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  1. Yes it will be the BW68. Most folks would weld it. Its not a diff that is highly praised despite being pretty tough up to a point. Ive seen one come out from behind a ca18 with smashed axles, so it would be tough enough for na motor thats not too torquey but I would recommend getting it upgraded to something bigger if you want the car to be reliable as possible. Especially considering the more brutal loads transferred without any sort of torque metering of an lsd. Which engine are you playing with?
  2. For which diff? Borg Warner. Its called a BW68. Nothing seems available. If you have a T diff there's midget racecars in us that use T series Zenki, and have mini spools available.
  3. They can buy a new window reg but its 3 weeks plus ex Japan so Im just waiting for that to come in. Drove to Goldy with a mate in this and played Royal Pines Gold Course twice. Bloody top weekend. Car went good. Put it onto closed loop, and it went nice and smooth. Only issue was its so low I'm about 20mm off the bump stops. Add in the spare, basic tools, two golf bags, luggage and two dudes, and you find you dont really have suspension. That said, I found it really cruisy and comfy on the highway.
  4. Ive got approval now for the repairs to the door, and window regulator, that were damaged in the attack. I also ran over something so they will check out under the car and see also. I just had the rear section of the exhaust remade with a 2.5 inch Magnaflow hi flow catalytic converter, resonator just before the diff, and the same muffler and tip. Main reason being because there was some tension in the pipe because of how the engine has been repositioned over time, especially cause the gearbox crossmember mounts the gearbox as high as possible, and also now that the car is lower than ever, I was having issues with the exhaust hitting the diff and panhard rod. That now has a reshaped area, still made with mandrel bends, that gives the clearance needed. Havent noticed a difference with the cat as far as power goes, but the car seems a bit smoother where it used to have reversion. Will have to see how the afrs go and make some changes as needed. I did a fair bit of research before fitting a cat, and just decided it was worth it after all the defect bullshit Ive had this year.
  5. You can probably buy one from Just JDM in QLD, but I dont know where else except maybe Corolla Spares in Sydney. Begs the question, whats the engine?
  6. Theres a rwd 3sfe in a spacia van if you can find one.
  7. Its a G254 diff code. This would mean its a G series so the size is 8 inch, the 25 refers to the ratio so this would mean its a 4.556:1 and the 4 means its a 4 pinion open centre. This is the stronger open centre design of the 2 they made. Heres a list of known G series cars and what they had, as a starting point for finding an lsd. http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/showthread.php/26905-G-series-Diff-info-Discussion
  8. Looking good mate. What size is the diff? Whats the diff code on the 4 runner firewall? Is it already an LSD?
  9. Election looking bleak. Neither party will stand up for Australia against globalism. Labour wants to send your money away to the carbon gods, and Liberals want to forgo tax income to help out big business, and neither party gives a fuck who we elect or why, its already become an over reaching beurocracy that fucks everything up no matter what the citizens think. Its actually time for a revolution. Then they go and call an election for a weekend Im away playing Golf. This governemnt is just completley pointless.
  10. Yeah man its been pretty hard to fathom, and Im pretty resilient. Have now noticed a dent in the drivers door from the guys knee, and I dunno what we ran over but the cars steering feels wierd. It will be assessed soon and Ill have a plan of action for getting it fixed. Shannons has been really good about getting it looked at. Because the assailants are both known Identities and have been charged by Police, there is no excess to pay. Ive made my statements to Police, who, due to the nature and severity of the crime, have fast tracked the court process. Its nice to see some real action towards justice this time. When I was king hit and had my nose broken I got no help from Police at all.
  11. I think they both fled but the mexican gangster looking fella managed to hurt himself fleeing and was immobile I later found out.
