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  1. Have a ke30 2 door that's a project have a lot of parts that il be replacing with custom stuff let me know what you want if I don't need it you can buy it.
  2. I have a diff where are you located?
  3. Thanks Mac for the info I think I will go down the 225 road with really goodbrand tyre. On a side note what the hell are xt 130 struts and where can I buy them apparently they are a direct bolt on coilover for the ke30. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Got a 2 door ke30 WTB front coilovers.
  5. Il be running a custom diff but the fabricator needs my rims to measure in between and my tyre guys wants my diff in to see what rims fit. So as you can see I have a case of chicken or the egg. I want to go as wide as possible to get as much traction as possible but I won't be touching anything with a grinder the body of the car will remain stock. I will not be engineering the car.
  6. Thanks coln72.maybe I should of mentioned that I will be making a custom diff so do you think I will be able to go up to 235/40 17
  7. Anyone know how wide is the widest tyre that would fit in the rear of a ke30 2 door stock wheel arch. I was thinking 225,40, r17.
  8. Hi guys just bought myself a ke30 2door and I'm doing the SR20DET conversion at the moment. Since it's the first time I build a car I will definitely be a repeat question asker. For my first question can someone please tell me what size tyres will fit in my standard rear wheel arches and how wide I can go. I'm thinking 225 r17.
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