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  1. ke2020

    Ke26 Wagon

    Hay guys looking for a complete ke26 wagon. I don't mind were in aus it is I am willing to transport. Please txt or call only as I don't get on here much 0424176656 Adam
  2. Cheers for all the comments guys. The cooler is well behind everything. Nothing's cut. I'm keeping the car Manuel as its a street car for now. Manuel is so much more fun to drive.
  3. It's a high comp motor on e85 it should see boost around 5k but this things revs hard for a sr.
  4. A bit more progress. Just in the process of plumbing the cooler and radiator up. Next on the list a exhaust and manual pedal box then we are ready for paint in the engine bay.
  5. The turbo is a t04z and the front apron isn't on in the pic. The cooler doesn't hang out at all.
  6. The guy who did it has done a few. We went bigger than normal so I can put a auto in the car at a later day. We also did a mod in the rear for the Hilux diff
  7. Na man completely stripped. Back to a rolling shell.
  8. Nice buy man. I saw this on gumtree. Killer deal.
  9. Stripped the car back completely. All interior out. I degreased the entire car head to toe and high pressure washed it ready for the fab work. Car is booked in for next week for bigger tunnel and diff tunnel mods. After all I ended up going SR20. To say the least it's going to be a monster
  10. Hahahah crazy ass neighbours. Waking up to the sound of Bridgeport there's nothing better. I'm thinking 12a turbo as well just to be a little different. I got stuck into mine today pretty much stripped the front end.
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