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  1. Bump Price is negotiable :2thumbs: Please PM me
  2. Nah but thanks for the offer mate, I'm looking at getting a WRX.
  3. Hey mate, I've got a ke35 corolla for sale if your interested. Check it out here I'm from Wollongong, south of Sydney
  4. Mickoolz


    Nice buy mate, there's so much you can do. Just depends where you wanna take it and how much you wanna spend.
  5. Thanks dude, glad you like it :wink: I love the classic look over modern anyday :hmm: So I think I'm gonna put her in to get the Vl diff fitted just so I know it'll be strong enough if I decided to go turbo or Supercharge in the near future. Only downside, Profab are full for the next 2 weeks so it's gonna be off the road for a little while longer :y: I'll keep yaz posted
  6. Last Sunday I took my corolla for a drive and got as far as Kiama (about 20 mins drive from home) and by the time I got there my diff was F$%ked. So the time has come to seriously consider a diff upgrade! I just don't know which way to go? I've been contemplating getting a shortened commodore diff installed. I've been talking to the guys at pro-fab and they tell me if I supply the diff it'll be around $2k - $2.5K. A mate of mine has a vl diff he said I can have for $200. I reckon it's a bit of an overkill for the time being but I'm considering a 4AGTE or 4AGZE in the future so I want something that's gonna hold up! Another option would be a hilux diff, I'm lead to believe I will still need to get the mounts re-welded, but I don't know how strong these are and if I'll need to get them shortened etc. :sob: Can anyone help with my decision making? :sob:
  7. Hey Shaun, thanks for the reply. I've been contemplating putting the broken one back in and getting it towed to pro-fab so they can fit me a shorten commodore diff. Only thing is I don't know how soon I can book it in so I might need a stocker for the meantime to get around. So where abouts is pickapart? Yeah the borg and banjo need different tailshafts and mine is different again coz i have a t50 sprinter box. Cheers, Mick.
  8. Parts Desired: Banjo Diff centre for Ke30 - 55 Location: Wollongong Contact: PM, Email [email protected] Needed asap as it's my daily driver. PM or email me so I'm aware of your reply, thanks.
  9. Yeah the tab and bolt are in place n it just feels a little wobbly. I dunno, maybe it's the wrong gear. Might have to take it to the pro's to get it sussed out. Thanks heaps for the help mate :P
  10. Thanks for the info dude. My cable seemed to flow freely when I had it out and to what I thought it had no tight bends in it. One thing I did notice tho was when we had the gearbox out the speedo seemed a little loose when it was bolted on. I'm not sure how tight they're suppose to be in the housing but do you think if there is too much movement that it's a possibility the gear could jam and get chewed?
  11. Hey guys just wondering if anyone can help me out. My speedo stopped working a little while back so my brother and I pulled out the drive gear and low and behold the nylon gear was chewed up in the middle, like a half moon shape. So we replaced it with the same gear. It only lasted a week, if that, and is chewed again. After doing a little bit of research I'm lead to believe it may be the wrong speedo worm drive ratio. Is it possible to tell how to figure out the correct speedo worm drive ratio just by looking at the worm gear or is it a matter of pulling the worm gear out and matching it to the drive gear??? I'm lead to believe there a few different ratios as such 5 x 19, 6 x 20, 6 x 22 meaning 5 starts on the worm gear and 19 teeth on the drive gear etc.... My drive gear had 20 and 9, or was it a 6, embossed on the end of the gear. Any help would be much appreciated :lol:
  12. Is this the same Nic that looked at the car a few weekends ago?
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