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  1. Everyone needs a runabout to help preserve their baby so here's one for you $800 with rego to Jan, 2001 corolla ascent. Has a bluetooth head unit but that's about all that's attractive about it. Body is not great, has had some interaction with fixed objects and I touched it up the bumper once with Supercheap paint that was meant to be colour matched. When I put the bumper back on found out it was the wrong shade. 5 spd still feels ok. 212,000km, cam belt changed at 196,000 Clutch is starting to slip under high load and the check engine light is on. I haven't the time nor enthusiasm to fix the little issues. Was my daily until I got my Crown PM me if interested
  2. Bump. $250 For the lot plus a good condition grill and bonnet trim
  3. I have a few parts for sale. good condition 73 tail lights, $100 for pair good condition front and rear glass $100 for both Gasket/seals for a 3k, $75 (i think it's $100+ new) In Fern Bay NSW
  4. My brother in law in the UK is looking at this. I never knew these existed, looks fun https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201806077260764?model=COROLLA&radius=25&make=TOYOTA&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=sponsored&price-from=500&postcode=de742sa&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&page=2
  5. FYI i'm keeping the hub caps now though
  6. Can't find the headlight screws so cable tied them in, then the grill etc. won't fit. Still one seat to reinstall but otherwise she's ready to go $2,500
  7. Hi, How much with postage to Newcastle?
  8. Now running. Will post updated photos once all the panels etc. are back on
  9. starting to put it back together. In the next 3 weeks or so it'll be running again then onto gumtree etc.
  10. Thanks, i'm on the look out for new weather seals etc. Wary of the ebay ones, anyone know where best to get window and door seals from? Also the seal around the windsheild is pretty buggered. Thinking of just getting obriens or similar out to redo it.
  11. This is the reason i'm selling the ke20. Found this 25 on gumtree and had to get it Had a 4k with 32/36 weber, ke30 seats, 2" exhaust but otherwise stock. I got yokohama a539s for my hoshinos and slapped them on. Plans are just to slowly renew the thing but otherwise keep as is. Photos
  12. How much for the radio/heater dash section?
  13. Try this link https://imgur.com/a/ovota Also the interior (new) has been sold. I'll be keeping one set of the front seats shown. Price dropped to $2,500 for The car Standard 3k motor and k40 box with new gaskets for motor New weather seals (came with car, don't know where from) Full set of original hub caps in average condition Perfect dash pad and radio blanking plate in place Under dash shelf Venetians and visor!! Full set of locks and ignition and two keys (currently has separate keys for driver's door and ignition) Spare grill Spare seats for the back Spare tail lights Spare front and rear glass. And other spares that I can find but no longer want.
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