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  1. ke70dave

    Boingk's KE20

    Just came across this thread, great work so far. Given the age and where it had been sitting that car is in great shape! nice to see it being brought back to life. Those vinyl seats look really good. As for the smell. hows the hood lining? and what is living in the vents system?
  2. ke70dave

    Gearbox Oil on '81 Corolla KE70

    Back in my ke70 days i used the same stuff in gbox and diff, stinky bloody gear oil. Don't think it makes much difference. Argentina hey, where abouts?
  3. ke70dave

    Gearbox Oil on '81 Corolla KE70

    Don't over think it. I usually just consult the penrite oil product guide when looking at oils. 80w90 seems to be the go. Any brand you like. These days I generally just buy a brand name that is on special. Reality is any "Mineral manual gear oil" will do the trick. They all smell just as bad in gear oil
  4. ke70dave

    ST141 Corona Diff into KE70

    Where did the rumours come from? And why would you want to do it anyway? I doubt it. measure between the trailing arm mounts, the spring mounts and the shock absorber mounts. Id almost guarantee you'd have to cut and re-weld all of them. And the tailshaft will need probably need to be modified to work as well.
  5. ke70dave

    Youtube Video's

    Angry kp61.
  6. ke70dave

    KE30 CA18DET

    WOAH! nice work! The CA does not get alot of love. Good to see someone using one.
  7. ke70dave

    4AGE into 1992 Toyota Corolla Ultima

    Yeah that'll work. Did it a few yrs ago. The best part about doing what you are doing is that you have two of every part (your old car, and your new car), so you can put the better part on in every circumstance. Tedious though, unbolting and bolting on OEM shit is not exactly fun.... I cant rememebr all the specs but i thought the SX corolla had alot of good bits over the CSi, so i think youll end up swapping basically the entire car, pending how far you wanna go of course. We did did the same thing years ago with an SX ST162 celica. Had the lower model 3sfe car, and we got a smashed sx car with the 3sge engine. Swapped the lot. Hell of a lot of work!
  8. ke70dave

    The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

    For a second I thought you had bought another whole ae86!
  9. ke70dave

    Ke20 fuel line.

    I'd just go to the wreckers and find the smallest charcoal canister you can find off a modern car. Cost you not much. Bolt it in, connect it up to the pipe there and the other pipe to vacuum and you are done.
  10. ke70dave

    Jordo's Wagon

    This is sort of case of big engine with enough "car" to enable propolsion. I fear it will have similar driving characteristics to a fire cracker.
  11. ke70dave

    does anyone have a 4k-c turbo manifold

    yer if i recall correctly it was crazy tight but you could hardly tell the turbo was there!
  12. ke70dave

    KE20 alt wiring

    Well that was a surprise! That car looks freakin awesome. Well done.
  13. ke70dave


    That is a pretty damn good deal.
  14. ke70dave

    Corolla powered morris minor

    Great Projects. we're gonna need much higher quality photos of that dato ute! i'd love one of them.