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  1. The good old ae92. great cars. yours got a carby or efi? I would suggest a 20V or a 16V but holy moly the prices of 4ages have gone through the roof. Maybe a honda k24 😉
  2. oh nicely done. How do they offsets compare to the old ones? they look a bit more sunken in on the rear?
  3. My understanding (maybe right, maybe wrong) is that the issue with alternators is that their output changes with rpm...So the regulator is there to keep it in check across the whole rpm range. Alternator needs to be able to charge the battery from 850rpm (idle) and ~6000rpm (redline) without going over ~14volts (so you dont cook anything) Now Mr banjo will hopefully chime in here, but i believe the regulator varies the current in the rotor to regulate the output of the alternator. Looks like the current in the rotor is proportional to the current out put of the alternator (wiki gives an example of a 70a alternator may require a 7a rotor current). So perhaps this explains the difference in sizes in wiring you are seeing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternator_(automotive)#Field_regulation
  4. Thanks! photo is just taken on the phone of all things. but bit of christmas lights there makes it look pretty good. I bought a new Mic for the DSLR and did a bit of night testing a few months back. Not the most exciting video but gives an idea of the sound of the mighty 2.3L 6cr but perhaps i should make some more videos.... https://youtu.be/EdDi6myfYfk And For the first time in a while i have another update only 1 day after my last one. took the bonnet off last night to fix some dents that i have been meaning to fix for approximately......3 years. got a can of color matched paint done up and i sprayed some on the paper there and it looks close enough to me. Better than dents anyway.... I started bashing the dents last night but got in trouble for waking the kids. So ill see if i can get some bashing in before they go to bed tonight.... One of these days id like to get the whole car painted professionally, but that's going to have to until i have a spare $5k or so...so might be some time.
  5. One year on hey, and what a strange year it was. Covid has kept us all on our toes, strange working form home arrangements but we had a second child in February 2020. Working from home permanently was pretty great in seeing the family every day. I lost my job in july but was very lucky to find something else very quickly and it has a company car. I'm not allowed to drive the car for non-work purposes, but i can drive it home every day. so I sold my little Subaru Impreza runaround in july and I just use the e30 when required. (which isn't very often with the way things work at the moment) I don't even think i even changed the oil in 2020 in the e30. I did just buy some in the xmas sales so ill do that when i get a chance. In june i got a set of bridgestone RE003 for the car as they had a buy 3 get 4 deal going. The tyre size is a weird size of 205 55 r15. and hardly anyone makes a tyre in that size. Lots of people go 205 50 R15 that is quite common but it makes the rolling diameter a bit small for my liking. the Re003 are pretty damn sticky though and really transformed the car, sticky enough for cruising around. I think i might consider 16" wheels in the future as there just isnt many R15 options anymore. But given how long its going to be before it requires tyres again that might be a while! After a long drive on the highway in November last year I got sick of the stiffer springs in the back, and i put the oem springs back in but i took out the rubber spring pads which lowered it about 10mm and its actually pretty great. So the back is oem sport springs and the fronts are slightly lower king spring (which are only slightly stiffer than oem). I think it actually looks pretty good being slightly higher at the back (but not as high as what it was with the other king springs from a few pages back. raising the back slightly has also considerably reduced the negative camber and toe in so i dont need to get those correction kits anymore, so thats a plus. To counteract the now softer springs i picked up whiteline 3 way adjustable sway bar for $250 i think it was in the pre Christmas sales. OEM is the "mtech" one which is 14.5mm, so already the stiffest oem one. but this new one is 16mm. It has made a subtle but very nice difference even just on the softest setting. Can dive into corners with more confidence but no real change to comfort at all. the new swaybar bushes have probably also helped too. It seems to have really helped with the inside wheel spinning on tight corners. My steering wheel leather is in quite poor shape so i am considering getting something different. its 380mm that is on the big side so i don't want to get a 350mm, that would be too small as the steering ratio is simliar to that of a school bus. so i dunno what to do there. A nardi classic has always been my favourite wheel but might not suit the interior. Perhaps a nardi gara 3 would be nice with the padded centre and they come in 370mm. I have been keeping an eye on yahoo auction, at least we are buying almost 80yen now. Pending how things go i do plan to do some more skid pan events this year. so will report back when/if that ever happens. Anyway a couple of photos!
  6. Good to see some updates but not quite the best updates. hopefully the diabetes gets under control soon enough. That is a very strangene exhaust doovey. It it bolts on after the muffler wouldn't it stick out the back of the car heaps?
  7. Do not fear i still read the updates, but lacking in time to get the replies in! Good to see you are still enjoying this beast and also still enjoying living up north.
