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  1. Hi All, I need to replace the indicator stalk on my KE20 1973. Just wanting to know if there's a difference between the earlier model KE20s and later model KE20s. I have found a one from a 1971. Thanks
  2. Hi All, just wondering if anyone would know where to get an oil seal for the diff. Its a Jap diff. Also if would you would have the part number for it, that would be much appreciated. Thanks heaps.
  3. Wondering if anyone is able to confirm whether the eBay brake hoses fit alright without issues? The front set seem to be going for less than 120 bucks but I am paying a mechanic to fit so want it to be a straightforward job otherwise I’ll end up paying more in labour. Mechanic quoted me $$300 to supply and fit through his supplier. He said if I supply them he will fit it for 70 bucks as long as no issues with it fitting
  4. Thanks you so much for the information, invaluable help here. I need to do the rear also but that doesn't seem to be listed in the spares box site. Would you know the part number or where I can source all three from ? I also need the tie rod ends, idler arm and ball joints for both sides. If you can provide some names of suppliers, that would be very much appreciated.
  5. Hi Everyone, I need to get new brake hoses for my 1973 KE20 and wondering if anyone know the part number that I need to get? Sparesbox lists H1163 and H1164 but I'm not sure what the differences are.
  6. Hello All, just like to know how hard it is to change the sump gasket. Is it a matter of just undoing the sump bolts or need to remove other bits and pieces to access the sump?
  7. Melbourne. I might buy an old Mazda 929 or perhaps a Subaru Leone also so I would like to find a generic club for Japanese cars. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. What car club you all recommend? I have emailed tccav but want to look into a few others. Something not as big
  9. Thanks all for your information. Seems the ones rockauto listing for a ke20 are wrong ones. Glad I asked the question otherwise I would have just gone and bought. My first time restoring a car so I guess I’ll make lots of mistakes along the way.
  10. These ones on eBay item location Thailand any good? $150 posted for the pair
  11. Rock Auto showing $19.95 each for economy quality and $55 each for daily driver. I won’t be driving my car more than once or twice a month so I’m thinking getting economy but what do you all think? I’m I wasting my money and effort getting economy? Has anyone used them before? Any regrettable experiences? Thank you all
  12. Hi Everyone, Myself and 14yo grandson in the process of slowly restoring a 1972 KE20. Just wondering if anyone is able to tell me where I can get strut tops from. I called Repco and Burson but they no longer stock
  13. Thank you all so much. Sorry I will try to update profile, I’m in my 60s so not too good with computers
  14. Hi Everyone, I have just purchased a KE20 to restore and this is my first ever post. My front struts are leaking. Is it possible to buy inserts for these for i have to get them rebuilt. It has standard suspension and want to keep it this way. What sort of costs am I looking at? Any advice much appreciated.
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