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  1. Cheers for the reply Big. Any idea if they have the rubber gaskets on the stalk where they sit agaisnt the door? Cheers
  2. Wow.. Thats fantastic mate. If I sling you some dollars can you do mine too? :-D Unfortunately upholstery isnt one of my talents :'-( Macca
  3. Hey all. I need advice on what door mirrors will fit a ke30. I am chasing chrome DOOR mirrors but am having trouble finding anything that fits due to the shape of the door. I was looking for stock mirrors but cannot find a passenger side mirror for a decent price. The main problem being most "eBay" style classic mirrors have very short stalks and if fitted to the passenger side, they sit to low so the mirror can't be aeen from the drivers seat. Pics of suggestions will be helpful. Cheers folks. Macca
  4. Hey dude. Sounds like a good build. Is it possible for you to get an Eaton m62 off an old sl merc instead of the sc12? Sc12 extremely difficult to rebuild due to parts not being available just like the sc14. Bearings being hard to get as they didnt release them aftermarket. I was going to run an sc14 on the f20c in my Rolla but ended up geting an Eaton m90 for ease of rebuild and parts. Just my 2 cents. Regards macca
  5. Hey all. Wife has recently purchased a high tech printer sort of cutting thing. If people want stickers are are running into supply issues I am willing to take up the job of supply. Will be doing test cuts with automotive vinyl after Christmas. With permission from the mods I'll do the fonts that exist plus others. Can print stickers up to A4 wide or letters that are A4 complete sheet. Will keep you all posted. Regards david
  6. Hello another long time between posts. Have not done much but will share some pics. Hopefully have car done in 5 months as am expecting some money soon. Have painted some more things and fully sorted the suspension. All ready to install into car.
  7. Anybody still have any rollaclub stickers left? Keen to purchase some. Regards dave
  8. Hey mate. A fella in Richmond in Sydney will recover them for $400 Regards Dave
  9. Hello all. Have made some engine progress. Car still away. Will be getting it back shortly as am tired of waiting for work to be done. Engine back together and some bits have been polished. Manifold is cut apart ready for welding. A 12x 5 x 2.5 inch liquid aftercooler is being installed inside the manifold to keep the intake air temp down. Have worked out supercharger calculations and have had a Honda civic power steering pump pulley modified to get the psi of boost I require, which is 9 psi BTW. Am hoping for 400rwhp.. But will see what happens
  10. Hello all. I am chasing a good condition ke30/ ke55 passenger side rear quarter panel with no rust in good condition. Contact dave on 0439853552. Location sydney
  11. Hey mate. I do have a 2 speed toyoglide out of a ke30 if it will fit. I purchase it recoed by a transmission place in Dundas in Sydney about a year ago. Can fish out receipt if interested. It comes with an aftermarket aluminium cooler, shifter, lines, torque converter and flywheel. Did develop a slight noise that I think Is just due to the band adjustment. Can get pics for you tomorrow arvo. Msg dave 0439853552.
  12. Hello all. Wtb a ke30 glover's. Just the cardboard box bit, not the door. Regards dave
  13. Manual centre console and pedal box and a creme drivers seat?
  14. Hello all Chasing a good condition ke30/55 drivers seat in creme colour. Regarda dave
  15. You still wrecking this. I'm keen on the passenger side mirror. Mac