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  1. Ended up getting it sorted The alternator wasn’t grounded very well, gave it a good ground and the issue went away.
  2. Unplugged that charge wire and now it turns off fine. But now ofc the charge light doesn’t work
  3. Yes i disconnected the regulator box and connected the charge light from the alt to the middle bottom row pin of the plug that used to connect to the box. Charge light comes on when key is in on positon and disappears when started. It comes back on when moved to acc and off though the engine keeps running
  4. I've just changed from the external regulated denso to the interal reg Bosh. The alternator runs great and the charge light works. However the ignition wont turn off now that ive removed the external reg. The relay works well if i turn it to on and back off, but if i start the car it wont turn off? What am i missing?
  5. Looking for a 7K EFI manifold location Brisbane
  6. Just took my rolla for trip from Brisbane to Melbourne and back, and just noticed my intake manifold was cracked. I have a spare 5k manifold, but ive noticed the ports are larger on it. Would i have to port match on the head to use it or do i need to find another 4k one?
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