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  1. I wonder what the 3rz-fe is like in Na form, basically the spiritual successor to the 22re. came from the petrol hiluxs from about 1995 onwards. 2.7L too. people do silly things with them turbo, but NA they must be alright. unfortunately anything 4age, T50 and ae86 related is becoming quite hard to find, and if you do its $$ and still needs to be rebuilt!
  2. There's a million threads on the internet about ke70 fitment, and anything about ae86 is relevant too. check out rollaclub as well as ae86drivingclub. lots of old threads. Your chosen wheel size will be pushing it. 15x7+13 with a 195/50/R15 was about as far as i wanted to push it on mine back in the day. 13x6 -6 would sticks out another +6mm or so. It would be a close fit. should be ok on the front as you can add a bit of camber to tuck them in. rear though you might have to roll the guards a bit.
  3. gonna cost you a fortune to get that fixed professionally. you might have to chat to a car restoration place, rather than a panel beater. most panel beaters these days don't beat panels, just paint them. But based purely on those photos I reckon you could get most of it fixed in the backyard to at least back to a drivable state. Just gotta have a go, you can buy/borrow hydraulic porta powers fairly cheap - but youve got to be careful what you push off, as you don't want to bend somewhere else at the same time. Big lumps of wood and big hammers too. you can probably bash out the bumper too but its hard to fix creases in chrome. I dented the crease one on my e30 bumpers years ago, and i bashed it back into shape. most people cant tell, but if you look close there is still a crease.
  4. Crikey. Blast from the past. Eventually all the forums will disappear, and we will be back to individuals in sheds figuring stuff out on their own and not being bothered to tell anyone.
  5. How strong of a differential do you need? are you goin g for big power. Hilux diffs are extremely heavy, and i dont think is a wise chose ever. Really need to consider how much power you are going to make, and probably more importantly how what tire and how much of a moron you intend on driving. breaking diffs is not easy, even the oem one will put up with alot of abuse before it breaks. when considering ke70 diffs, remember they are the same as an ae86. here is my opinion of diffs ke70 diff - quite strong for most NA engines, but no LSDs available. (Except i think some really really rare TRD racing ones) ae86 Australian delivered diff - "S series" - drum brakes - no LSD options - some say weaker than the ke70 diff. but either way, not worth considering ae86 Japanese diffs - "T series" - available with both drums and disc brakes - oem lsds available, and many aftermarket - the disc one is probably the best option for most small capacity NA engines and even high powered ones if driven with some mechanical sympathy. T18 diff - drum brake version of the T series above - came in the toyota T18 in Australia - good option too. bloody rare these days. T series from other cars - Celica's, coronas. my knowledge is limited, but its the same diff as the ae86. not sure if it physically bolts in - gotta be close. Above all bolt in to a ke70. all the ones below are custom installs. cut off all the brackets, and weld on new ones in the right spot. Yr22 Torago diff - we put one of these in a mates ae86 many years ago - it takes an F series LSD from various oem Toyota cars from the 80s. i cant exactly recall. Altezza too I think. quite a big differential. huge drum brakes. really only suitable for high powered engines. You can put on disc brakes off some car as well some obscure corona or something. but finding one of these wont be easy, probably all been scrapped by now. Hilux diff - enormous diff - not sure on LSD availability. but think about it, its a diff designed to tow 3000kg caravans. could weigh 100kg. and a ke70 only weighs 800kg. just to big. R31 skyline diff. available with discs, a rubbish oem "cone" lsd. but there is an aftermarket KAAZ option. pretty good option for a ke70 i think. but all custom brakets etc. Volvos and alphas, i don't know to much about these, but there are plenty of 80s cars with live axel diffs that had LSDs, but its all custom. but i have seen volvo and alpha diffs used over the years. if you are really keen you can put any differential you like in, if you are happy to weld on the brackets in the right spot and get a custom drive shaft made. Remember you want the lightest differential possible that will put up with your task. as we are talking about unsprung weight here. the worst kind of weight. Also I haven't mentioned any diff lengths. that's one thing to consider with what wheels you are gonna run - physically fitting the wheels in the guards, as wel as legalities on track increase. You can shorten diffs, but you then need short axels etc. gets expensive fast.
  6. SAFC and stock ecu is pretty shit as you'll be chasing your tail as you don't really know what the oem ecu is doing...what happened to the megasquirt? I've got megasquirt on my e30 its a way better option than safc.
  7. Apparently I made this alomst 14years ago.. https://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/showthread.php/8255-UNDERCAR-surge-tank-KE70 I would do things a bit differently now i think but i think the general idea would suit you.
  8. Those lights are certainly unique! where did you get them?
  9. Well there is not too much too gearboxes, but unless you somehow manage to wrestle it free via the gear stick its going to be a gearbox removable and disassemble to fix it.
  10. Ooooh nice update. You wont know your self with Air conditioning, it revolutionised the use of my e30, I can now go places and not turn up sweaty. and living up north it would almost be mandatory. Im sure you have it all sorted but if you need misc AC parts this guy was super helpful. https://speedyairspares.com.au/ He's up your way too. He went over and above looking for E30 bits for me.
  11. I took my e30 bmw for a drive on sunday and just parked it out side in the spectator parking on the driver training track. It was a bit of a late decision to go to the asian day but i had a few hrs spare in the morning so the brother and went for a spin. Very impressive selection of cars on display. I sold my ke70 years ago, who knows why i still hang around! the white ae71 on track with the 1jz was impressive to see. The e30 is fun, but i still love old toyotas, and jap cars in general. The e30 got belted around lakeside at the last euro day. I think there is another one coming up ill be attending hopefully too. Rockhampton. Steve sounds very keen!
