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  1. Fellas, Does anyone know where i could find a Vacuum Diagram for the 3k and 4k engines?
  2. Hey guys, Working on my 79' Corolla. Previous owner has replaced the 4K-C engine with a 3K engine. Everything is connected correctly and have checked everything 100 times. Now, everytime i start her up, she runs well but as soon i put her in drive it stalls. Been trying to adjust the idle screw, but don't get much of a response from the motor. Has anyone got an idea of how the vacuum setup differs between the 4K-C engine and the 3K engine. If so can you suggest a diagram to follow to make sure it is all connected in the right spot. Or could this just be a completely different issue all together? And has anyone got a clue how to decode the engine number, so i can figure out a manufacturing year? Cheers fellas.
  3. Thanks a lot guys!
  4. Alright, I'm new to this so please go easy. I have purchased a 1979 Toyota Corolla about 2 weeks ago. After fiddling around i have found out that the engine is actually a 3K engine. So the previous owner has tried to swap the engine over. The engine starts and runs fine. What my main concern is whether the transmission from the 4k engine is suitable to the 3k engine. Or will i need to swap over the transmission too?
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