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  1. your first problem will be diff hitting floor where the bump stop is before the low height i'd reset leafs and raise floor where diff centre is before even thinking about coilovers. how much drop do you want? ive gone about 2'' on 13's and have about inch and a half till bump stop if i was running 14's with 60 profile it would be tucking tyre.
  2. I'd see if you can change the setting a little milder less aggressive setting it won't mean it will lock up less just more progressive. Tyres I'm running Advan AD05/AD06 & rear Falken Zeix ZE 912 both 175 60 R13
  3. I run a 2way in a ke20 and have none of these problems maybe yours is tighter than mine, can the torque setting be adjusted on your LSD?
  4. Haven't updated this in aver a year haha, haven't build the motor yet been spending $ elsewhere. Just been driving it a lot, chucked in another cheep 4K with shaved head because i cracked the block on the old one. Repainted my grill,trims etc in a nicer silver and 2 toned some bits to make it look less like i just sprayed everything shitty silver. will go full ke25 front once i track down a few bits I need. Photobucket's ʞ©$ɟing up so ill update pics later
  5. can get you pics of 55 and 70 gbox tonight if you like
  6. if either 13's or 14's go for a 60 profile IMO maybe 55's on a 14 if its a e10 or e20 chassis
  7. Thanks, I have the shifter and am aware the location changes. Have a 55 box that i want to put the 70 housing on as my 20 is already set for 70 box plus i like the 70 location more. So i may have a 55 extension housing and shifter for sale soon...
  8. To swap ke70 extension housing onto ke55 or vice versa is it just a straight swap of housings and it will shift fine or will there need to be adjustments to any linkages inside ?
  9. With out looking into it I'd say the techno toy TE27 coil overs would just be AE86 coil overs as TE27 share the same steering knuckle bolt spacing as AE86. KE20/30 etc have different bolt spacing
  10. wagn


    been dailying my sisters pulsar the last few weeks
  11. wagn


    I drive my ke20 almost daily in that area :laff:
  12. If you want to spend aprox $1000 on something that won't last KP61 6inch TRD 2 way LSD will bolt in a jap banjo diff, it'd be a shame to ruin good hard to find parts tho. With 250RWK+ it will just either stretch the bearing caps or smash crown & pinions then you're just putting broken metal thru a LSD that is very hard to find rebuild kits for. That money would be better spent on diff conversion. run 13's or something with the bigger diff if you want stock look get crown hubcaps or what ever they are.
  13. Nothing bolt in will cope with 250 Kw. Theres an LSD option but its not cheap or easily obtainable and it's not built to take that much power anyway.
  14. wagn


    Saw you parked at southport a few weeks back now
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