  12. I knew i had seen your car on here somewhere. I see you both attended the All asian day yesterday at lakeside. I had a good look over both cars, hung around to see if you were there but im sure you were wandering around like me too. Fantastic looking cars! Couple of sneaky photos I took. edit. wait a minute, this isnt the LHD one. does he own this "RHDke55" and "LHDke55"?
  13. why such big wheels? you really should stick to 14s or 15s on a ke70, unless you are building a show car or something. Youve got no chance of making them fit without serious modification, not to mention the legality of it. 15x6.5+23 on s13 gear really only just fit on my car with fairly comprehensively rolled front guards. yours will stick out a further 52mm than this. S13 front control arms are miles too long on ke70. I battled with it for years. R31 is a bit shorter and works better.
  14. I had a bit of a look and i cant find a listing, if it were me doing the job i would find something that fits pretty close and make a bracket to fit. you will probably need to get some hoses made to suit, but i dont suspect your oem hoses are much good anyway. "cool drive" is the company in Australia that seems to have the most aftermarket air conditinoing bits, here is the page in question, https://view.publitas.com/cooldrive-1/cooldrive-2014-air-conditioning-catalogue/page/327 No listing for ke70, but it has all the dimensions of others to see if they fit. actually i notice part number CN1191 in the above link is for ae86. I reckon that would be pretty damn close to ke70. check the dimensions on the car. unless of course you can find a 2nd hand AC condenser, but i dunno how many ke70s even came with AC, probably not too many. a wanted to buy advert on a few facebook groups might yeild something. also do you have an old one you are replacing? if its leaking you might be able to get it tig welded to fix the leak.
  15. What an awesome contraption. What sort of gearbox does it have? Old engine probably likes a thicker oil. 15w-40 or 20w 50 probably a bit closer. Depending on your climate. 10w 30 isn't going to kill it though. I wouldn't be too worried especially if you are just playing around with it for now. Maybe next time go a bit thicker. It might not be getting road heat but its also not going very fast so it might heat up more than you think. As for the PCV cant help you there, but banjos got you covered.
  16. The offset is a bit high for a ke70. You want closer to +10 for flush fitting yet stock guards. +28 might hit the strut too especially in 7.5 If you haven't bought the wheels yet i would look for something more suitable that you dont need spacers for. Here is some historic post that i mention that 15x6.5+23 hit the strut on my ke70, so your 7.5 +28 will definately hit. And here is a link to a heap of threads about ke70 wheels.
  17. Those civic radiators should be plenty of cooling capacity for the 4age. All the civic guys use them with their turbo B and K engines. I always wanted to put a small radiator like you have there and then an inter cooler on the other side. Side by side coolers. I reckon that would be neat packaging. What degree thermostat have you got in it? and does your fan temperature switch have a switching temperature stamped on it? You could always put in a lower temperature switch on your fan, if its currently 95deg, something like a 90deg might be better. This link here suggests that the oem fan switch temperature is "90 - 85 deg". A lower temp will mean the fan turns off and on more often when sitting in traffic, but it would keep your temp lower and more consistent https://www.ebay.com/itm/111952283977 You are more likely to get consistent temperatures with a clutch fan on the front of the engine, but theres nothing wrong with an electric fan just you will get these temperature gradients as the fan comes on/off. Arguably as long as you dont go over 100deg you are fine though.
  18. What is the purpose of Olympic edition anyway, 1984 Olympics were in Los Angeles?
  19. Yer well done on these repairs, fantastic stuff. One day id like to do something similar. Bringing a car back to life essentially - very cool.
  20. wow i havent been in here for a while. fantastic work. well done.
  21. That looks like the beginning of a perpetual motion machine.
  22. That blue ke70 is so cool. This may intest all of you also. A super cool nissan uk project. converting an old bluebird to electric using leaf components.
  23. Louis rossman on youtube is an apple repair man in new york but he is quite heavily involved with the right to repair shamozzle going on in USA at the moment. He also has quite interesting videos on fixing apple stuff. I don't think there will be a legal issue is DIYers being able to fix stuff, but its just going to be harder and harder to do it, parts locked down, or the proper software to do whatever to the system to make sure it all works again. I was chatting to a mate of mine who is into BA turbo ford falcons, and he has some fancy one, typhoon maybe?, i cant remember but he said he cant remove the OEM stereo and replace it without reprograming the ecu to allow it to work without it. Have to take it to a dealer. If you unplug the stereo without taking it to a dealer the car wont start. In 20yrs time will someone be able to resurect an old BA falcon with a broken stereo? is that software going to be able to be gotten? is ford going to help? doubt it!
  24. What are you gonna do about this? "It is required that the car be Dyno tuned by a professional to get maximum performance and proper air fuel mixture. The turbo kit does not include any fuel management system." If you want to play with this id personally recomend an aftermarket ECU first, get it running on your non turbo engine. learn how to tune it yourself. then once you have it running well non turbo, add the turbo. At the same time you can convert to distributorless ignition. Loads of options avaialble in terms of ECUs. the sprint 500 haltech is a good option if you want to buy new, its basically designed for 4cylinder engines. You also NEED a good wideband if you intend to DIY tune, and more importantly a good wide band controller. I personally prefer the Ballenger motorsports AFRv500.
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