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  1. AE112r oil, 10w30 or 10w40

    Don't over think it. whatever the manual says grade wise, and whatever brand name oil is on special at the time. and change it every 6000ish km. For years i bought penrite oil. for no other reason than Dad always bought Penrite oil. And he bought Penrite cause his dad bought penrite oil. Then one day i bought shell or something cheap (but something brand name ish, around the $30 mark, not $60 penrite). And my engine didn't explode. So i kept buying the cheap oil. Years later, no engine explosions and plenty of spare cash.
  2. 4A-FE with K40 gearbox

    probably not as the t50 transmission bolts straight up. Unsure about the clutch, flywheel, starter motor, pilot bearing though. But having a gearbox that bolts on will be 3/4 of your battle. Sam Q knows things, and in here he suggests the flyhweel on the 4afe will work with the t50..
  3. Hi, from Uruguay this is my TE27

    wowzer, talk about a project.
  4. R31 Diff Into Ke70

    A Wagon has leaf springs. So rather than adapting the spring perches for the ke70 you would need to adapt the leaf springs, which might actually be easier as don't leaf springs just get held on with big u-bolts?
  5. My KE70 Sprinter 7KE

    Rear wheels look like they stick out a bit! Other than that looks awesome . Love the mud flaps. 7k fuel injected is a cool conversion. How does it go?
  6. Mysterious bogging down

    Did you replace the little condenser thing on the distributor? I had that go once, bloody thing just wouldnt go. would idle fine but under load, no mojo.
  7. Great project base for someone. I need to find $5k!
  8. Need help with a starlet

    ohhh man that's cool. We are gonna need more pictures. Its rear wheel drive yeah? No crazy american bumpers on that model? If the ECU as as simple as i think it is, i would start by trying to find a pin out for the ECU. then checking for +12v (constant), +12v ignition (tells the ecu to turn on), a good ground. If you have those things. Now it would be time to make sure that whatever triggers the ECU to tell the motor it is spinning is working. which is probably a signal from the distributor. I dunno the details but its probably a hall effect sensor or similar, which generally should not give any trouble, but i guess its possible its had it. If it is determined that the ECU is not working, it might pay to open it up and check for damaged components or dry solder joints. ~35yrs old electronics can have dry solder joints, quick tap with the soldering iron could fix them.
  9. Need help with a starlet

    Where abouts are you to have a 4ke starlet? I want a kp61 starlet:(
  10. Need help with a starlet

    What engine we talking about here?
  11. Drop the 4ac for a Beams for 4agze (turbo)

    It's hard to beat a 4age in an ae86. With all the parts ready you could do the conversion in a weekend.
  12. BLZBUB has another 4AGE.

    Wolverine been attacking your door?
  13. Drop the 4ac for a Beams for 4agze (turbo)

    Damn thats a clean looking ae86. not many left like that.
  14. 1973 Ke20 Corolla

    Have you done anything to it since purchasing it?
  15. Unknown yr and model?

    going by the VIN Its a TE31 corolla. And wiki suggests they were made between 1974 and 1981. Has a 2T engine i think The 31 suggests it is either a 2 door sedan or a 4 door sedan i think I dont believe we ever got that model in Aus with the 2t. .We just got the K series engine. so the equivalent here is a KE30. Got any pics? what country are you in?