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  1. Full white wheels hey, had not considered that. will have to have a looksy. how about white centres and polished lips? I have achieved precisely zero on those wheels since last post:) Life is flipping upside down to be honest, work is psychotic, crazy work on house, baby on the way.....need some time to rest! Currently on the look out for a less intense job. Once the dust settles i might even get you around matt to have a bit of a discussion on cabinetry for the kitchen:) I actually purchased 2 second hand front e30 guards the other day. both in pretty good condition. Going to see what i can do with them to gain some extra room. A mate from university runs a small carbon fibre business, we are possible going to make some carbon fibre copes of them. He suggested to glue some forming foam to the guards, and shape it to look a bit more wide body, then just lay up over the foam. Realistically i only need another 15-20mm. Perhaps i can just add foam and "pump" the whole guard profile so to the untrained eye they will look stock. Although i need to ensure i don't go too agressive cause the rears will still be close to stock. The M3 guards look awesome, but they very agressive and would not suit oem rear guards. the M3 guards also suit the plastic bumpers, not the chrome bumpers. I still dive the e30 daily, gets about 50km most days, never misses a beat, i have litterally done nothing to it in months. Starts every time and just purs along gettin on average 11L/100km suburban driving .Time to change the oil soon, thats about as exciting as it gets. All of these projects are secondary to the house at the moment, but i just pick up parts when i can.
  2. Unless someone has custom made some, they don't really exist.... Might want to put a location in:)
  3. haha yep, they are quite cool. Zero achievements on the car this week. We are actually full bore into house renovations, with the mad rush on for our small person to be born start of october. Things er....escalated with the house renos. Basically a full strip of the house back to frame except for the kitchen and bathroom. Rewired the place, Ethernet everywhere, new lights and fans, insulation...polished floor boards all new paint.....gawd too much work! But give it a few more weeks and we'll done and dusted and ready to sit, work on cars and drink beer.
  4. Also gotta remember there is a width limit too, i think on the ke70 technically the largest width was a 195 tyre, or maybe slightly less. 30% over the widest tyre rings a bell. Unfortunately with all these constrains the legal window is not really that big. Good news is if they look legal, and fit nicely, a policeman is never going to measure it. Unless they ping you for something else and need the whole car inspected.
  5. ke30

    Just remember the traction comes from the tyre compound more than width. my mates rx7 was able to run 11.4sec on 185 tyres, cause they were toyo R888. My brothers 300hp silvia cannot put any power to the ground with his 255 tyres because they are china specials. Perhaps the way forward is to pick a wheel and tyre combo, and then build your diff to suit.
  6. Its glued on yea? I think people used to put them in the oven to loosen the glue.
  7. I think he might be talking about painting the area surrounding the lens black. Few guys did it to ae71s back in the day i remember.
  8. A good upgrade might be a 4k and a 5 speed from a ke70. Few more horse powers.
  9. Facebook is easy. You just ask the same question over and over.
  10. Wonder what car he has those SLW42 plates on these days.
  11. So I got both seats in. Looks pretty good. I also got all 4 wheels straightened and machined at "doctor wheels" at yatala. Highly recommend their work. My job is to refurbish them now. This is after 1 pass of paint stripper to remove the 30yr old clear coat. Another go of the paint stripper to finish it off, some polishing and I think ill paint the centres a charcoal grey perhaps.
  12. Yah i've noticed just in the last week or so looking through old bmw forums lookin for info all the photos are dead, bloody useless now. makes me ask questions on facebook groups, shock horror gasp. I supposed the devils advocate is that it was a free service so its life was probably limited anyway.
  13. yeah i go those same errors last night when trying, thought there might have been a better way.
  14. Was there a way to download all images before shutting acount? not that any of my images were of much use to anyone, but be nice to grab them all in one go.
  15. Hi Mate, welcome to the ol' rollaclub! To be honest the best place to start looking is google. Rollaclub comes up first or second in almost every google result about old corollas. The other thing is to start a build thread:) then you can document your progress for us all to look at, and ask questions about your projects in one place.