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  1. Thanks Ken :thumbsup: we are all very proud of Thomas 4 wins from 4 fights :rocknroll: not bad but things will get a little harder from here on in though as he steps up another level and yes I apologise for being :offtopic:. As for Thomas little Rolla I have it booked in tomorrow for a tune and go over on the dyno as we have now put around 6 tanks of fuel through it and it is loosening up nicely , I will try and get a video of it on the dyno for you all :2thumbs: . Cheers:- Stuart :wave:
  2. Just travelled home from Melbourne after watching Thomas win the Victorian 75kg amateur state boxing title :thumbsup: and he also took out the best fighter of the day award :2thumbs: . Just wanted to let you all know and Thomas that we are very proud of him :yes: ! it was a great fight and Thomas really had to dig deep in the third round after a not so good second round and was down on points , but he showed real grit and determination and came home with it in the final round :party: and yes its time to party . I know this wasn't car related and a bit :offtopic: but I hope you don't mind !!!! Cheers:- Stuart :wave: very proud
  3. Looks like a lot of fun Doogs ! So you managed to break 3rd gear :wtf: ??? Thomas keeps breaking 2nd :bash: so the new car will have the Celica 5spd box :2thumbs: and still looking into diff upgrades :hmm: with the 4link rear end (" OOPS" just let something out of the bag ) I'd better go before I say to much and look forward to catching up one day soon . Cheers:- Stuart :wave:
  4. Thanks Ken ! we are pretty stoked with every thing at the moment :thumbsup: the new motor is running so sweet :rocknroll: all I have to do now is build this new body with a few mods :2thumbs: as I've said many times before ( BLOODY PROJECT CARS ARE NEVER REALLY FINISHED ) hahaha LOL , good thing I enjoy it :yes: . Cheers :- Stuart :wave:
  5. You can get the lifters out the top with a good magnet rod without removing the head ! I have done this before . Cheers :- Stuart :wave:
  6. All looking good Doogs and there is nothing like having a shed to work in and hang with good mates . Cheers :- Stuart :wave:
  7. Thanks Thomas for putting the photo up :thumbsup: ! And as he said will put some others up . The little Rolla polished up real nice and looked good leading the others in ( Although I was driving against doctors orders :down: haha LOL ) the other cars are all cars that I have restored :rolla: and I felt rather proud when my son wanted to use them in his wedding . It was great day and the little Rolla ran well , even managed to do the traditional wedding skid but didn't get it on camera so might have to sneak back out for a rerun :D anyway I hope you enjoy and we will get some more up for you all with maybe a video as well . Cheers :- Stuart :wave:
  8. Here's one pic of the Rolla with some brightly coloured Holdens more to come files are too big!
  9. Hi Guys haven't posted fore a while ! I've just got out of a 24 day stay in hospital :down: and going to be out of action for another 6/8/12 weeks so they tell me . But on the up side I got my son in-law to come out today and fit the new custom made tuned length extractors :thumbsup: made by Justin ( the owner of the coolest little ke10 around " PEACHES " ) you all know the one and he has done a fantastic job of them :yes: , Thanks again Justin they are a great fit :2thumbs: and all in time for this weekend as the little Rolla is in its first wedding ! my youngest son Brent . So I am looking forward to great weekend and I will get Thomas to post some photos for you all to have a look Cheers:- Stuart :wave:
  10. Have a read of Thomas thread ! we run bike carbs on a 5k/4k combination and are getting 130 rwhp out of it :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Cheers :- Stuart :wave:
  11. Have a read of Thomas thread ! I ported the head for him , to get the most out of your port job make sure you put bigger valves in and cam to suit as well as carburation / exhaust and the list goes on ???? . Thomas head has double valve springs at around 105 pound on the seat which once warmed up should be around 95/100 on the seat , compression ratio is just under 12-1
  12. " BUGGER " Just found out Winter fest is this Monday :bash: ! would have loved to come down with Thomas and his little Rolla but we have a crack in the extractors :rant: and don't want to run the risk of burning out a piston on the new engine . I just finished talking to Justin ( owner of the best KE10 around " PEACHES " :yes: ) about getting a set of extractors made as we have welded the ones on the car a couple of times already and it looks like it could be an ongoing problem so time for new ones :2thumbs: . We hope the weather is kind to you all and you all have a great day and look forward to catching up with you all soon . Cheers:- Stuart :wave:
  13. Hi Guys ! still on the look out for another ke11 bonnet / boot lid and front lower apron/stone guard for our new body we are doing if any one can help out you can call me on Mob 0428 574248 ( Stuart ) thank you . Cheers :- Stuart :wave:
  14. Here is a video on the dyno today! sound is not the best but she sings. Once again big shout out to the old man the motor went back in at 2am one morning then out and back in just a few nights later. Anyone else would have given up ages ago but we have stuck at it. Lucky we possess the "never give up attitude" time for a LSD diff and a few skids...... https://vimeo.com/166504746 Also a massive thanks to Stu who is always up for a chat on the phone to the old man. (and anyone else who has had that pleasure will know he can talk a bit) and also thanks for the parts...
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