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  1. looks alright to me! A little lower perhaps but not too much.
  2. What is the current RRP on a new one? can you even buy one at the moment? The idea of buying a car and selling it so soon seems absurd to me. Makes me think the seller was just "Seeing what they could get" without being committed to sell.
  3. That thing is gross. But i see plenty of crossovers around so it will probably sell quite well if it comes out.
  4. Ah yes a cavoodle. Id love one of them. turns out im alergic to dogs though. Even the parents poodle! damn you asthma.
  5. ol' mate with the ladder has a bit on there. That is a very fluffy dog. What sort of dog is that?
  6. I think i recall an automatic change from "dose" to "does". The mods playing fun games back in the day. "dose" being what the cool kids call the noises from a VL commodore with no blow off valve.
  7. nice one. Are you enjoying your microchips? (hopefully you realise this is a joke!)
  8. Something cool about transfer case instructions prominently shown. sort of a "this car means business" sign. 30yr old 6clr diesel non turbo. damn i bet that is slow! haha
  9. I think it will be quite the cult classic that car. super cool. Maybe i should put my nice shirt on and turn up at a toyota dealership and take one for a spin. Hey why I havent i thought of that before. I see the auction has cracked the 10k mark with 3hrs to go....
  10. Seems like 90% of those GRs went to "influences". You've got to build that hype! I have seen 2 of them out in the wild though. One in Ipswich and one on the highway half way between Ipswich and Brisbane. Ill take a GR yarris with the suit of Litchfield upgrades attached please.
  11. nice! sadly it seems photobucket has deleted all the old photos. looking forward to new ones:)
  12. Well things have progressed slowly. Attached you can see the setup i have come up with. Its a sanden SD5h09 compressor, grand total of $350 brand new. As opposed to my only other option was an R134a rebuild oem compression from USA, for $1600... Being a standard size i was able to buy those laser cut adjustable brackets from a company down in NSW that specialises in putting AC on things that dont come with AC. I then got a bit of 10mm steel and made up the plate. managed to drill 4 holes in the right place to bolt it on. All that is left is to weld it together and then clean up the bracket. You can see where ive started drawing the outline of where i might cut it off. But anyway, will update once its cold!
  13. Wagon cars are best cars. lookin' good loaded up. is the black around the front headlights oem? Its crazy how we have all gone mad for "SUVs" when they often have less space inside and worse handling characteristics. (I cant really comment we have a forester.....). back in the day i recall all the parents of friends had wagons. commodore and falcon of course, but camry, magna, skyline/pinyada, corona all popular in their day. Now its just weird mini 4wd things that aren't 4WD! and this was just the 90s. 70s and 80s all wagons! We are looking to swap out the forester for a 4wd to do some trips, but if we weren't i think id definitely be advocating for a wagon of sorts. all the benefits of a sedan with extra space convenience. and look at that shiny new fence!
  14. yep round the wrong way, fixed it up. I am almost there on the AC stuff. will get some photos at some stage. I ended up buying a generic Sanden modern compressor as new OEM just wasn't available anywhere and am half way through fabricating a bracket to mount it to the engine....picking up the last bit of steel tomorrow! All going well it might be complete over the weekend. The evaporator and condenser were determined to be acceptable by a local AC guy, he reckons once I have the compressor installed, just got to swap out the TX valve and put in a new dryer and it should be good to go. Which is good as it is SOO DAMN HOT lately.
  15. I saw a delorian the other day on the road. on the way to Victoria point up here in qld. Pretty unique car and story. Thats the end of my delorian story. As for the motivedvd xr6 turbo. I have sort of been following from the beginning, I was surprised they were able to buy one for ~3k. its basically a budget jzx100! right?:P
  16. haha i am not that committed! Pluss that looks to be an e92 convertible. yuck! haha rust to rust is actually chemically correct to. since steel starts out as iron oxide....ah i need a coffee. I suppose i should update on the dodgy dave's panel beating day. what started as "lets just take the bonnet" off resulted in the below. I ended up removing all of the AC components. with the intention of assessing condition and determining if they need to be replaced. someone has been playing in here (which is expected) and there is a huge miss match of parts. Looks like i am basically up for a new of everything. some notes: - mixture of original black orings (R12) and new green orings (R134a compliant) - funnily enough the green ones were found in the easy to get places, the black ones in the hard to get... - a generic R134a TX valve has been put in in place of the R12 one (will get a new one of these, genuine is about $70) - original full copper evaporator under the dash (very cool, as the new ones are all aluminium. Hopefully this is salvageable. I am going to remove it and clean it up. worst case some brazing will fix any damage) - This is going to be a pain in the ass to remove. as its designed to be easily accessible to LHD cars that don't have 3 pedals and a steering column in the way. - All but one hose is trashed. these hoses are all available brand new (around $140 each). they are on the exhaust side so its no wonder they perished. I might actually look into custom hoses as i would like to re-route the hoses if i can - they sort of get in the way of...everything. -Compressor original "made in west germany" R12 compliant -R134a pressure switch and receiver dryer - looks like the newest thing in the system - everything i read suggests to buy a new dryer/reciver - they only cost 60$ - condenser- looks to be original R12 tube and fin unit. its only a single pass where as the r134a ones are dual pass (cause r134a isn't as good as the atmospheric destroying delicious r12). Probably just get a new one of these as they only cost about $140. -condenser fan is original but it looks fine to me. I also realised recently that my condensor fan acts as a secondary cooling fan for the engine, with a 2 speed temp switch in the radiator giving two speeds of fan (ie turns on slow at X deg, and then goes fast when it gets to X deg.) there is a massive resistor on the fan that i assume does the slow speed. This has never worked as long as i have had it, and i have just relied on the mechanical engine fan. So this is something to investigate further. but anyway, i ended up removing most of the front end. Attacked it with degreaser and a scrubbing brush. gave the engine a good clean at the same time. Came up quite good. Painted that strip under the head lights, touched up the paint on the front valance thing (had surface rust around most edges). Put a different kidney grill on that i bought years ago. mine was quite broken and cracked. I also managed to straighten out the chrome bumper a little bit more. Its still not perfect. but its better than it was. I actually ran out of paint but this was the weekend when QLD had their lock down due to the....thing. So I did the best i could and put it all back together. The bonnet isn't perfect but its up to the point now where a bit of fillter in the dents will get it sorted. might see how enthusiastic i get after i finish this carport i am building at home....I do have a spray gun and a compressor here. but its a tiny compressor. Maybe an upgrade is in order Anyway, couple of photos of some old shitty AC bits that you might...enjoy? Best part is when you stand back about 10m you cant see any of the imperfections i'm talking about.
