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  1. ke70dave

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    Looks pretty acceptable to me.
  2. ke70dave

    BLZBUB has another 4AGE.

    I like the "S" thing. I used to he the coolest kid in school based on how many of them i had on my books. Note: Based on all other available "coolness" metrics i was right down on the coolness list.
  3. ke70dave

    WTB- Programmable ignition

    If you have an electronic dizzy the VR sensor in side can be used on basically any programmable ECU if you lock out the vacuum advance. Years go i did exactly this on a suzuki G13a engine (essentially an overhead cam version of a 4k). I used a haltech E8 but anything will work as long as it has one in put for VR and one output for ingnition, and if you are going ignition only you can get something really cheap. you will need a "dumb" ignitor and a coil to go with it. I got a bosch bim024 ignitor off an old Barina and coil to go with it. worked quite well on my g13a. Banjo is your man on all things k motor EFI though ;)
  4. ke70dave


    I bought some knock off side indicators for my ke70 back in the day. They faded and cracked within 1 year. just cheap shit. Better off finding some decent OEM ones. They will be 40yrs old and a good chance they will still not be significantly faded.
  5. ke70dave

    MZEA12 Corolla hatch

    nice little write up. you should start a blog! It is pretty cool how much car you can get for so little money brand new. 13:1 is fairly insane. So it is a normal H pattern manual but it has that rev matching feature? can one turn that feature off to enable full potatoes race mode requiring accurate heal toeing?
  6. ke70dave

    MZEA12 Corolla hatch

    its What you think of the car? fun to drive?
  7. ke70dave

    KE30 Master Cyl And Booster

    Where abouts do you live? With really old stuff i always get the standards suffed master cylinder modified with stainless steel sleaves and pistons. better than new, and not that expensive. Master cylinder exchange in Wynnum Brisbane is where i go, but of course depends on your location. im sure other people do it though.
  8. ke70dave

    BODY WORK Question.

    Panel beating is insanely difficult. Just when you think you have fixed the dent you step back and you've made it 8x worse.
  9. ke70dave

    ke35 4age conversion

    Well 1995 i was like 8yrs old. whats your excuse altezza? :P
  10. The only concern ive always had is that insulation traps moisture. So on a car that is driven every day its fine, but on a car that is rarely driven i would potentially be hesitant to insulate from a corrosion point of view. But i think in reality it would take years to be a problem.
  11. ke70dave

    ke35 4age conversion

    So what you are telling me is that i shouldn't buy a family car. I should buy a 911 turbo.
  12. ke70dave

    ke35 4age conversion

    In terms of money, to build what you suggest i would guess approximately $10k just in parts and outsourced fabrication. and about 13k total finish it off completely. Sounds like a money pit to me:) So if you got the ke30 for 2-3k, You are getting very close to $20k by the time you have done it all properly. I love corollas as much as the next guy, but a properly built 4age ke30 is still a 4age ke30. If it were me, and i wanted a 4age corolla and i had a few dollars in my pocket, id buy a ke70 with all the things already done. 4age, diff, suspension etc. prolly get one for 5k or so these days that needs some loving. Strip it down, paint and rebuild it so its in working order. You might be in 10k by then. half price and alot less effort. and apart from looking like a shoe box is arguably the better car in terms of mechanics. Coil springs, rack and pinion, ease of parts from the ae86 that just bolt in, no fabricating or modifying things. but then my name is ke70dave, not ke30dave ;) This is a little on the expensive side, but if that has an LSD in it and you could get it for say 6-7k then you are well on your way.
  13. ke70dave

    Ke55-S Xx Coupe

    I just read the whole thread again, ahh what a fun story.
  14. ke70dave

    ke30/35 meter cluster light

    holy moly that looks bright. I reckon you might need to be Corey Hart to drive that at night.
  15. ke70dave

    NEWBIE - KE35 1UZ-FE Engine Swap

    You're gonna need an angle grinder, followed by an engine crane and finish off with a welder. If this guy can fit an LS1, you can fit a 1uzfe:)