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  1. maccat01

    great to see there is still activity down here

    I'm still here too. Just my build has gone nowhere so not really any new posts!
  2. Hey all. Sorry for the long time between updates. So i started cutting some gaskets from uv resistant neoprene. Did some research on what is used to produce neoprene and found out in contains chlorene, which of course when cut with heat produces chlorene gas. Not good for laser cutter mirrors and definately not good for human consumption! ( its previously been tested on people with bad results apparently :-O) Have now found uv resistant silicone sheet in 3mm thickness so will now be using this instead. Updates to follow when I find a good supplier. Regards Mac
  3. This is true Big G. This is only a side business to my wifes business. I thought that i need to make 6 gaskets for myself so the time designing is worth the effort as making gaskets from a cornflakes box and silicon is chinsey! If i get 0 sales it wont matter but if i get some great :-D. I wanna known the stuff i make will last a long time. Regards Mac
  4. Hey lads and ladettes, welcome to midnight! So ive found some UV treaded neoprene rubber that I will be using to make the taillight gaskets from. It needs to be UV treated so the gaskets last the life of the cars, unlike the factory gaskets that only last a very short fortyish years bahahahaha :-D I have traced my old gasket and transferred the very rough trace to my cad program. I cleaned up the trace and laser cut some plywood with the design. I thought it best to cut the inital gasket shape from plywood, as i can perfect the fit to the taillight to the millimeter, as ply has very little flex, unlike rubber. It does not quite fit as per pictures, but I have adjusted what needed to be adjusted and will cut another tomorrow to retest the fit. Hopefully in the not too distant future, ke30 sedan owners everywhere will know what it feels like to have one less leaky spot in their boots :-D Regards Mac.
  5. Hey monk. Sounds good. Where are you located? Ill send you the first ke20 ones to say thanks :-D. Regards Mac
  6. I know Nissan ans Narva use butyl rubber to glue their headlights together. They use a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices however. Going to Clark rubber tomorrow to get some different types of rubber sheet and will get the first couple of sets of ke30 gaskets made for my two cars and use my extremely scientific leak testing proceedure ( being a hose aimed directly at rear light, spraying for a few minutes :-D) Regards Mac
  7. Cheers for the replies lads. Going to the local clark rubber to see what the original stuff would be and get something far better. Probably some sort of butyl rubber. Its sort of sticky, flexible, thin, repels water and should easily squish and mould to the car body. It is terrible at repelling petroleum based products however... Doing some tests now. Will keep you posted :-D
  8. maccat01

    Rolla Attention

    Had a few coppers pull me over for breath tests etc in the old green thing. They always start with the same line.. " thats a nice datto mate" then off i drive. F$€king knobs :-/
  9. Hello all. I have recently purchased some new machines for my wifes home business and have decided another cash flow for us is old car parts. I will be manufacturing tail light gaskets for ke series corolla for a start. I have managed to find a ke30 sedan taillight gasket in my garage ( in very rough, 40 year old condition) but have scanned it and measured it to be "as new shape". I would like ke30 coupe, ke25, ke10 and possible ke70 owners to to contact me if possible so I can measure the tail light gaskets on your cars so I can manufacture them for those models too. I have not managed to find ke30 taillight gaskets anywhere, not even when i purchased new taillights from fleebay. Depending on cost of the rubber sheets, a pair of gaskets will be anywhere from $50 -$100 a pair, made from 3-5mm thick black rubber. If this is in the wrong section, i would appreciate it if the mods could move it :-) Regards Mac
  10. maccat01

    Free KE30 panels & doors etc

    Hey mate. Chasing a ke30 rear bumper and front apron panel. Do you still have them? Regards david 0439853552
  11. Saw this video somewhere so thought id post it to youtube so it can enjoyed for the rest of eternity. Some bloke is hanging out of a car trying to punch on with a land cruiser... So still toyota related :-D Enjoy Macca
  12. maccat01

    1975 Ke30 Honda F20C Conversion

    Hey all. So had so new thoughts about the project. I am no longer supercharging this car. I have found that getting an intake manifold fabricated, getting a heat exchanger installed inside that intake manifold along with the rest of the air to water intercooling system installation is extremely expensive. The supercharger is also super heavy and finding a place on the engine block to mount brackets for it isnt possible with all the ancillaries in the way. So now new plans - it will now be getting turbocharged :-D. Going that route i don't need to fabricate an exhaust manifold as i can get a turbo manifold for fairly cheap. I will them be running a garrett gt30/35 of similar. Its also much easier to intercool and takes up less space under the bonnet. I can also get more power out of it easier :-D Mac
  13. maccat01

    Ke30 tyre width

    Look at my build and youll see a xt130 corona modified setup. Page 7 and the last page. They are becoming extremely difficult to find and depending on what rear stud pattern you run, 5 stud hubs for the xt130 axle may be out of the question ( they are even harder to find) If you plan on running a setup like mine, the strut and brake setup per side is about 25kg (due to each caliper being 7kg!) Standard corolla maybe 10kg at most Mac.
  14. maccat01

    Ke30 tyre width

    Gunna say if you arent getting the car engineered then as wide as you want ie mini tubs, etc Keep in mind however, wider is not always better. The reason that there is a width limit when it comes to engineering a car is because the weight exerted on the tyres matters on how much grip said tyres will ultimately have. For example - If you have 2 cars with 225 wide tyres, one weighting 800kg and one weighting 1200kg, the heavier car is going to exert more pounds per square inch then the lighter car. And then if you go really stupid with width say 295 on a ke30, if you have a slightly grease driving surface, your car will tend to "skate" accross the surface. A decent set of 195 rs3 hankooks or similar will very likely outgrip a 245 tyre of a cheaper brand too.. The weight issue is however the biggest issue here. Regards Mac
  15. maccat01

    1975 Ke30 Honda F20C Conversion

    So i been polishing aluminium parts like crazy. The rear quarter vents are up next :-D