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  1. Thank you for the response i have been away for a long time but now back on the project.
  2. Does anyone know of the famous orange paint code used on te27
  3. H does anyone know where i can get a pair of control arms for ke25 I'm based in UK
  4. what corollas share same bits as ke25 as an upgrade in terms of suspension. but still keepin the 4 stud
  5. sorry to jump on this, I'm doing the same conversion and i want info on the gearbox positioning, styler, R31 'stumpy' box would that fit in the stock position in terms of lever
  6. Hi what are the options for powersteering for ke25 1972
  7. Woooaaaa what have i got my self into, theirs a couple of guys in Thailand asking £660 for the 3 gauge dash part, thats a joke are people for real.
  8. Thanks parrot, i joined on the proxy sites lets see the luck and as far as upping the game goes i was gona catch a flight to japan i use to go alot bring cars back its been a while now tho.
  9. Ye your right that spanish guys messaged me on different emails, yahoo japan i checked that its in japanese
  10. Topman thanks for the insight, i have a few links all over the world in regards the retro jap cars and I'm 100% with you on that the prices are next level its funny because here in UK these cars are worth nothing. but a mans gota do what a mans gota do and I'm going to complete the project as i set out to do but I'm actually a BMW man with the e28 alpinas rare as hens teeth but the parts for that are no where near as expensive as this corolla... The man in spain is that garagetoyota.com
  11. so how do i go buy getting that bonnet
  12. are the bonnets different on the te27
  13. I'm going to sound like a novice thats exactly what i am at this point with the ke25's, on some i have seen bonnets with a lip were as mine is flat what options are they
  14. Not common at all in uk in fact theirs hardly any.
  15. Thanks guys appreciated, and yes it is a twin carb original, but i have plans on upgrading and yes more pics will follow the media blasting has been done and i will update pics of the progress, any suggestions will be more then appreciated.
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