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  1. Caldina cameos throughout! That looks like a super fun park. So many jumps.
  2. I work for a fuel's company and we love a good marketing campaign. The additives from a cleaning perspective have some merit. But any efi system basically pre ~2005 doesn't have the smarts to take advantage of additional octane over what it was originally tuned for. My e30 (1985.... but on megasquirt) I have tuned it on 98 (admitedly not on any dyno just by the feel of the pants). And I did put in 91 once and it certainly didn't like it that much. I mean it drove fine but the economy wasn't there or the throttle response. When you start playing with tuning engines its amazing the difference a degree or two makes. And this is how modern ecus take advantage of higher octane, i believe they actively increase timing slightly and listen for knock. Old ecus tend to have a maximum present timing and then just reduce that if knock is detected.
  3. You set your expectations too high.
  4. Nope. Spacer will make it worse. 8" is too big anyway. Aim for 7" with some decent 195 wide rubber.
  5. 15x8 0 will stick out 25mm more than the green car above (Assuming that is 15x8 +25), which i reckon will hit.....everything.
  6. Nicely done. For what its worth my bmw trigger wheel has its missing teeth 82deg btdc so 78 will work perfect!
  7. Plenty of places for water to go on that tyre. Should be a nice compromise for what you need it for. I recently got the cheapest Nankangs I could get for my daily drive subau impreza. And its amazing how much grip "normal" tyres have these days. Especially in the wet. Admitedly the tyres I pulled off both the e30 and subaru were very old and completely buggered. So its an unfair comparison I suppose:p
  8. Interesting to see what you think of those maxis. I bit the bullet and got some re003 for my e30 last week (as they about the only decent tyre that comes in 205 55 r15). Very impressed so far, but I hear they don't last very long. Luckily it's not a daily drive (and these days I don't drive anywhere....)
  9. Looks pretty neat. what sensor do they use? Basically the same as what is on my bmw m20, except mine has 60 tooth (with 2 missing. I would try and use an OEM sensor of some kind. VR seems to be the most common and easiest to run, but hall effect is an option as well (needs power i think, ive no experience with hall effect)
  10. My k motor ran for some time with hardly any oil. I'm not convinced it needs oil.
  11. Is it tripping on over current or earthleakage? (Safety switch)
  12. ke70dave

    Good Feel Video

    yer i saw that popup the other day. They have a couple of other cool projects on their website. Great program.
  13. bit american...but this is cool.
  14. This may interest some of you, part 1 and 2 is out. I quite like this guys other videos.
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