  17. The good old ae92. great cars. yours got a carby or efi? I would suggest a 20V or a 16V but holy moly the prices of 4ages have gone through the roof. Maybe a honda k24 😉
  18. oh nicely done. How do they offsets compare to the old ones? they look a bit more sunken in on the rear?
  19. My understanding (maybe right, maybe wrong) is that the issue with alternators is that their output changes with rpm...So the regulator is there to keep it in check across the whole rpm range. Alternator needs to be able to charge the battery from 850rpm (idle) and ~6000rpm (redline) without going over ~14volts (so you dont cook anything) Now Mr banjo will hopefully chime in here, but i believe the regulator varies the current in the rotor to regulate the output of the alternator. Looks like the current in the rotor is proportional to the current out put of the alternator (wiki gives an example of a 70a alternator may require a 7a rotor current). So perhaps this explains the difference in sizes in wiring you are seeing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternator_(automotive)#Field_regulation
  20. Thanks! photo is just taken on the phone of all things. but bit of christmas lights there makes it look pretty good. I bought a new Mic for the DSLR and did a bit of night testing a few months back. Not the most exciting video but gives an idea of the sound of the mighty 2.3L 6cr but perhaps i should make some more videos.... https://youtu.be/EdDi6myfYfk And For the first time in a while i have another update only 1 day after my last one. took the bonnet off last night to fix some dents that i have been meaning to fix for approximately......3 years. got a can of color matched paint done up and i sprayed some on the paper there and it looks close enough to me. Better than dents anyway.... I started bashing the dents last night but got in trouble for waking the kids. So ill see if i can get some bashing in before they go to bed tonight.... One of these days id like to get the whole car painted professionally, but that's going to have to until i have a spare $5k or so...so might be some time.
  21. One year on hey, and what a strange year it was. Covid has kept us all on our toes, strange working form home arrangements but we had a second child in February 2020. Working from home permanently was pretty great in seeing the family every day. I lost my job in july but was very lucky to find something else very quickly and it has a company car. I'm not allowed to drive the car for non-work purposes, but i can drive it home every day. so I sold my little Subaru Impreza runaround in july and I just use the e30 when required. (which isn't very often with the way things work at the moment) I don't even think i even changed the oil in 2020 in the e30. I did just buy some in the xmas sales so ill do that when i get a chance. In june i got a set of bridgestone RE003 for the car as they had a buy 3 get 4 deal going. The tyre size is a weird size of 205 55 r15. and hardly anyone makes a tyre in that size. Lots of people go 205 50 R15 that is quite common but it makes the rolling diameter a bit small for my liking. the Re003 are pretty damn sticky though and really transformed the car, sticky enough for cruising around. I think i might consider 16" wheels in the future as there just isnt many R15 options anymore. But given how long its going to be before it requires tyres again that might be a while! After a long drive on the highway in November last year I got sick of the stiffer springs in the back, and i put the oem springs back in but i took out the rubber spring pads which lowered it about 10mm and its actually pretty great. So the back is oem sport springs and the fronts are slightly lower king spring (which are only slightly stiffer than oem). I think it actually looks pretty good being slightly higher at the back (but not as high as what it was with the other king springs from a few pages back. raising the back slightly has also considerably reduced the negative camber and toe in so i dont need to get those correction kits anymore, so thats a plus. To counteract the now softer springs i picked up whiteline 3 way adjustable sway bar for $250 i think it was in the pre Christmas sales. OEM is the "mtech" one which is 14.5mm, so already the stiffest oem one. but this new one is 16mm. It has made a subtle but very nice difference even just on the softest setting. Can dive into corners with more confidence but no real change to comfort at all. the new swaybar bushes have probably also helped too. It seems to have really helped with the inside wheel spinning on tight corners. My steering wheel leather is in quite poor shape so i am considering getting something different. its 380mm that is on the big side so i don't want to get a 350mm, that would be too small as the steering ratio is simliar to that of a school bus. so i dunno what to do there. A nardi classic has always been my favourite wheel but might not suit the interior. Perhaps a nardi gara 3 would be nice with the padded centre and they come in 370mm. I have been keeping an eye on yahoo auction, at least we are buying almost 80yen now. Pending how things go i do plan to do some more skid pan events this year. so will report back when/if that ever happens. Anyway a couple of photos!
  22. Good to see some updates but not quite the best updates. hopefully the diabetes gets under control soon enough. That is a very strangene exhaust doovey. It it bolts on after the muffler wouldn't it stick out the back of the car heaps?
  23. Do not fear i still read the updates, but lacking in time to get the replies in! Good to see you are still enjoying this beast and also still enjoying living up north.
  24. I am excite. Hows ol mate with the self tappers. Got to be kidding.
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