  8. I am excite. Hows ol mate with the self tappers. Got to be kidding.
  9. Yer looks similar i think. That says 100degc. Mine was definatly for hot oil so could be 150-200deg. But that stuff would do for what parrot wants (though it doesn't specifically mention vacuum)
  10. Years ago I bought some seriously gnarly high pressure and high vacuum and resistant to everything hose from a truck spares shop...it was red. I used it for an oil drain on a turbo though.
  11. Do we need a government in this crazy time? absolutely. Unfortunately i think the main issue we have lies with the Media. We are continually bombarded with covid related stuff that, for the general population who just gets their news from the media, are left confused due to the inconsistencies, confusion leads to frustration, and frustration leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering (bit dramatic, but i decided to include the yoda reference....) It seems (as well all already know), that every piece of information presented by any media is done so with some sort of bias. And then those in charge will modify the information they present to keep the media on their side and you end up with just bits and pieces of information spread around. and as you only see half hte picture all the time, perceived inconsistencies come up and all well and wel see paragraph 1. Even if you go looking for actual scientific information it is hidden away between opinions, biases, political games. I have family who work in the medial industry and i understand the risks but its just so disappointing to see a relatively small nation being so divided. You've got premiers playing political games over boarders, other premiers having a dig at them, i just don't think i've seen much evidence for "We are in this together" from the top. You Victorians are in a real pickle at the moment, but i think its worth questioning the numbers as ultimately the numbers are the thing that is being used to justify the actions of the government. I don't see much transparency. if they came out tomorrow and said "oh so the actual people who died of covid 19 is less than half the reported numbers, the rest all had *insert terrible disease* as well, would the restrictions/actions be different. Maybe. Maybe not. As someone who works in engineering so deals with risk analysis all day, it seems that there is not much actual consistent risk assessment going with restrictions. And im not sure who's fault this is. but rules are all over the place. some shops have rules, some do not. From the start i think the messages from the powers at be have been inconsistent, and it should surprise me, but i know how government departments, but its been quite an eye opener as to what level of communication you get in an event like this. And maybe there is more going on in the back ground, but as a casual observer it all looks quite disorganised. And the inconsistencies will only make people take it all less seriously. I actually don't see how we can return to any sort of normal without the vaccine, if it exists. and even then, the vaccine wont work on everyone, going to have to rely on herd immunity and all that, which will take time. So arguable we will be dealing with covid-19 for many years to come. Lastly, man i do not want to be in charge right now. Every decision is a "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. And even if you chooser the less or two evils using risk analysis techniques, the media will crucify you no matter what decision you make.
  12. Ok that's much better:) Nice touch on the badges. I like it.
  13. Died of covid. Died with covid. Small change, big difference.
  14. $20 can buy many peanuts! Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with what you are doing if you get them certified. Even fia cert is a good start. Without a cert they are only good for racing sims.
  15. Caldina cameos throughout! That looks like a super fun park. So many jumps.
  16. I work for a fuel's company and we love a good marketing campaign. The additives from a cleaning perspective have some merit. But any efi system basically pre ~2005 doesn't have the smarts to take advantage of additional octane over what it was originally tuned for. My e30 (1985.... but on megasquirt) I have tuned it on 98 (admitedly not on any dyno just by the feel of the pants). And I did put in 91 once and it certainly didn't like it that much. I mean it drove fine but the economy wasn't there or the throttle response. When you start playing with tuning engines its amazing the difference a degree or two makes. And this is how modern ecus take advantage of higher octane, i believe they actively increase timing slightly and listen for knock. Old ecus tend to have a maximum present timing and then just reduce that if knock is detected.
  17. You set your expectations too high.
  18. Nope. Spacer will make it worse. 8" is too big anyway. Aim for 7" with some decent 195 wide rubber.
  19. 15x8 0 will stick out 25mm more than the green car above (Assuming that is 15x8 +25), which i reckon will hit.....everything.
  20. Nicely done. For what its worth my bmw trigger wheel has its missing teeth 82deg btdc so 78 will work perfect!
  21. Plenty of places for water to go on that tyre. Should be a nice compromise for what you need it for. I recently got the cheapest Nankangs I could get for my daily drive subau impreza. And its amazing how much grip "normal" tyres have these days. Especially in the wet. Admitedly the tyres I pulled off both the e30 and subaru were very old and completely buggered. So its an unfair comparison I suppose:p
  22. Interesting to see what you think of those maxis. I bit the bullet and got some re003 for my e30 last week (as they about the only decent tyre that comes in 205 55 r15). Very impressed so far, but I hear they don't last very long. Luckily it's not a daily drive (and these days I don't drive anywhere....)
  23. Looks pretty neat. what sensor do they use? Basically the same as what is on my bmw m20, except mine has 60 tooth (with 2 missing. I would try and use an OEM sensor of some kind. VR seems to be the most common and easiest to run, but hall effect is an option as well (needs power i think, ive no experience with hall effect)
  24. My k motor ran for some time with hardly any oil. I'm not convinced it needs oil.
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