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  1. No,it's not,for example for my modified 3K I paid almost 1000 euros.I'm going to rebuild 2K by myself
  2. Now I'm having a 3K in the car,but i'm planning to get the 2K engine rebuild,I just need new bearings both rod and crank,a new head,cause unfortunately the one I had cracked from somewhere,a new head gasket and new piston rings!Plus a 3K head to mil it down about 2mm and it should be fine!All that will cost to me almost 150 euros,not so much,but now i'm working on my modified 3K
  3. Hay guys!I finally made it!I might be the only one in the world right now to have a "modified" 2K-B engine!I also deleted the mechanical fuel pump recently and saw that 2Ks have "better"? connecting rods?I don't know exactwhat,but they have a goldish colour,not similar to the other Ks,and they have a curved H design at the side,then again,not sure please check out and tell me!(I have never opened the bottom end,just the top end) Check my vids on the engine running on youtube,here is a recent one:
  4. Guys,don't fight with venturies,they really are 20/24mm(twin carbs),since I have a 2K engine it used to have a 19/24mm carb and original 3K carbs are 21/24,I think 4K and 5K carbs are about 26/28 or 25/28(i'm not sure for the first venturi),so if you have a 3K yeah it will gain some horses with two "singles",in my case i'm trying to put them into a 2K,i'm hoping for about 5 horses,but I still wanna figure out the jettings :/
  5. Basically i got a 2K 993cc engine,and i wanna build aomething secial,starting rebuilding the engine from scratch,anf i need some advice.I heard that the stock pistons are not relly good forhigh revving,and the blocks too.I wanna reach 7000-8000rpm without blowing it.What changes i need to make?Can i also use the stock pistons,crank and evety moving part from the block stock(except the piston rings and bearings) and just to have a 2K that does not blow?
  6. based on my engine,the short bore and stroke that it has,it is cable of making high revs,so it will get almost full potential of four carbs,but,missfirings and backfirings due to that thing,they will be very possible.I hope for the best
  7. i want to put them,i just ordered an intake manifold and put some hoses in and and that's it,i will uplload a post when i will put them,i hope soon in this summer
  8. hey guys,it's me again,i have a 2K engine in my pickup-KP36,and i really need some help :/ .First of all i m looking for an intake manifold to buy,from europe,only for 2K engines,and about 50-85 euros.Second,i have to know if it worths all my tries until now about putting my cbr 600 carb.I didn't do any mods on the engine inside,i just run on a little more psi fuel pressure from my cbr 600 fuel pressure regulator.Any help will be acceptable,and please tell me how to write my topics on rolla club page only,as i am new here.
  9. I really want to learn more about that powerfull engine,and when i say how it feels,i mean stock or modified,and if it is better than 4A-GE or a 7A-GE(With 20v and Crina's blocks,just like Keiichi's).And what do you thing is better for this engine,turbo,carbo-turbo or EFI turbo?
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