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  1. lose the hang ring and front lip, swap the mirrors out for factory items (if you can even find them). the best thing about Coronas is SAPOL don't care about them yet. make it stand out less > drive more.
  2. this has potential.
  3. far out this is perfect
  4. 7J +/-0 will fit stock guards but 15"s are enormous under a KE20
  5. benzo


    ^ spotted willow green KE20 on Port rd last weekend. low. gunmetal Watanabes. "JDM as f**k" sticker.
  6. yeah man driving the 14 down. don't know if I will even have rear guards in time you'll be fine haha
  7. yeah sick man! sooo clean I'm hoping to make some progress on mine after AJD
  8. benzo


    ^yeah dude. apparently it's been down here for a few years workshop tuning my 14 know the owner
  9. I would pay good money for it as is and I wouldn't be alone.. don't ruin it with a rotor
  10. back in a 20 -stock KE30 3K with a bit of an exhaust -4 speed -KE30 hubs/brakes/machined axles -13x6 Jellybeans 185/70 not many plans it's a cheap daily. TA22 fender mirrors, drop, 13x6.5 Mk3, 165/60 currently making few repairs
  11. and yeah the top one blzbub posted is my friend Elliots old car. Had a set of my old wheels 13x8 -13 Mk2, 13x8 -7 Mk1. 185/60 Falken, rears were just 165 and 175/70 randos from memory
  12. 13x8 -13 Mk2. 175/60 AD06 Neova and N2000. Crossmember was 25mm, exhaust tucked to floor/tunnel.. Small diameter wheels WORK.
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