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  1. Bought a AE111 Trueno sight unseen drove her home from QLD could not be happier!! Had 50thou kms on the clock, now up to about 77thou, never missed a beat and such a zipply little machine, mine is no superstrut, have fortune auto coilovers and handles like its on rails, so amazing.
  2. Just a bit of delicious for your thursday evening! and latest update, which was a while ago now. (and i also have carbon engine covers now that arent pictured)
  3. Have wheel isnt leather. Another guy pmd about if if he isnt interested ill let you know. Pm for any parts as its easier due to email notifications.
  4. Everything except motor available. Located western suburbs.
  5. Murd 55


    the purple ke30 may be Clints Haze, he sold her off a month or so ago. no one ever spots me cos no one knows what an ae111 is, plus i always see old timers, seen a few ke3X wags and of course plenty cool kids in kesevs =] occasional ke30, couple times even some coupes!!
  6. Just some snaps from a nice Sunday drive
  7. Murd 55

    Murd's 55

    Yeah he still haze haze.
  8. Murd 55

    Murd's 55

    i do still have a corolla for cruising, lol I'm not an outsider anymore, i guess I'm not old school enough anymore :P
  9. Murd 55

    Murd's 55

    i wish it was just prep and paint, is rust repairs and i really want a new quarter from where it was hit as its full of evil bog.
  10. Murd 55

    Murd's 55

    Hey everyone i guess its time i gave you a crumb of something to hold onto with this car. Truth is i kinda got over it and its sat since the day it got to my mums pretty much. When you have no one to help and no one that is interested in it, thats what happens, i had almost thought of selling her as she sits but i can't bring myself to do that. I hope that within a year or so that i will get back into it, but not untill it is relocated somewhere more suitable. I now have more finances behind me than i did as an apprentice. i just seem to find myself busy with other things now. I hope that i can be welcomed back into the rollaclub community as i used to be a huge part of it, and i am back in a corolla technically, just one that most of you arent interested in. Anyways, hopefully there will be revival for this old girl soon, but when there is i doubt it will be anything like what i thought it would be before. Plus once you have had a 4AGE, you never go back. ;)
  11. This thing is wikid. I have alot of love for the Ke10's and Ke11's. I read through the whole thread, id forgotten about it as i did comment a few years ago on it about the black behind the lights it just cleans it up and makes the grill POP. I miss having a cool old rolla, well i still have one but i don't get to work on it. Gives me inspiration for when i finally get back into it, Plus your dad is clearly a champ, your very lucky to have someone that is willing to work just as hard as you to get it where you want it!
  12. Its a 1998. I think the trueno has nice upgrades from the levin too black surrounds in the lights etc. This year is a "facelift" model so has different lights and bar etc to earlier years. I love how aggresive and sporty it looks and feels. Plus who doesnt want a 4AGE with ITB's.
  13. Here is a few snaps from a late night fang a few weeks ago.
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