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  1. The offset is a bit high for a ke70. You want closer to +10 for flush fitting yet stock guards. +28 might hit the strut too especially in 7.5 If you haven't bought the wheels yet i would look for something more suitable that you dont need spacers for. Here is some historic post that i mention that 15x6.5+23 hit the strut on my ke70, so your 7.5 +28 will definately hit. And here is a link to a heap of threads about ke70 wheels.
  2. Those civic radiators should be plenty of cooling capacity for the 4age. All the civic guys use them with their turbo B and K engines. I always wanted to put a small radiator like you have there and then an inter cooler on the other side. Side by side coolers. I reckon that would be neat packaging. What degree thermostat have you got in it? and does your fan temperature switch have a switching temperature stamped on it? You could always put in a lower temperature switch on your fan, if its currently 95deg, something like a 90deg might be better. This link here suggests that the oem fan switch temperature is "90 - 85 deg". A lower temp will mean the fan turns off and on more often when sitting in traffic, but it would keep your temp lower and more consistent https://www.ebay.com/itm/111952283977 You are more likely to get consistent temperatures with a clutch fan on the front of the engine, but theres nothing wrong with an electric fan just you will get these temperature gradients as the fan comes on/off. Arguably as long as you dont go over 100deg you are fine though.
  3. What is the purpose of Olympic edition anyway, 1984 Olympics were in Los Angeles?
  4. Yer well done on these repairs, fantastic stuff. One day id like to do something similar. Bringing a car back to life essentially - very cool.
  5. wow i havent been in here for a while. fantastic work. well done.
  6. That looks like the beginning of a perpetual motion machine.
  7. That blue ke70 is so cool. This may intest all of you also. A super cool nissan uk project. converting an old bluebird to electric using leaf components.
  8. Louis rossman on youtube is an apple repair man in new york but he is quite heavily involved with the right to repair shamozzle going on in USA at the moment. He also has quite interesting videos on fixing apple stuff. I don't think there will be a legal issue is DIYers being able to fix stuff, but its just going to be harder and harder to do it, parts locked down, or the proper software to do whatever to the system to make sure it all works again. I was chatting to a mate of mine who is into BA turbo ford falcons, and he has some fancy one, typhoon maybe?, i cant remember but he said he cant remove the OEM stereo and replace it without reprograming the ecu to allow it to work without it. Have to take it to a dealer. If you unplug the stereo without taking it to a dealer the car wont start. In 20yrs time will someone be able to resurect an old BA falcon with a broken stereo? is that software going to be able to be gotten? is ford going to help? doubt it!
  9. What are you gonna do about this? "It is required that the car be Dyno tuned by a professional to get maximum performance and proper air fuel mixture. The turbo kit does not include any fuel management system." If you want to play with this id personally recomend an aftermarket ECU first, get it running on your non turbo engine. learn how to tune it yourself. then once you have it running well non turbo, add the turbo. At the same time you can convert to distributorless ignition. Loads of options avaialble in terms of ECUs. the sprint 500 haltech is a good option if you want to buy new, its basically designed for 4cylinder engines. You also NEED a good wideband if you intend to DIY tune, and more importantly a good wide band controller. I personally prefer the Ballenger motorsports AFRv500.
  10. Doesn't look any worse than most engines ive pulled apart....Give everything a very good clean (without scratching the mating surface) and see how it comes up. put a straight edge across the diagonals of the block and see if its still flat. And don't put that head back on unless its been to a machine shop for checking and if required a shave to make it flat. I put a 3k carby on a 4k years ago. it worked fine, but i suspect it might have been a restriction, it was incredibly slow - but ultra reliable. .Maybe the jets should have been swapped to bigger 4k ones. i dunno, my carby knowledge is a little limited.
  11. Put a 7afe in its place. 1.8L > 1.6L. Should be a bolt in afair. and then put a turbo on it like they did for that ae112 sportivo rare one. All things considered the 7afe was a bit of a hoot to drive in an old ae112 i had. Cant imagine too many people made performance parts for the 7afe so its all going to be a custom job.
  12. That's quite interesting. like most things they can be "recycled" but the real challenge is weather recycling them is economically viable. Dont we currently have isuses recycling aluminium cans? (china wont take them anymore?) i dont have much confidence we will be recycling batteries. I have always been told to never leave a charging battery unattended, dad was always stickler for that. So i always charge my batteries while i am around. and even if i have to work in the yard etc i put the charger and battery in the centre of my concrete floor. This all came to fruition a few years ago when a LiPo drone battery i had exploded into a ball of smoke while on charge. luckily it was fairly Isloated on a work bench. made a hell of a mess, and burnt the bench a bit. And yet, we now have people with ~75kw (!!) batteries charging while they sleep above them. I know they have thermal cut outs etc, but still a fairly significant risk with a gnarly consequence. petrol is flamable as well of course, but its fairly inert when in a sealed tank and you aren't doing anything to it.
  13. Your car is likely to have a load more emissions stuff than most corollas,being California and all. Dont think my wifes 2001 corolla had EGR. EGR is pretty interesting as it injects a percentage of exhaust gas as an inert gas (that you don't need to add fuel to). so essentially you get the same amount of "air" but can use less fuel to get the same correct air fuel ratio. (whilst filling your intake with exhaust shit haha) If the EGR is blocked the car will still run fine, but i suspect will run a tad lean, which is probably why your NOx is playing up. NOx and SOx changes with air fuel ratio, and its fairly sensitive, small changes in AFR makes your NOx and SOx change dramatically. but still appear to run "fine". Its not unreasonable to me that the NOx is out at low RPMs (15mph) as the percentage of exhaust gas is higher than at 25mph. but i dunno, just theorising. Unfortunately with emissions tests your only hope is to get all the sensors and equipment working as per oem specs. investigate the EGR and fix it properly. then move onto the rest.
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