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  1. Just remember that you can do a cooling system pressure test to make sure the headgasket is not the issue. (if it gets that far) My mate has the kit, you put it on the radiator cap and there is a hand pump and you pump it up to whatever your radiator cap is. Let it sit for 30mins and see how it goes.
  2. Yer sounds the same as the old borg warner diff in the ke70 and whatever diff was in my suzuki sierra. I thought the S series and maybe even T series had a ratchet type mechanism that was auto adjustable. Once the pads wear a bit it ratchets up to the next adjustment click on its own. But i guess its not like you need to adjust them every day so not a big issue.
  3. Just catching up on a few posts here. looking good as always. Its interesting that you mention adjusting the rear brakes, are they not auto adjust? Just thinking about adjusting drum brakes gives me nightmares of those springs. Gawd those springs! If i never see drum brakes again it will be too soon.
  4. Just remember to take into account offset when you are comparing wheels. Going from 6" to 7" with the same offset is only 1/2" (12.5mm) extra protrusion which isnt that much. generally wheels will go up in offset the wider they get so it might not be as bad as you think. eg: 6" +20 and 7" +32 will sit the same on the guards. but the 7" will be closer to your suspension by 1" (25mm)
  5. Such even dramatic drop in compression almost leads me think about cam timing. You definitely had the cam belt and timing marks all lined up properly? 90 psi is terrible for any engine.
  6. Why are we talking about subarus? The "donuts" will be ceramic round things that fit into grooves where the manifolds join and is squished together when you tighten it up. Pretty common, my old 4age 4-2-1 oem extractors was like this. no need for a full stainless gasket like you have. If the manifolds do have the groove for the ceramic things to sit in. edit: just had a google and the ceramic things might be tapered and not require these for mentioned grooves. if you google "exhaust gasket donut" youll get the idea.
  7. That yellow paint is also on the hinges and the edge under the rear boot seal. And is it under the right tail light too? That pin striping looks fairly original unless someone went to great lengths to put it back on after a respray. Pretty neat looking car even if it has been repainted, and red is better than yellow....
  8. Great Photo! Bathurst must have been much more exciting with all the dirt on the track.
  9. On OPs profile: "LAST VISITED January 26, 2010" I don't think he is coming back man...
  10. 185 on a 7" would give you a bit of stretch like the orange car, nothing extreme. And is still a proper sized tyre. Each to their own of course, i cannot stand extremely skinny tyres on already skinny tyres. Looks ridiculous from the back. I can appreciate a bit of stretching on proper sized tyres/wheels...... but man when you see a 165 tyre "stretched" on a 6" wheel.......
  11. In theory yes. In reality the difference will be immesearable.
  12. 40bucks eh. not bad at all. I'm still not sure how i feel about kogan.
  13. Did you get a print out of the wheel alignment? there should be a before and after. The other option to camber tops is offset control arm bolts. You don't get as much adjustment though i don't think.
  14. Welcome Welcome, I think if you are going to go to the effort of putting a 3sfe in, you might as well put a 3sge in. Years and years ago there was someone on here with a rwd 3sfe in a corolla wagon. basically a custom everything job.
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