  12. 11:1, fettle with the head. I was driving this car when I was flagged down and robbed on Sunday afternoon. Bloke runs out kinda friendly near my home up the other end of my street from a bike path, at first looks like a jogger. Thin white guy light brown hair bout 6 feet tall. As I slow up I get a vibe, so as I pull up cause hes on the road in front of me I cover the keys, and accidentally bump the thing off as it stops. Second guy looks like a mexican gangster appears. First guy jumps straight to the open drivers window. Says hello like a Bogan would, I smell alcohol, then he just kinda tries to shake my hand and snatches the wallet off the seat next to me. It has 230 bucks in it that I need. I start on him like give me that cash back NOW. He snatches the cash out and goes around the car talking shit like what you gonna do about it cunt. I dont want him to get away so I just jump out, which is met with do something cunt, so I rip out the Samsung7, double tap and snap and this pisses them right off. Demands for my phone are now met with my demands for cash, all kinds of threats to kill me. Mexican gangster tries to come around behind me while the other guys shaping up to me, I move so that the two guys are always in front of me. I shoved the first guy back a bit, that was abgout as violent as it got from me, but now the first guy wants the phone badly. We kinda get away from the car at this point, which is sitting with the keys in it, so I jump back in and the pair of cunts came back to get me cornered in the car and take the phone off me. Im talking all kinds of shit to the first guy, but not bad stuff, just messing with his head, appealing to his conscience and shit, and then I say, if you just give me the cash back your 100 percent. He impulsively pulls out the cash and throws 150 bucks back into the car. I start the car, and Im like give me the rest of it and your good, and the other guy reaches in and chokes me while Im sitting in the car, obviously bummed that old mate is giving cash back as the second guy I think knows hes not in a photo cuse of where he was standing. Anyhow, he screams some mad dog shit like I should kill you your a meth dealer my girl died of meth. Then he stops trying to choke me after about 15 or 20 seconds of this mad dogging and the other guy gives me another 20 bucks back, so hes got 60 left, and Ive got 170 back in the car with me now, and I still havent given up the photo. So Im like fuck it Im doing alright now, and I make an attempt to snatch the last 60 bucks cash from the cunts hand but narrowly miss, and this pisses him off so I throw it in gear and smash the throttle, but he jumps in the window legs dragging hollywood style, so hes like arms locked for survival, and Im swerving all over, tyres lit, trying to find something to wipe him out on, and Im shoving his face with my spare hand, and he need 2 to live, and Im yelling fucking jump out cunt, and hes like I cant slow down and Im like fuck you let got, and hes likeI cant, so I slow to where he might be ok if he lets go, but he looks more like hes gonna try and free up a hand and do something, so I smash throttle again and by now were 100 metres up the road, around the corner in front of the traisn station, so I blazed along the road, and slowed a little to give him a slight opportunity to bail and off he goes, tucked and rolled. I never looked back, Im like not a scratch or dent on me or the car, only lost 60 bucks and didnt have to fist fight two drunk meth heads so lifes good. Was within site of home, so I went a few blocks away, pulled up, 000, cops came grabbed the second one up that choked thretened and robbed me, luckily the one I didnt have a photo of. Shared photo with cops, they know the guy already so now hes on a warrant to be picked up soon. Two positive IDs of suspects made including photo line ups, car has been printed, Is covered in dust, I now own a CSI suit. Lost 60 bucks, me and the car are fine. Im getting a gun. Thats the next mod.
  13. Went for a shakedown drive in the hills. Car performed great. Nothing leaked. The small weep of oil at the sandwich plate has stopped itself after a heat cycle. Got the water to 101C and the oil to 110C. It was a very hot day ideal for testing thermal maximums. It held in there, and cooled quickly when I backed off and went down the other side of the range. I can induce scrubbing on the arches from hard driving quite easily, more on the front. I need to do some more gaurd rolling. Shits tucked and all but I still have the stock metal lip in the arches.
  14. Wheel alignment done, zero toe, -2.7 camber and 3.4 caster. Oil cooler working great, sits about 95 in traffic, 105 or less when you thrash it! Just hot enough to evaporate any condensation inside the engine. Lowered a bit more to even out the heights. Stopped on the next street over and met a bunch of dudes there working on JDM cars, miatas and rb30 skyline wags mostly.
  15. My 85 RA65 had the original spare in the car, on an alloy rim too. Someone really took care of that thing. You can tell by the date stamp on the tyre when it was made. Look for a month year tag somewhere.
