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  1. Damn cool driveline Darren! Will this be a street car? The new fuel system looks neat, I've been tossing up one of the Pierburg lift/pressure combo pumps for my MX32 or an external surge like yours. Is this what you're using to feed the high pressure EFI pump? https://www.efisolutions.com.au/pierburg-external-fuel-pump-low-pressure-high-volu
  2. Awesome, changing to wet sump for simplicity? My motor is pretty solid (touchwood), but I will be upgrading gearbox at some point.
  3. Damn keen to see this come together Stu, will be seriously quick! What did you do with the old 5K driveline?
  4. Interested to see how you find them Stu. I'm running the 5kg kit in my car and despite what everyone said, it's still a little soft. Depends what you're doing with the car really.
  5. Sweet. My mate had one on his RB20, great responsive turbo for that motor. Should be pretty serious on a 5k haha!
  6. Yeah fair enough, handy contacts to have! What size turbo are you going for again?
  7. Awesome, what's next Stu?
  8. Not sure why my reply is quoted like that... sorry guys.
  9. I have 5kg springs in my KE20 street car and I'd still consider them a bit soft, 6kg would be a better starting point (particularly with sticky tyres).
  10. Thanks heaps for the info, I'll look into Sheldon's kits and have a chat to the guy who'll be re-tuning for me. Cheers
  11. I understand the clearance reason for uprighting the motor, just wasn't sure if the plate helped the angle of the float bowls. I guess the main purpose of the plate would be to keep your exhaust from hitting the floor as you stand the motor up then. I'll look into mounting the manifolds differently for correct float bowl angle when I make my kit. Are your Dellorto manifolds a TRD item?
  12. Good to hear! Many other bits you're waiting on?
  13. Great to see this progressing again. The manifold adapter plate from the upright kit; is this tapered to keep the right tilt on the carbs? I'm also looking at standing up my k motor but have been told I'll have float level issues on the sidedraughts if they aren't kept at the right angle. Is the purpose of the plate or does it simply space the manifolds from the head? Curious to know why it's included in the kit if it's simply a spacer..
  14. So Halfway Hangs is done and dusted, and the KE20 made it home in one piece after a 2,900km round trip. The car performed quite well, with the only issue being a problematic oil pressure switch. Let me tell you, it gives you a fair scare when the oil light comes on at 110kph! Over the course of the trip the car was using about 11.5L/100km, started off around 12 and progressively improved to closer to 11. I still want to look at a retune sometime, potentially up-righting the motor when I do so. The black staining on the rear after a few ks was quite thick, and it fuels up a bit at idle/progression circuit. I changed plugs after my first stop at Wangaratta, not surprisingly #3 was a fair bit blacker than the others. The filter against the strut tower is certainly less than ideal. Wednesday was a beautiful day on the road and so I drove to Port Macquarie from Wang (1020kms) and chilled out with a sunset beer before progressing to Coffs Harbour later that night. I caught sunrise across Park Beach, and that was pretty special. After a solid detail of the car and cleanse/wax off the grime I caught my mates at Valla Beach who were driving the event. I collected a friend from Coffs airport that night, as he was tripping back to Melbourne with me in the 20. Friday was the show and hanging out around the park, awesome quality of cars and a few older beasts that were styled really well. Saturday was the drifting event at Raleigh, was great to see so many nice cars driven in anger and get a few passenger rides. Reminded me of some of the vids you see on youtube of Final Bout. Sunday a few guys ran another day at Raleigh and they almost talked me into driving, I said I would if the forecast rain came. I wasn’t keen to bust the car with minimal spares 1,400km from home! The rain ended up hammering us from Kempsey to almost Sydney on the road home. Doogs on the tuckerbox. Park Beach sunrise, featuring kookaburras and Nardi Kev's slammed Cresta One of my favourite cars and friendly dude Ryan Beal – Roadblasters 3SGTE KE70 Kumar leading Nath, both with fresh paint and Kumar now running a BEAMS Willy Gs 20v 86 – looks awesome with the fresh colour and Wats Back for dinner with mates in Melbourne
  15. Was chatting to Justin about this the other week Stu, progress report? When are you bolting it all together?
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