd project?
  13. Urethane lower arm bushes

    Oh dear. I wonder why that happened. I suppose 10yrs is a long time juat sitting there. Ive never put urethane bushes in any of my cars.....until this week. Some whiteline control arm bushes popped up on special in the post xmas sales. I will have to minitor them.
  14. Youtube Video's

    Im tempted to get motor trend on demand to check out the "roadkill garage " show. Latest roadkill with stubby bob and tony angelo is soo good.