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  1. As far as I'm.aware alot of modern cars have some level of oil usage issue. Cause they run such rediculusly light oil for fuel consumption reasons. My wife's 2011 forestor is very bad, mates audi is quite bad too.
  2. GTI is rated by many to be the best all rounder car available in its class. Smallish, enough room for 4/5 people and very nice performance. My only experience with golf is a mate had a 2008 diesel turbo one with the first DSG. the car it self was brilliant but the DSG i didn't like that much. but apparently things have progressed significantly since and they are much better now. DSG was great at gear changes on road except, like all dual clutch transmissions, they suffer on low speed monouvers as basically the car is trying to guess what you want to do by riding the clutch. We drove it to sydney and back when it was basically brand new and it was very nice for long trips. Best test for them is to go to a busy round about and see how it reacts trying to sneak into a gap. There is deifinatly a delay between when you put your foot down and when the car goes. you get used to it relativity quickly but at first its pretty strange. I too could be just too picky cause there are plenty of them getting around and noone else seems to care. The DSG has a fancy gearbox oil that is quite expensive but i think its just a matter of getting it serviced when required and it keeps going. Probably not as expensive now as every car seems to have fancy gearbox oil. If i need a small run around car again (if work doesnt extend my contract that is up 30th june.......) I would be quite tempted on a golf or a polo. They seem to offer great value for $ and many of them have done stacks of kilometres and seem to keep going.
  3. Just read back a few pages and saw that kaizen plug and plag adaptronic! where on earth did you get that! Does kaizen garage still exist? Good to see some project progress.
  4. Well 6 months in the making and we have cold AC! soooo cold! Just in time for winter! haha. I ended up making my own hoses using a kit from "speed ac spares" up in north qld. dunno how many ppl will read this but these guys were extremely helpful. https://speedyairspares.com.au/ The hoses came with a set of hand crimpers that were surprisingly easy to use. All very simple. and significantly cheaper than all the quotes i got done. (like 60bucks per hose as opposed to $200) AC man came around this morning and gave it a vac test and everything was all good. 20mins later i had cold air! So its been a saga but lots of fun and good learning experience. learnt how to tig weld in the process so there will be some more tig welding projects in the future. Like most things turns out AC is not that complicated. So next step is going to be relocating the battery to the boot. the 325i and 318is came with the battery in the boot. Dunno why the 323i didnt. but i dont think the 318i did either. I have a battery box and isolator already, just need to get some cable and figure out a way to hold the battery box in. I could get the oem battery tray etc but i think a plastic box secured nicely in the corner will be neater than the oem.
  5. Right well time marches on and waits for noone! Progress has been slow and steady on AC project. - TX valve has been replaced - painful job. found various types of 0-rings on the old tx valve. some green ones, some black ones, and even some brown ones (viton?). all repalced with new r134a compliant green ones. - bracket is finished. did have some dramas with it when i first put it on that i had forgotten about the crank angle sensor bracket. had to notch it out of the back (not in photo im afraid). but will be good. in heinsight i probably should have hung the compressor a bit lower but it will still work. fine. - I bought a TIG welder and have been learning to TIG. Since the new AC compressor has slighlty different sized pipes than the old one i had to weld on 2 fittings to the hard lines, one shown in the photo. Then i bought some rubber pipe and crimps and a crimp tool to make my own hoses from a shop up north that specialises in hot rod AC. i pressure tested my welds with house mains water pressure (~450kpa). Once i get my hoses made i will get my vaccum pump onto it to test before taking it to the shop for gas. So hopefully i am on the home stretch of AC! might get the bracket put back in on the long weekend and start on the pipes. in unrelated news i attended a lake side "euro day" a few weeks back. really good fun, never driven on lakeside before. what a cool race track. heres a photo of my brother and i with big grins on with a Ferrari Dino in hot pursuit! had a blast. e30 performed floorlessly. Didnt explode so my DIY road tune must be ok.
  6. Well dreaming is free, but it has an emotional cost. I was going to say that $12-15k seems to buy something pretty good, but that appears to be pre covid..... Now it seems to be $18-20k.......which is far to much for a car that will lose value...fast... I'm sure there will be a basket case i can buy for $5k soon enough....
  7. ah i was wondering when the GR86 would come up for discussion. I quite like the front of it, but the rear is a bit too much.....BMW Z4? Front end certainly looks better than the GT86 in my opinion. I think Toyota are to be commended for sticking with the GR-86 as by all accounts the GT86 was not exactly a financial success. Only just broke even. 2.4L in the gr86, as opposed to the 2L GT86. Peak torque at 3700rpm? instead of 6400rpm or whatever it was. Should make it much more friendly to drive on the street. Ive been having evil thoughts about buying an older gt86....
  8. looks alright to me! A little lower perhaps but not too much.
  9. What is the current RRP on a new one? can you even buy one at the moment? The idea of buying a car and selling it so soon seems absurd to me. Makes me think the seller was just "Seeing what they could get" without being committed to sell.
  10. That thing is gross. But i see plenty of crossovers around so it will probably sell quite well if it comes out.
  11. Ah yes a cavoodle. Id love one of them. turns out im alergic to dogs though. Even the parents poodle! damn you asthma.
  12. ol' mate with the ladder has a bit on there. That is a very fluffy dog. What sort of dog is that?
  13. I think i recall an automatic change from "dose" to "does". The mods playing fun games back in the day. "dose" being what the cool kids call the noises from a VL commodore with no blow off valve.
  14. nice one. Are you enjoying your microchips? (hopefully you realise this is a joke!)
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