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  1. How do 17yr old kids get 60k audis? I hear you on the auto thing. Brisbane traffic is getting rediculis and my commute is stop start half the week. Never thought I'd consider an auto.... Good to hear the xtrail worked out well.
  2. Ohhhh nice! Projects will continue!
  3. Woah blast from the past. So did you end up getting one parrot? and did it last 5yrs?
  4. Lots of great updates there. Anika is growing up fast! Ive used NPC a few times now, great company to deal with.
  5. Sadly I dont think rollaclub gets the traffic to have success selling stuff. might be better on gumtree or faceballs market place :/
  6. Minor update. I got some lower and much stiffer springs for the rear. Looks cooler and is much nicer to drive. No more bounce in the rear. And i went to the skid control "grip and slide" at lakeside last weekend. Loads of fun fooling about. Next upgrades will be tires!
  7. That doesn't sound too healthy..... how many k's on the engine? might be time for a head off and a trip to the machinist for a refresh. I'm sure its possible to adjust the cam shaft bucket shims in the car, but it mustn't be very much fun....
  8. I learnt very early on that their prices chosen to make GST easy calculated. ie 20+10% = $22, 30 +10% = $33. So when they ask "yer cool mate did we quote you on that", you just say "yer mate dude on they phone said 22bucks". I bought alot of stuff from them for 22bucks haha.
  9. BOSS wreckers, i used to live there during the ke70 days. they used to know be name...but were always suspicious as i was always buying stuff off random different cars for the ke70.... i dropped into there about 6 months ago, not many old cars left then, surprised they even had an ae95.
  10. Right well. Where did those 6 months go? Who knows. Ill tell you where they went painting the house. Would would have thought it would take so much effort to paint a house? Another 2 Saturdays and the house will be painted i reckon. Anyway, e30 has kept going. drive it to work a few times a week. Surprised my megasquirt install has given basically zero trouble. I make slight changes to the tune every now and then. get great fuel economy and it really is a dream to drive. love the baby 6 cylinder. Big news as of a few weeks ago, i picked up a second hand door to replace the dented door. Car costs have been on the low priority so took me a few years to finally find a white one from the early model that was in pretty good condition. picked this one up for $40. It does have a small rust bubble on it, but for $40 it will last me a few yrs. All that is left from the incident a few yrs ago (Read back a few pages...) is a new bonnet, its got a ding or two and is the wrong color.... I have a red one in the shed but that costs to much to get painted. I almost had a white one secured the other month, but upon further investigation the "slight rust" was basically "it was rusted to shit" so i left that one. I did buy a second hand subframe, plan is to weld on the brackets to allow toe and camber adjustment. but thats been in teh shed for a few weeks now. Maybe christmas holiday project 😐 anyway, here is a happy snap of when i washed it last weekend for the first time in...forever.
  11. Pretty close to the perfect size.
  12. Yer i am always amused by drifters in QLD removing the AC for the sake of a few HP. for gods sake its 40 degrees, put the AC on! haha Great story on the car though, lots of cool unique parts by they sounds of it. Carbon roof, delicious.
  13. Damn that tec arts car is cool. What is the story on it?
  14. The front lights will be standard size. I cant recall what size it is, but plenty of cars of the era came with the same size. In that size you can get either sealed beams (you cant change the bulb, the bulb is part of the light), or you can get ones that take a H4 bulb. Yrs ago when i did the quad conversion I put H4 bulbs in the outside lights (which are high and low beam), and just put sealed beams on the inside lights (high beam only). so on low beam the outside lights are on, and then on high beam all 4 lights came on. it was great for light. not sure if it was legal though (no MOT here) Got any more photos of your car? looks epic. i like the blue.
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