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  1. Woohoo! Muat be great to drive after so long. Looks like a good work space.
  2. hi mate, according to Chappel 's profile he has not been on the forum since November 25, 2018. If you wat to get in contact with him your only hope is sending him a personal message and he might get the email notifiation.
  3. Sounds like an exhaust leak to me. Probably blown out an exhaust gasket. The manifold ones are painful.
  4. Prolly something custom. Show the pictures to your painter and get them to do a test paint on something to see if you like it. Last time i painted a car i got like 4 different test pots mixed up before settling on a color.
  5. No good to hear about your old man. Good to see the project continues regardless. I find projects help keep the mind at ease during difficult times.
  6. crikey moses, surely thats a garden ornament at best.
  7. where abouts are you located big G? and do you have any in darkish colours?
  8. ermmmm i suspect not since that post was over 7yrs ago.
  9. Welcome! This issue is common on these old toyotas, and probably old cars in general. A starter motor has the big thick wire that comes directly from the battery, and there is also a much smaller wire that goes to the starter solenoid. The issue seems to be the wiring to the starter solenoid develops a loose connection somewhere and it reduces the current capacity. So what happends is the starter solenoid clicks but doesn't go far enough in order to engage the starter. The solution is quite simple, you want to put a relay on the starter solenoid circuit. so the original 40yr old solenoid wiring turns the relay on, and the solenoid gets good clean current from the battery as well. I've done this to quite a few cars over the years. Do you know how to wire up a relay? if not i think theres a diagram around somewhere. if not i can draw it out. The other thing to check before doing this is that the main engine ground is in good condition.
  10. Well time goes on, Latest project has been changing the oil pump drive arrangement. My engine being the older style has a distributor in the side of the block, this distributor also drives the oil pump. Bit of an odd arrangment because the oil pump is actually in the sump driven off the drive shaft (as opposed to the pump being on the crank like alot of engines) Anyway crux of the story is ever since i have owned this engine i have had a very annoying vibration sound at about 2000rpm through to about 3000rpm. Loud enough that you can hear it if you rev it while stationary, but once you are moving you cant hear it. I actually identified the issue as being the distributor itself. However since i have converted to the LS1 coils on the megasquirt i dont need the distributor anymore! so i finally got around to tracking down the late model parts to remove the distributor (basically the distributor gear with a cap to block the hole. Removing and replacing the sump IN the car was a complete pain in the ass. IF you look closely you can see a strategically placed block of wood under the engine mount to make it possible. But eventually we got it done. I had a spare sump that i cleaned up, new gasket. Cleaned up the oil pump which was in pretty good condition. Got it all back together the other weekend and it all seems to work as it should, and best part is the annoying sound is gone! Have also been doing a bit more tuning, mainly on the Advanced acceleration enrichement in megasquirt. pretty interesting algorithm that tries to predict how much fuel is stuck on the walls of the cylinder and how much is sucked off the walls. its only minor adjustments (+/- ~5%) but it has made a good difference to how it drives. Anyway a couple of photos, as well as a cool wide angle photo for fun. You can see the block/crank/rods looks fairly crusty....and it was....so i made the executive decision to put the sump back on and forget about the crustyness.
  11. very cool. 14psi 2L must be a bit of a rocket. Now i want a Caldina.
  12. We waste enough money elsewhere to justify potentially wasting some money on alternate energy sources which, regardless of whether climate change is real or not, will have a positive impact on Australia. The issues we have is that the free market wont do it because its so easy to make oodles of money just doing the status quo. Dial that back a bit and maybe we will see industries make a change on their own. Im a mechanical engineer and i see lots of companies doing cool stuff, and all we do in Aus is mining (in general).. To be the point where alot of my collegues and friends have gone overseas just to get involved in these new industries. We cant just mine forever. Scientists are leaving Aus due to lack of opportunities just to research stuff. One of my mates moved to switzerland to do some kick ass research on CPU chips. No chance of that here. I'd love to talk about nuclear, but the media has done a good job of scaring the world about that so probably take another generation before places like AUS or the USA come around to that idea.
  13. I didn't realise how much i missed this thread. Don't really know what you are exactly saying there, My opinion is that the only people who don't benefit from climate change action is the big oil and coal companies profits (and thus gov donations). and remember i work for one of these and have worked in the industry for quite a few yrs now. An interesting comment about the pro climate action protestors being disruptive. the Anti-climate action protestors are literally inside the government buildings handing cheques to the government over expensive dinners. If we made a huge jump in climate action (whatever that means..what does it mean?), what is the worst that can happen? "non renewable" companies lose profit unless they pivot their business model and the gov lobbyists don't have as much money for donations. That doesn't sound so bad? Ignoring the potential climate change reversal, the upsides are good for everyone. Cleaner air, new industries get going, new major infrastructure projects that aren't roads or tunnels. Some general excitement doing something new and potentially innovative. there are so many alternative ways of doing things that we don't have the funding to research. CSIRO has no funding anymore, grants arent given to these kinds of things. silly really. There will always be peoples jobs who are effected by change, that's how the world works. No one cares now that all the horse shoe makers don't have a jobs anymore, or all the steam train factory workers don't have jobs anymore. Most if not all the people who are effected by industrial change will find new places to work. Remember I am one of these people, I'd find a new job somewhere. The media and politicians love to make it all about jobs, but in my opinion thats almost irrelevant to the discussion. You are talking about the jobs for people who might have ~40yrs left of work for the sake of the indefinite future of how we do things. But then again, our politicians are only capable of seeing as far as the next election into the future (less than 2yrs due to how long it takes for them to get going and then the campaign starts), so i don't have alot of hope for anything happening except arguing to be honest.
  14. These are an interesting car for sure, see them around more than you'd expect. There is actually one parked somewhat abandoned near me.... Are these things basically a gt4 celica underneith? 3sgte? id love a 3sgte one day, cool engine by toyota.
  15. That looks pretty great. That dashboard looks awesome. Plenty of upgrade options from camshafts, to carbies, to 2TG swaps all the way up to SR20 swaps. and I personally would look at putting the 2TG efi on the 2tc. if you can find the bits easy enough in your region. But yer all these options rely on a level of DIY to keep the costs below astronimical.
  16. Those twin IDAs on the k motor looks awesome! I quite like the look of the welded version, woudlnt be too hard to make?
  17. This really is a window into your life parrot. (hah! get it?!?)
  18. How do 17yr old kids get 60k audis? I hear you on the auto thing. Brisbane traffic is getting rediculis and my commute is stop start half the week. Never thought I'd consider an auto.... Good to hear the xtrail worked out well.
  19. Ohhhh nice! Projects will continue!
  20. Woah blast from the past. So did you end up getting one parrot? and did it last 5yrs?
  21. Lots of great updates there. Anika is growing up fast! Ive used NPC a few times now, great company to deal with.
  22. Sadly I dont think rollaclub gets the traffic to have success selling stuff. might be better on gumtree or faceballs market place :/
  23. Minor update. I got some lower and much stiffer springs for the rear. Looks cooler and is much nicer to drive. No more bounce in the rear. And i went to the skid control "grip and slide" at lakeside last weekend. Loads of fun fooling about. Next upgrades will be tires!
  24. That doesn't sound too healthy..... how many k's on the engine? might be time for a head off and a trip to the machinist for a refresh. I'm sure its possible to adjust the cam shaft bucket shims in the car, but it mustn't be very much fun....
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