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    I have a Ke 20 Sports Sedan running a 2TG and an AE82 Seca Improved Production running a 4AGE. I'm into Hillclimb, Motorkana & Kanacross. Member Gippsland Car Club.
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  1. Looks awsum mate. Great to see it out there having a crack, not just a show piece. Love it.
  2. Yes mate, Mclaren. As for getting the wife in the garage, buy her a race car. Jill has 2 race cars so they are her babies. (our kids have grown up and moved on) so she has to put in. She loves the sport as much as I do. She does the catering for the team and cooks for the crew.
  3. Thanks champ . I think I am going to go Sachs. I want to get the front end back together so I can get the motor back in. The last time the thing was running was the day you were over. Cheers.
  4. Yeah Pete, I have just done the T3 coilovers because the inserts had been rebuilt. Now there is a problem with them and I don't want to waste more time and money on them. If I had known before doing the T3 kit, I would have gone down a different path.
  5. Seems I have 2 choices. .Monroe GT Gas Or SACHS Shock Absorber 290 675 Both about the same price. Anyone have a preference or know of a problem with one?
  6. Hi. Do you overhaul old school Koni adjustable inserts? They are in a Toyota Corolla KE20. Hey Jim, Sorry mate but can't get service parts for these dampers:-( Cheers Brett
  7. Thanks KE1069. Will give them a shout.. Cheers. Paul.
  8. That's it maccat01. Living the dream. My wife and I both race, I'm the president of the Gippsland Car Club and I work for a race team driving their transporter. Life doesn't get much better than that.
  9. Firstly, anybody know of someone that rebuilds old school Koni red / yellow strut inserts. I had mine rebuilt about 5 years ago but never installed. I have recently fitted them but one is not right. They are adjustable but adjusting does nothing. Toperformance said they are too old and they don't have parts for them any more. Secondly. what are other people using if they need replacing?
  10. Not sure of the details but I was told about a KE20 conversion. He used I think KE Laser (Ford) rack and pump and just made up brackets. I am looking into it for my wife's new race car. She broke her neck in an accident about 6 years ago so has lost a lot of upper body strength. Her car runs a lot of caster and big wheels so I think she will struggle. If I come up with a package, I will post the results here.
  11. Back end done, now to start at the front.
  12. Today's progress. Panhard rod, rear swaybar and rear brakes..
  13. Not much work on the 20 today, getting the wife's other car ready for a hillclimb tomorrow. If anyone is looking for something to do Sunday 16th, take a drive to Haunted Hills Hillclimb track. Free entry and fully catered. https://www.facebook.com/gippslandcarclubbryantpark/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
  14. Now she is back home and we have started putting her back together.
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