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  1. Well i can tell you this much. I'm sick of sitting at home. This is the third week of working from home. I think i've left the house twice in that time. Internet is too damn slow, my work laptop has 3 VPN layers to to anything so it exaggerates the issue. And really its only the beginning of this shamozzle. e30 might even get de-registered as its unlikely to leave the garage before....christmas?
  2. Great to see it still looking so good.
  3. Surely by now every k engine has either been repurposed into a great wall or requires a rebuild.
  4. I put similar roof racks on the wifes forestor. Aldi 80bucks? the next day i put 300 fence palings on them. They are not as straight as they once were. but they didnt break! so next time i need to carry 350 palings i know im good.
  5. it is amazing how many things you find on top of your car once you install roof racks. Think "ill never really use them, but id better get them". nekminut every weekend something is on the roof! Since the suspension is Gt4 there should be some good options around.
  6. Not sure why but i haven't come across this thread before. Cool project! keep the updates rolling.
  7. I remember it too. 20V turbo yep, some photos in here. https://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/11448-ae71-20v-turbo/ Some names in that thread i haven't seen for a long time.
  8. Reality is mate there's not many people on here anymore unfortunately. You might have better luck on the faceballs groups. I wired a ca18det into an ae86 years ago, pretty simple. i think it was like 1 or two wires to connect for the Ecu power and main ignition power (and a ground or two, they are in the loom already). if the oem nissan loom is complete that is. and then you just have to sort out your fuel pump wiring separatutly and run the ecu fuel pump output through relay to run your fuel system. sounds easy eh?
  9. I assume there is a trade off to cooling ability when you do that?
  10. Woohoo! Muat be great to drive after so long. Looks like a good work space.
  11. hi mate, according to Chappel 's profile he has not been on the forum since November 25, 2018. If you wat to get in contact with him your only hope is sending him a personal message and he might get the email notifiation.
  12. Sounds like an exhaust leak to me. Probably blown out an exhaust gasket. The manifold ones are painful.
  13. Prolly something custom. Show the pictures to your painter and get them to do a test paint on something to see if you like it. Last time i painted a car i got like 4 different test pots mixed up before settling on a color.
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