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  1. What are the mags ? Was looking for a complete 30/55 diff but wheels interest me.
  2. Hey Hey, Chasing a ke30 or 55 borg warner diff drum to drum. 13 inch 4x114.3 wheels 4 of. I'm located in ipswich qld. Willing to travel to pick up.
  3. Found this stuff in my shed from years ago. 4agze dli cas bigport ae92 ecu = free Small port Rods and pistons = free 4age book = $50 weber carby, 34 adm I think. Was running on my 2.6 triton fine. Only removed for another engine conversion = $200 Located South side of Brisbane.
  4. The Ke11 is still in the shed and still hasn't moved since it was put in the shed. I'm keen to get it going soon though. Things to do for RWC: Convert to ke20 disc's. Fit 5k starter motor. New wheel cylinders, linings and maybe drums on the rear. Service the toyoglide and see if i can find a selector shaft seal. Clean out radiator.
  5. Got a hi torque starter from Red the other month and got 4 carbies to go on the 5k too. Going to move the ke11 into a better position in the shed for more light and space.
  6. well i'm not selling just an adaptor plate.
  7. Diesel is in. Bought a 12000 lbs winch. Bought a winch bar. Repainting interior floor. Rewired starter, charging and glow plug circuits. Fitted oil cooler, intercooler and drained ULP and filled with diesel.
  8. I just got my money back. Will look for something else to use as reverse lights.
  9. I had it on the battery out of the car on the floor.
  10. So what do i need to cap amps to ?
  11. $300 and it comes with a free carby and plenum. Will add pics soon.
  12. You will need to change the jets inside the carby so it doesn't flood the motor. Ill get pics today.
  13. How does that sucker wire up ?
  14. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/260980847688?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 I don't know much about LED's but i know they suck less juice and thats what i need.
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