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  1. Carburetor jetting

    Just remember that even AFR can be misleading. For instance a misfire due to too much fuel will show up as lean.
  2. Engineers certification?

    What state? Mod plate for my 4age in qld was under 100...
  3. Anyone installed an Oil Cooler

    Yer probably:p Whatever makes it thick all the time.
  4. Engineers certification?

    Need a mods list mate...
  5. The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Woot bmw bits:p
  6. Anyone installed an Oil Cooler

    Have you considered running straight 20w oil?
  7. Parts for ke55

    Last time i went to the wrexkers near me which was at least 3yrs ago there was hardly anything pre-1990. An ae92 was very rare.
  8. Ke70 & Ae71 Front Ends Cheap

    Holy thead bump. Thread is almost 4yrs old. Dude hasnt been here since January 2016... Your only hope is that if you send him a message he might see the email notification. Chances are slim!
  9. 83 wagon rack and pinion swap

    I thibk you will need the crossmember as well to bolt the rack too.
  10. Parts for ke55

    I've seen plenty of ke10 and ke20 shells recently. Find them in the can food section of coles. Recycling:(
  11. Anyone installed an Oil Cooler

    All the good oil cooler systems restrict the flow of oil to the cooler until it goes over a certain temp. Same as a thermostat in coolant system. Remember, cold oil is not happy oil.

    Megasquirt does the lot. Fully programmable engine management system. The trick is that its so flexible that you basicallt need to build your efi and spark system from scratch.
  13. My ke70 won't accelerate

    Haha that would do it. You must have had it a tooth or two out for the exhaust to be red! It's amazing how retarded you can have the ign timing out and it still runs. Now you will know for next time:) My mate and I once spent hours trying to diagnose a non starting 4ac. Who knew the distributor could go in 180deg out? Bloody stupid thing. But guess what the first thing I check on a non starting engine is now:)
  14. The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Ive fogotten your brake setup.....what you running again? you got good pads in there? My brakes on the e30 cook quicker than i would have liked even with highish temp pads, well admitedly its the QFM pads. so perhaps i might need an upgrade...
  15. Ke70Daves New Euro Toy

    haha well i'm taking sponsorship for my m3 purchase. Maybe not so much the rusty shark thing... Completely moved into house now, workshop setup, car lives in the garage too. Let the projects begin.