  16. OK, I have a had a couple of drives on the new motor. Feels freer and a touch less fresh and tight than the newer engine, but not much really. Still pretty awesome. I have completed the oil cooler setup. I went with a 25 row oil cooler - $88 generic that was the same as the branded ones but half the price. Speedflow -10 lines, so 16mm roughly. Mishimoto Thermostatic sandwich plate with 185 degree F thermostat. Couple of m20 to dash 10 adapters in the plate with sealing washers. Made my own speedflow style lines from a mixture of stealth and speedflow fittings. Went with the all black Nylon Braid hose with r6 rubber lining. Needed 2x 90 degrees at the cooler, and 2x 45 degrees off the take-off plate. Took it for a test drive, and seems good, oil pressure takes about 1 second more to build up than before, but the cooler stays fullof oil the way it sits so its minimised. Total cost - Cooler $88 Takeoff plate - $199 Washers m20 - $1.5 M20 to dash 10 adapters x 2 $38 Lines (3m) and speedflow/stealth fittings x 4 - $238 Total - $564.5 Mounted it off a little bracket I found, cut down and attached to the headlight bracket. Also used a threaded female m8 to 6 adapter post as the mount on the lower crossbar. For how strong it is, I dont think I could have used less metal to fit it.
  17. Got the new engine all sorted and rwd converted. Its installed and running, just bled the cooling system. Seems just like the old motor so far. Was able to just use the ecu temp sender in the head, instead of the one in the big outflow pipe. The plug reaches perfect and there's plenty of room, unless you want to run a heater. Otherwise its much the same except that the heater plug in the back of the head is a bigger size, seems Toyota ran a different sized hole in there on the other motor. It tapped perfect to an m16 on the first engine, this one needed to be m18. Had to dash over to auto-barn Virginia and buy a cap yesterday to close it up. Every hose clamp I undid was redone with a new Norma clamp. Still have to fix the broken idle controller plug, its taped on. Loctited all the engine mount to block bolts. Used ARP flywheel bolts, pro series 200000psi rated. Re used the spigot bearing and throw out bearings as they were just fine. Did a better job routing and securing the fuel feed and breather lines. Bent it over where its supposed to go and got it into the stock mounts, as I had some of the little rubber spacers saved up from a jdm ae86 that had 8mm feed line. Changed the efi feed hose out as it needed to be longer. Took the rail and injectors out as a set and put them in the current motor. Figured this would make the tune as accurate as possible. Tweaked the front bar to lessen the gappy look created by the shitty front right chassis rail. Pulled the rad support a bit so the headlights lined up better. Depressingly found a 20 cent patch of rust each side coming through in the bay. The classic spot where they always get rusty at the lower inside area of the strut towers. I think once the other motor is built and sitting there at 11:1, I'll have to take this engine out and fix it all properly, tug the rail out, fix the rust, the front lower crossbar is a bit sad also. Not rusty, just flogged and scabby. Car looks 8/10 from the top, and about 4/10 from underneath. It really needs flipping over and going over properly some day. I think that will have to wait till after I buy a house and build a shed though.
  18. A few photos that would help people with a 2az conversion.
  19. Pulled the engine today. Ports were very clean. Head was clean and sludge free. Left the trans in the car, and found it much easier than pulling both, all the bellhousing bolts are easy to get to, and the starter just rests to the side. Started rwding the new motor. Fitted the top cover, fuel rail, heater line, and thermostat housing. I think Im going to paint a few things while its apart and re route a couple of things. Only broke one thing, the idle controller plug crumbled in my hand. Its absolutely worth every cent to get an engine leveller. So much safer and easier to remove an engine.
  20. Does anyone have a metal lathe in Brisbane? I have a minor turning job to do to adjust the dimensions of my oil sandwhich plate bolt.
  21. Took a spin up to Bribie Island. Wheel alignment seems good, albeit with wheel slightly to the left, but not annoying and near enough to centre. After mostly around town driving, and the squirt on the highway up to Bribie, it averaged 10.25klm per litre.
  22. and a priceless ae86 halfcut on top...
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